Jordan doubts Tottenham fans will shed ‘tears’ over Paratici ban as he makes ‘rank amateurism’ claim

Joe Williams
Tottenham managing director of football Fabio Paratici speaks to a coach

Simon Jordan doubts there will be “a lot of tears lost” from Tottenham fans over FIFA’s decision to issue a worldwide ban to Fabio Paratici.

The Spurs managing director of football was banned from Italian football for 30 months earlier this year, along with other former and current Juventus senior executives, after the Serie A giants were found guilty of false accounting and docked 15 points.

But FIFA announced on Wednesday that Paratici’s ban will now apply worldwide, meaning he will, at the very least, have to put his role at Tottenham on hold.

The Italian was set to oversee their appointment of a new manager after Tottenham made the decision to part company with Antonio Conte over the weekend.

But Jordan doesn’t think Paratici will be missed at Spurs, the former Crystal Palace chairman told talkSPORT: “I would image if you look at the observations from the fans about some of the players he’s acquired, if you look at the fact he was responsible for Nuno Espirito Santo coming in, or advocated for him, clearly he advocated for Antonio Conte.

“None of those things have worked out very well, I would suspect there will not be a lot of tears lost.

“I’m not entirely sure how well he’s done his job. You’ve got two managerial appointments that haven’t been very good, and you’ve got some players in there who people think are a waste of time.”

When asked if Paratici would ever be able to resume his role at Tottenham, Jordan added: “I doubt it. For the pure simple fact that after two and a half years the thing would have moved on, and if it hasn’t moved on then what is going on?

“But you never know – the rank amateurism we see in every sport just takes your breath away, so it wouldn’t surprise me that actually they didn’t think he was going to be banned worldwide and he did an interview and all of a sudden things have blown up in their face. How does that work, then?

“It’s a very good thing it’s been handed down [Paratici’s ban] because if you breach a football governance in one country, we argue constantly for this unification so there is not one place where rules are different, but this is in boardrooms.

“If you behave in a certain way and you’re consequenced for financial irregularities in Italian football, then you should be banned!

“I certainly think [Tottenham will now look to replace him] and if you don’t then can you imagine the furore?

“The accusation is that every player is signed by Daniel Levy, and I think that’s a ridiculous observation, so don’t give them that by not appointing a director of football, otherwise you really will hear that.”

When asked if it would be wise for Spurs to appoint a new director of football before they decide on a new manager, Jordan replied: “Yeah I think so.

“I think a director of football should be in place to help Daniel facilitate the solution to the problem he’s got, which is the first-team manager.”

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