Key Tottenham man ready to ditch Postecoglou as he ‘wants to join’ Atletico Madrid, with talks open

Ciaran McCarthy
Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Tottenham, February 2023

Atletico Madrid have reportedly opened talks with Tottenham regarding a move for Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, and the midfielder apparently ‘wants to join’ them.

Hojbjerg has worked his way up to becoming a leader in the Spurs dressing room fairly quickly. He’s been at the club for just three seasons, but is an important member of the side.

In his three seasons, the midfielder has played 145 games, missing just five in the league. A management change from Antonio Conte to Ange Postecoglou may have signalled the beginning of the end, though.

Indeed, it was recently reported the new manager is ready to see the back of Hojbjerg. Atletico Madrid became the leading contender to sign him following those reports, and their interest has now moved on.

The Daily Mail reports they have officially ‘opened talks’ with Spurs over the signing of the midfielder. He’s said to be a ‘firm target’ that boss Diego Simeone has ‘instructed his recruitment staff to explore a move for’.

It’s suggested things are looking tricky at the moment, as Tottenham have so far shown an ‘unwillingness to do business’, which is likely due to a fee, given previous reports have stated they’re happy to let the midfielder go.

However, Atletico will take confidence in the fact that Hojbjerg apparently wants to join them. Indeed the report states he ‘wants the opportunity to join the La Liga side’.

While it’s unclear if it’s the main reason, the report cites Champions League football, which is surely a factor.

That Hojbjerg is ‘actively open’ to moving to Atletico has a sense of irony about it. When former Spurs boss Conte launched a rant on his players before parting company with the club, Hojbjerg hinted not all the players were “committed to a project”.

Hojbjerg himself is seemingly not committed, given less than four months and an eighth-placed finish later he’s apparently open to moving on.

That may be because Conte has moved on, or perhaps that the club doesn’t want him to remain. However, there’s certainly an element of surprise that he would want to leave after his comments during the season.

In any case, he’ll be moving to a better side and playing in European competition if he does sign for Atletico.

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