Jurgen Klopp issue with Liverpool hinted at with FSG ‘one reason’ why he penned new contract

Lewis Oldham
Liverpool manager Klopp

Jurgen Klopp could reportedly have an issue with Liverpool in the future as FSG being in it for the ‘long haul’ was one reason why he penned a new contract.

The Athletic revealed on Monday afternoon that Liverpool are now up for sale with FSG (Fenway Sports Group) ‘inviting offers’.

FSG have responded to this report and they stopped short of confirming that the club is for sale. But they did state that they ‘would consider new shareholders’.

The company is headed up by the likes of John W Henry (founder), Tom Werner (chairman) and Mike Gordon (president).

They have been Liverpool‘s owners since 2010 but their relationship with the club’s supporters has soured of late. This is partly down to their involvement with the formation of the European Super League.

FSG have also been slammed for not backing Klopp enough in the transfer market.

But a fresh report from The Athletic suggests that Klopp’s relationship with FSG is pretty strong.

The manager’s ‘main ally’ is Gordon and it is said that a friendship has developed between the pair which has gone ‘beyond business’.

It initially looked like Klopp would leave Liverpool in 2024 after helping the club win the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup. This is when his previous contract was due to expire.

The Athletic state that Liverpool were even ‘resigned to the idea of Klopp stepping down’. But in April, he informed Gordon of his desire to sign an extension and his new deal is now running until 2026.

Speaking on the new deal, Werner said: “Mike Gordon talks to Jurgen a number of times every day. He kept us updated on the fact that Jurgen was considering an extension.

“But until it happened I just held my breath. It’s wonderful that he’s going to be with us for a few more years.

“I was so pleased because there’s such a sense that nobody wants to think of the day when Jurgen is no longer manager of this club.”

But with FSG now ‘prepared to walk away if the price is right’, a potential issue with Klopp arrises.

The report says that ‘one of the reasons Klopp signed that contract was because he was told FSG were in it for the long haul’.

Given ‘how strong his bond with Gordon is’, it ‘remains to be seen’ how Klopp would react to a sale.

The German was said to be ‘made aware’ of FSG’s ‘intention’ back in October.

They add: ‘In order to avoid any distractions, Gordon had hoped to avoid it entering the public domain until after the domestic season was halted this weekend ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. That did not happen.’

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