Jose Mourinho accuses Sun journalist of bugging phone

Matt Stead
<> at Aon Training Complex on October 1, 2018 in Manchester, England.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has accused Sun reporter Neil Custis of bugging his phone. It might have been a joke. We really aren’t sure.

Mourinho discussed a number of subjects in a relatively short press conference on Monday, Luke Shaw among them.

But his most noteworthy comments came when a Spanish journalist quizzed him about reports earlier in the day.

The Sun claimed on Monday morning that former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane had contacted the Portuguese to allay fears of him being lined up to replace him at Old Trafford.

Asked about those claims, Mourinho, for whom United is too big, told the journalist to question Custis, who had penned the story.

“Hi, Jose. In the English press today, it says that Zinedine Zidane called you to assure you that he didn’t want your position. Is that true?” said the Spanish journalist.

With a smile, and having found where Custis was sat, Mourinho pointed him out and replied: “Behind you. Ask the guy behind because he was the one that wrote it.

“Just behind you. Just the guy there, you can see him. I’m telling him to ask you what you wrote. So instead of asking me…

The reporter then asks Custis, who simply says: “Oh yeah, he has.”

Mourinho, unperturbed, continues: “He’s written it. You need to ask him.

“He’s put a bug on my telephone, so why don’t you ask him?” he adds, at which point United’s press officers steps in. A little too late, mind.


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