Klopp explains how Liverpool ‘had to be hard’ with Coutinho

Date published: Tuesday 7th April 2020 8:51

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has discussed the sale of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona in 2018.

Coutinho joined Barcelona in a move worth a potential £142m a matter of months before Liverpool reached the 2018 Champions League final.

The Brazilian has struggled in Spain, but a Premier League return with Chelsea might rekindle his brilliance.

Klopp does not begrudge his former player’s wish to leave for the Nou Camp, admitting “there was no chance” he could prevent him going.

“I really respected Phil’s switch from the first second,” he told the Pure Football Podcast.

“Not that I do that all the time but it felt, ‘oh wow, that could be difficult’.

“So it’s not about, yes, we signed a new contract so many weeks before that, but it was really clear he would not have asked me for any other club, but for this club, there was no chance.

“Then we had to be hard in the summer because we had no other solution. We lost Adam Lallana [to injury] in that time as well, we would have lost two players.

“That’s not possible, you cannot solve that on the transfer market.

“He was open to that [staying] and that was really cool. Then you have to be fair in the window and say we can do it, we don’t like it but we can do it.”


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