Kanchelskis: I once called Fergie a ‘Scottish b**tard’

Date published: Wednesday 22nd November 2017 9:39

Andrei Kanchelskis has explained why he once greeted Sir Alex Ferguson by calling him “Scottish b**tard”.

Kanchelskis spent four years at Manchester United after joining in 1991.

The winger scored 28 goals in 123 Premier League games, winning two Premier League titles and a raft of other trophies.

But perhaps his most successful career achievement was swearing at Ferguson in front of all of his teammates and living to tell the tale.

“It’s normal when any player comes to every country and they teach them only rubbish, you know?” he told the Daily Record.

“Every country, even Russia as well. I came to England and I had never spoken English very well.

“Some guys said to me ‘if the gaffer comes to the dressing room, say to him ‘Scottish b**tard’, you know like ‘hello Scottish b**tard’.

“I said it and everybody was laughing. Fergie as well. He smiled because he understood I didn’t speak English very well.

“He said next time, ‘not like this, don’t speak like this’.”

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