Jurgen Klopp resorted to personal insults after ‘dumb question’ from reporter

Jurgen Klopp angry during Manchester United defeat
Jurgen Klopp angry during Manchester United defeat

Jurgen Klopp stormed out of a TV interview with Norwegian broadcaster Viaplay after being asked about Liverpool’s intensity in their FA Cup defeat to Manchester United.

The German manager was clearly in no mood to chat after a defeat that ended hopes of a quaduple.

Jurgen Klopp: “That’s a bit of a dumb question”

Liverpool lost the game in extra-time after being 2-1 and then 3-2 ahead, with Klopp later admitting: “We didn’t finish the game off. When you leave the door open, away from home at Old Trafford, it’s clear they would get chances.

“It was really hard for us. That was the first time I really saw my team… oof… really struggling.

“When you’re winning, it’s a great position to watch a game. When you’re losing, it’s the worst feeling.”

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But it was in an interview with Viaplay when Klopp’s frustrations came to the fore, when the reporter asked: “Normally, intensity is the name of your game so how come it became so difficult in extra time?”

Klopp reacted with disdain, saying: “That’s a bit of a dumb question. If you see us often, you can ask us the other times why we have so much energy.

“I don’t know how many games we’ve had recently and how many Manchester United have had. That’s sport.

“I’m really disappointed about that question, but you thought obviously it’s good.”

The reporter then tried to take Klopp’s lead and answered: “So, too many games?”

This led to a furious Klopp responding: “Oh you don’t think that. Come on! You are obviously not in a great shape and I have no nerves for you.”

With that, Klopp left the interview.

Klopp says ‘wow’ to mental drain questions

Liverpool have played nine games in the space of little more than a month as they chased a quadruple of trophies, but many will question why Klopp played such a strong side in a Europa League game they had already won in midweek.

Dominik Szoboszlai and Mo Salah were among those who played a full 90 minutes in that game.

Asked later if there could be a hangover from the defeat, Klopp said: “No. Wow, you lose a quarter-final in the FA Cup and if there was a mental drain it would be really difficult if we have to deal with human beings like that.

“We’ve played football for ages and you lose games – if that always leads to a mental state or situation where you need help… it’s just a normal thing. We all fail on a daily basis, maybe without even recognising it – we just get along with it.

“Today, if you don’t give all then it’s not mentally [draining], but you have to react on it and the rest is [something] we are used to unfortunately since we were kids that from time to time we lose a football game.”