Pickford told to ‘concentrate on football’ after Neville retort

Date published: Monday 10th February 2020 1:43

Jordan Pickford should “keep concentrating on his football” and avoid making comments, according to former Everton defender Alan Stubbs.

Gary Neville criticised him back in September for laughing when 3-1 down to Manchester City, while plenty have been quick to scrutinise Pickford over other perceived failings.

And Pickford responded over the weekend to Neville and other critics after he was again picked out for his error in Everton’s 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace at the weekend.

And Stubbs thinks he should keep quiet and let his performances on the pitch do the talking.

“I think he’s just got to keep concentrating on his football,” Stubbs told talkSPORT.

“I don’t think he really needs to come out and make comments that will put more of the spotlight on him.

“You want people to be talking about him for his performances, not for what he is saying in the media.

“For a long time he has been doing that because people have been talking about how well he’s done, but unfortunately when you do make a mistake the one thing you don’t want to do is come out and start having a go at the media, because you play for England so you get criticism anyway.

“I don’t know whether that’s just a bit of frustration because of some of the things that have gone against him this season.

“He’s done okay this season but it hasn’t been a great season from him; he has made a couple of mistakes and I think the eyes are on him now.

“There’s a few people starting to ask questions.

“He had a real purple period and he’s still obviously England’s no.1, but he has made a couple of mistakes this season that have led to goals.

“Let’s be honest about it – probably after the game he’s come out and knows that people are looking at him. There’s probably a bit of frustration in terms of his comments after the game.

“He’s not a bad goalkeeper. He has obviously made a couple of mistakes this season but I can count them on one hand.

“On the other six or seven hands I can talk about the quality saves he’s made. As a keeper you are the last line of defence; if you make a mistake you’ve got no one else to help you.

“He’s a confident boy; he portrays confidence in the way he handles the ball.

“He’s got a swagger about him but sometimes when you make a mistake you can become ridiculed, because people can portray that swagger as arrogance and look at it that way.”


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