Keane blasts ’embarrassing’ Liverpool and Tottenham

Date published: Thursday 15th February 2018 8:42

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has labelled Liverpool and Tottenham “embarrassing”.

Liverpool and Tottenham are currently third and fifth respectively in the Premier League table, with both having earned excellent results in the Champions League this week.

But Keane feels their combined haul of one trophy, Liverpool’s League Cup in 2012, is “embarrassing” for clubs their size.

“For a club the size of Liverpool and Tottenham, one trophy in 10 years is pretty embarrassing,” he told ITV Sport.

“I know the Champions League has taken over now, particularly with the money behind it, but to be successful to be a big club you need to win trophies.

“The clubs you’re talking about, Liverpool and Spurs, should be able to compete in the Champions League and certainly qualify, and win an FA Cup or a League Cup.

“(Of) course you should be able to win an FA Cup or a League Cup, that should go hand in hand.”

Fellow pundit Lee Dixon was brave enough to interject, and even expressed a different opinion.

“Even if Tottenham or Liverpool won the FA Cup, because of the power of the Champions League they would still be governed by how well they do in the Premier League,” he said.

“Wenger always said to us every year, it’s the league, it’s 38 games. So, although Arsenal winning those FA Cups in recent years, they’re a club in my opinion on the decline. And the other two are evolving and getting better, so they’re on the up.”

A reminder, as ever, that all of the things annoy Roy Keane.

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