Jorginho hails ‘unbelievable’ Arsenal star as ex-Chelsea man hits back at doubters – ‘he doesn’t care’

Lewis Oldham
Arsenal star Jorginho
Jorginho comes on for Arsenal.

Italy international Jorginho has lauded Arsenal attacker Kai Havertz as the former Chelsea star is an “unbelievable player”.

The Gunners – who are second in the 2023 Premier League net spend table – splashed out around £65m in the summer to sign Havertz from Big Six rivals Chelsea.

This was one of the major surprise transfers during the recent transfer window and some have argued that Arsenal would have been better off using the Havertz money to sign a striker.

Havertz endured a miserable start to this season but his form has picked up of late as he has scored in wins over Brentford and RC Lens.

Arsenal midfielder Jorginho has now lauded Havertz, whose “qualities just come out all of a sudden”.

“For me, he’s (Havertz) an unbelievable player, to be honest. As a guy, no words. It’s so, so, so good. Like such a nice guy. I love Kai and he became a friend and I always want the best for him as a player,” Jorginho said in an exclusive interview for The Athletic.

“He has intelligence. It’s funny because you look at him and you think he’s not fast and he’s fast, and then you think he’s not strong because maybe he looks skinny, but then he goes to the challenge and he’s strong.

“So maybe it takes a little while for people to understand his qualities and what he brings to the team, but how much effort he puts in and how much hard work he put in and his qualities just come out all of a sudden when his confidence is as high as everyone else.

“But his intelligence, his technique, his finishing — when he finishes, I swear to you, it looks like he just like, put it there, like he doesn’t care. And then the ball goes to the corner and I’m like, how do you do that?”

He continued:  “If you know football, it’s not possible that you don’t like Kai. And I know what you mean because that happened to me a lot. But when you play beside him, it’s just different.”

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Regarding Mikel Arteta, Jorginho has lifted the lid on how the Arsenal head coach makes sure his players are “mentally prepared”.

“Yeah, he provides a lot of information, but not in that moment (on the touchline),” Jorginho added.

“At that point, it’s just two key insights into what might be happening on the pitch, things that weren’t part of the planned training. He identifies these situations and instructs us on what needs to be done.

“All the intricate details and information are covered in our training sessions. So when we step onto the field, he prefers us to be mentally prepared, allowing us to play freely and apply our own strategies to the game.”