Keane mocks Vieira in Richards, Neville three-way

Date published: Friday 11th June 2021 4:49 - Will Ford

Keane Vieira

Roy Keane mocked former nemesis Patrick Vieira on a road trip with fellow pundits Gary Neville and Micah Richards.

The trio discussed England’s chances at Euro 2020, who might win the Golden Boot and more in the latest episode of Micah and Roy’s Road to Wembley.

But the biggest of Richards’ archetypal laughs came when discussing the ITV punditry team for the European Championships, which includes Keane and Neville, as well as Vieira.

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Keane and Vieira had some epic battles during their time with Manchester United and Arsenal respectively.

And Richards was keen to dig down into their current relationship, before Keane took the former Manchester City man to task over his lack of coaching badges.

Micah Richards: What are you [Keane] and Vieira like now, have you sorted your differences out?

Roy Keane: Yeah he just panders to me, and that’s it.

Gary Neville: Is he [Vieira] coaching still now? What’s he doing?

MR: He just finished.

RK: He just lost another job, yeah. Why do you think he’s doing the punditry? He lost his job, that’s why we’re all f***ing doing it.

GN: Why does anyone waant to go back into management. I just do not get it.

[To MR] Have you got your coaching badges?

MR: I was going to do my coaching badges before I did the punditry.

RK: Famous last words, ‘I was going to do my coaching badges’, brilliant.

GN: You can do them still you know.

RK: I was going to be a pilot when I was younger but I just didn’t do the course.

GN: Why don’t you go and do your coaching badges?

MR: I’m going to do them.

GN: Shall I tell you what it’ll help you with?

RK: Your TV. Was that what you were going to say?

GN: I was going to say it in a less disparaging way. It’ll help you with your punditry. It will honestly.

RK: And by God, you need it. And if you do your badges and want job security, don’t go to Salford. Go to a club with good owners.


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