Klopp’s ‘a builder, not a rebuilder’ and Trent’s ‘still sh*te’ for ‘worst’ Liverpool

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Klopp on Liverpool loss

There’s some Graham Potter outs with Chelsea the new Everton, some Jack Grealish love and a whole lot of Liverpool criticism.

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Grealish’s worth
When City signed Grealish, I wrote in to the mailbox to state that I just didn’t understand what he was going to bring to the team that we didn’t already have.  And certainly not for £100 mil.

I do now.

He’s been outstanding since the WC and your 16 conclusions on the game summed things up neatly but, goodness me, didn’t Liverpool’s defence contrive to make him look world class?

Because, that was easily the worst Liverpool team I’ve seen since Klopp took over, and especially in the second half.  They were dreadful.  No spirit, passion, or coherence.  In summary, if they play like that again then ‘Pool fans can forget watching Thursday night football, let alone the CL.

Oh, and you’d better hope that Ol’ Jude wasn’t watching that either.

Liverpool need as much of an overhaul as United did when SAF left.  So, my question is this:

Are we doomed to years of Liverpool mails about being “in transition” and those of the “If we just buy player X or player Y, we’ll win the league” type?  You know, exactly like the United ones of the past ten years?

Seems likely!
Mark (Who’ll be first?  Potter or Rodgers?).  MCFC.

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Trent’s ‘still sh*te’
Liverpool need new defenders, nevermind a new midfielders. TAA is still shite at defending and would be better in formation as a wingback (or Liverpool just need a new right back).

Question for Liverpool fans – does VVD need replacing? He’s not had the best style and seems to have regressed. Or is this season an anomaly?

Even with Fabinho’s token 3 fouls in five minutes to help, not even Klopp could challenge how worthy City were of the win.


Builder, not rebuilder
Was it really necessary for Klopp to tank this season in order to do a rebuild? No. It was pure negligence, combined with trying to be everybody’s best mate.

He’s a builder, not a rebuilder. See Dortmund, Borussia.
Scott, mailing it in just like the boss, LFC, Toronto


Potter out
Not really much else to say.
James, Gravesend (Chelsea and Fleet)

Graham Potter urges on Chelsea in their defeat at Aston Villa.


Mudryk’s soft shooting
Not sure a manageless Chelsea would be less convincing than with Potter at the helm.
Graham should do the right thing and resign. It’s not working and it doesn’t look as if it  ever will.

And Rio Ferdinand was so right about Mudryk soft shooting feet. His kicking of the football is reminiscent of  banging a cat’s tail against a fur hat.
Radu Tomescu, Ankeng, Taiwan


Chelsea the new Everton
And with every game they play, it’s more and more obvious.

Hire a new director of football
Overpay on lots of players the manager didn’t request
Hire a flavour of the month manager
Rinse and repeat as you get closer to the bottom 3
Spend, spend, spend
Then sit aghast at why FFP rules are only applicable AFTER you have spent millions (even after all transfers approved by Premier league)
Then realise FFP is only about ensuring the status quo for the biggest clubs and ensuring their continued success
Fat Man 


Emery working wonders
Anyone who wonders what a good coach can do, look no further than Emery at Villa.

On their knees when he took over, he has done so well with basically the same set of players his predecessor had.

Working with what you have and making them improve. Fair play.


Spurs top hipsters
Thinking about hipster clubs in England, and it made me realise that until recently surely Spurs would fit the bill. Weird history of winning FA Cups in years ending in 1, even won it from non-league back in the day but now can’t win anything at all, and there’s nothing more hipsterish than glorious failure.

Incredible collection of attacking talent down the years, from Nicholson and Blanchflower to Greaves and Ardiles, Hoddle and Sheringham, and latterly Bale, Modric, Kane and certain hipster favourite Son Heung Min (best player ever from an unfancied nation sounds pretty hipsterish to me). And then of course Spurs brought to England the ultimate football hipster himself in Dimitar Berbatov.

7 years ago Spurs had a decent mid-range stadium, a real rising star manager and striker, Mousa Dembele in midfield (exactly the kind of player that hipsters love to claim they always knew was the absolute dogs bollocks) and an exciting young team that almost won stuff.

Then Daniel Levy went and ruined it all with his attempt to turn Spurs into real contenders when we all know that we should have stayed a cup team with players who can occasionally do something sensational. And surely that is Levy’s greatest crime of all.
Harry, THFC (honourable mention to Middlesbrough and their hilarious mid-90s team of international superstars, and then the legendary McLaren era, now back at it with hipster manager Michael Carrick)


Dennis Irwin
Brilliant article on Dennis Irwin one of the most underrated players in premier League football Mr reliable he had everything as full back. Unfortunately we live in a time were it’s all about the here and now like TAA had a couple of good seasons “best full back in premier League history” not a chance or the great cancelo how’s he getting on right now ? Irwin was the complete full back and deserves all the love he gets. I will be judged as biased because I’m Irish but if you had the pleasure to watch Irwin you would understand I rarely remember him putting a foot wrong.
Kenneth Dublin 


It’s been a while since my p*ss has been sufficiently boiled to attempt to grace these pages with my nonsense, but I’m sorry, someone is slagging off Dennis f**king Irwin. First of all, thank you to f365 for setting the record straight, but I feel the need to add my angry voice to theirs.

Ok children, imagine Cesar Azpilicueta had a couple yards extra pace, a better eye for a pass, was completely two footed, and could whip a free kick into the top corner on the regular. Sounds like a decent footballer, right?

Do we actually forget history this quickly? Trent is a better fullback? Alexander Arnold? The same wishy washy ghostly presence of a defender who I’m fairly confident I could skin if I lost a stone or two? Surely not.

I’m sorry, I know I’ve fallen into the same trap as f365 and gotten my piss boiled by a random gobsh*te tweeting, but my God, the lack of perspective is amazing.
Yours, Jamie, Ireland (obviously) 


Forest Green
Just a note on Dales mail about Forest Green Rovers, I went there as an away fan this year and bought a sausage roll in the ground, and the stadium is built of girders and breeze blocks and concrete (although I believe their new ground will be made from ethnically sourced peace wood so hurrah for that) Took some photos to show my friends who’d banged on about how green they are, bunch of charlatans!!
Mark PFC