Journalist reveals whether he is ‘friends again’ with ‘annoyed’ Klopp after the Liverpool boss’ outburst

Joe Williams
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp watches his side

James Pearce has revealed that his relationship between him and Jurgen Klopp is now “fine” after the Liverpool boss snapped at him in February.

The Reds boss was in a particularly spiky mood after their 3-0 defeat to Wolves on February 4 with The Athletic journalist Pearce taking the brunt of his post-match frustration.

Klopp refused to answer Pearce’s question in the aftermath of the defeat and instead said he would answer Pearce’s question if another journalist asked it.

Liverpool boss Klopp said: “It’s very difficult to talk to you if I’m 100 percent honest. I would prefer not to do that.

“You know why, for all the things you wrote. So If somebody else wanted to ask that question then I’ll answer it.”

When asked if he is now ‘friends again’ with the Liverpool boss, Pearce wrote in The Athletic: “Yes, all sorted. It was actually an article published elsewhere the day before that game that had annoyed him.

“Around that time, he felt that certain members of his staff were being unfairly singled out for criticism and emotions were running high after a bad defeat.

“I saw him privately at Kirkby a few weeks ago for a chat and we shook hands. He’s answered my questions in press conferences since and everything is fine.”

Klopp came in for criticism from former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann over his outburst at Pearce with his compatriot demanding the Reds boss apologised to the journalist.

Hamann said: “I found it very strange and petty and what he has to realise is that James Pearce and his family get bombarded with abusive messages since that incident because Klopp didn’t answer a question.

“It was a perfectly good question to ask him and I think the least James deserves is an apology. Liverpool is a club that is based on respect and I think someone has to tell [Klopp] ‘This is Liverpool Football Club and you can’t do this.’

“We have campaigns against bullying and you can’t have the Liverpool manager behave the way he did.

“I feel nobody at the club has the bottle to tell him, which I think they should. The way things are going at the moment, these things don’t help him and they certainly don’t help the club, which is above everything else.

“You can’t have a situation where the manager disrespects a very well respected journalist like he did to James Pearce.”

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