Keane claims ‘there’s something amiss’ with Man Utd trio

Joe Williams
Former Man Utd midfielder Roy Keane looks frustrated

Former midfielder Roy Keane thinks “there’s something amiss” with Man Utd trio Jadon Sancho, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford.

Greenwood and Sancho were both left out of Gareth Southgate’s squad for England’s latest set of fixtures, while Rashford was initially called up but decided to pull out to focus on his recovery from recent shoulder surgery.

Sancho has struggled to get regular starts under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer since making a £73m move from Borussia Dortmund in the summer transfer window.

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The former Dortmund winger has yet to get his first goal or assist for Man Utd, while Greenwood was also excluded by Southgate despite starting ten Premier League matches this term.

And Keane reckons it would’ve done the trio good to get some minutes under their belt with England and get away from the pressure of life at Man Utd.

Keane said on ITV Sport: “Every case is different, Sancho hasn’t been getting many minutes recently. The issue I suppose with Rashford and Greenwood is that whenever they’re selected it seems to be an issue.

“I know they’ve had injuries, I understand that, but we know their quality and when Gareth is asked about them he says ‘yeah I spoke to Marcus…’ It seems like a big conversation.

“It’s as if there’s something going wrong, there’s something amiss with some of these United lads.”

Keane added: “They’re young and hungry but a change of scenery [with England] will probably do them the world of good, there’s negativity around United at the moment with the bad results.

“There’s this idea that they need to save their club and do something about it on the training pitch there.

“I think for the two young lads to come here, change of scenery and again, get some minutes under your belt.”

Fellow pundit Ian Wright also gave his thoughts on the trio, he said: “When I look at Rashford I don’t blame him for taking that time to recover more.

“I know he hasn’t been in some of the squads but we saw a player who was thrashed in the way he was playing, playing with injuries, continuing to play when he wasn’t quite right.

“If he’s going to take the time now to get a little bit more rest…

“It’s the same with Sancho. He’s playing in a team that isn’t built for him, they play three at the back but he’s a winger. He can’t get into the team at the moment, whether that’s form or whatever, he can’t get into the team.

“You think yeah of course that’s affecting him. Greenwood, he’s young enough, hopefully he’ll continue doing what he’s doing and force himself in.

“I’d like to see Greenwood in the World Cup squad when that happens because that’s when we’ll get the best out of him.

“But Rashford, take that time to recover and do what you’re doing. Sancho needs a structure in the team to get the best out of him.”