‘Jurgen Klopp can become a Liverpool god’ – McManaman

Date published: Sunday 28th February 2016 11:34

Steve McManaman believes that Jurgen Klopp can become a Liverpool ‘god’ with victory in the League Cup final.

Klopp’s predecessor Brendan Rodgers never won a trophy during his time at Anfield, which Kenny Dalglish won the League Cup but struggled in the Premier League. 

McManaman, who won two trophies with Liverpool before moving to Spain to play for Real Madrid, believes that Klopp can write his name in Liverpool folklore.

“If he wins his first Liverpool trophy after only four months at the club people will think he’s a god,” McManaman said.

“There’s only a couple of trophies to be won this year and if he wins this trophy it’s a huge success for Liverpool – even if he finishes 10th in the league. I think Klopp would have enjoyed the entertainment value of our Liverpool team.

“We’re in the entertainment business. You need the superstars. In this Liverpool team no one really jumps out.

“He’s the superstar. He’s not kicking the ball on the field but he’s the one. When you see his reaction, running down the field, jumping in the air, reacting like a fan, it’s great that he’s passionate and animated.”


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