Kai Havertz cost £72m! Imagine if that were Man United…

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Anyone else get the impression that if Kai Havertz was signed by Man United for the exact fee as Chelsea paid, and made a similar inconspicious start to his career there, that there would be a lot more calls of him being a flop both on here and elsewhere? Or is Lampard the only one immune to criticism for spending massive swathes of money in the summer?
Brian, Wexford


Chelsea pros and cons
Well, that was quite a dreadful few days for Chelsea fans, first a defeat to Everton, then we get the hardest draw on paper in the Champions League and it ends with a defeat against a Wolves side that has not been great this season, my quick opinion on the game is basically:


– Christian Pulisic looked good on that left side, great to see him back
Ngolo Kante just consistently puts in the miles, consistently gives us an 8/10 performance, we are lucky to have such a fantastic human being in our side.
– Thiago Silva showed good leadership, the moment he gave Timo a good talking to for not recovering possession quick enough is leadership we have lacked in recent seasons.


– Kai Havertz just is not showing any of the form he showed at Leverkusen last season, starting to become a worry, is it his fault or Lampard for not playing him in the right position or system?
Timo Werner looks knackered, you cannot expect him to keep playing 90 minutes each match with no rest
– Tactics were bizarre from Lampard, by that I am referring to when he switched Pulisic and Werner on the wings, both were worse after that move.

Next up are West Ham and Arsenal, oh my this could get ugly, but I hope it doesn’t.
Mikey, CFC


Defending Frank
I’m fully expecting Lampard criticism in the mailbox so here’s my piece. People love to point out that he’s spent like 200m this summer but OGS and Pep have outspent him in this period. Klopp has been brilliant at transfers but has also spent a fair bit. Arteta and Mourinho have both already spent 100m in their first year in charge and will definitely be spending more. What did people expect of Chelsea this year though genuinely? Did you really think Lampard would win the league? I had them coming between 3rd and 5th with United and Spurs.

I don’t see why people get on his back all the time. They’re going to lose games because they’re not the best side in the league. Looking at their team, I think you’re lying if you say he should be winning the league. Top four is obviously mandatory but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Spurs or United finish above them. It was so weird to me to see Lampard get lambasted after drawing with Spurs even though Arsenal and City had both lost. His sides seem to play nice football and I enjoy his approach in big games. I noticed this Lampard hatred from when he managed Derby and everyone was on Bielsa side after the spying incident… Like I genuinely don’t understand why people got annoyed at Lampard. Of course you would be p***ed off if someone was doing that.

I’m not some Brexit idiot but I genuinely do think parts of the media can be harsh on British managers. I think he’s done as about expected so far (mind I had them coming 6th last season). I believe they should he pushing for the title next season but not this year. City and Liverpool have much better squads who have been there together longer, with more experience and quality long serving managers.
Dion, Arsenal


VAR, Chilwell, Podence and Xhaka
Just seen Chilwell shove Podence by the throat in pretty much exactly the same way that Xhaka was sent off for on Sunday. Result… Podence yellow card!

I don’t think they even looked at the VAR and none of the commentators or pundits seem interested. I thought the Xhaka should have been a second yellow but you can’t use VAR for that so I think the ref over did it. But anyway I am pretty tired of VAR, Arsenal and Covid right now (not in that order.

Not saying Arsenal would have won with 11 mind.

Nice one.
James Warren


A lesson for all
In response to Dom Littleford’s email I just want to say hat’s off to you for not losing the rag over a football match. It’s a game. You’re a real fan.

Support your team through the 90 minutes. Become embroiled in the emotional rollercoaster that is football and when all is said and done, remember this: The game is constructed of 22 millionaires kicking around a bag of wind until it lands in a net.
Dave, Dublin


…Have to say I agree with Dom Littleford as regards the over reaction of some folks toward football results. I’m a Liverpool fan from afar, born and raised in Ireland, now living in Spain. Now in my early thirties, when I was younger I would certainly get annoyed by certain results and performances and if the Irish national side were playing then the emotion got turned up to 11. Raging, ranting, lamenting; you name it. And of course it was almost always negative because the Irish side are, by and large, rubbish.

But, nowadays, it really is just entertainment. I quite enjoy the narrative-driven side of the game (one-eyed journalism and awful post-match interviews aside). But now I’m content to watch a game with a few beers and chat about what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s 2020 effect or what, but I just don’t have the energy to waste on getting upset by something that, at the end of the day, has no real effect on my life.

Now I’m aware there are people out there for whom the local club is a valuable part of their life and community and I appreciate that. However I don’t believe that any result is cause for the type of raging you see on Arsenal TV. And I wonder how many of the fans on there are just showing off for a camera?

As I write this my “local” side, Lucena, are playing Sevilla in the Copa del Rey and losing 2-0. My over riding feeling is that it’s a pity the public couldn’t go to see it. Not often a La Liga side rocks up in our little pueblo after all.
Alan, Córdoba


Arsenal Fan TV not for Arsenal fans
I have been going to Arsenal for over 35 years, home and away. I have met thousands of Arsenal fans in my life. I do not know any of them who watches Arsenal Fan TV.

I do know lots of opposition fans who watch it and send me clips though. They find it hilarious.

I will not go into specifics but let’s just say that very few of these guys were ever seen at Highbury and certain becapped morons and presenters were seen regularly at Luton Town before realising that they could become entertainment gold and rake in the YouTube money.

They do not care about the Arsenal, they care only about themselves, their profiles and the money they get from ranting and raving. They are entertainment for opposition fans and are the absolute dregs, please do not think that they represent the whole fanbase. Unfortunately pretty much every big club has a number of leeches that perform the same act and I am certain that fans of Spurs and United would be much happier without the Goldbridges and Expressions of this world.

For what it’s worth, yes I am disappointed in Arsenal right now, yes I feel worried and hopeless but my group in Block Six have already resorted to gallows humour and we are looking forward to going back to Loftus Road and Oakwell next year.
John (We are doomed) Foster, Brighton


Where’s Stewie?
I’ve not been on your site much recently due to trying to ignore how bad Arsenal are, but I was wondering – has Stewie Griffin written in yet to explain how it’s all Arsene Wenger’s fault?
Adonis Stevenson, AFC