Klopp: Liverpool could not play like ‘defensive’ Man Utd

Ian Watson

Jurgen Klopp felt Liverpool deserved victory over a “defensive” Manchester United side who were only looking for a point.

United sat back for long periods, especially in the second half, frustrating Liverpool, who had failed to take one great chance in each half.

Klopp also felt Liverpool were denied a “clear penalty” but the manager took heart from his team’s performance against Jose Mourinho’s side.

“I think, again, the performance was worth three points,” Klopp told Sky Sports. “We were the better side, the more active side. But I think Man Utd came here wanting a point and they got it, We wanted three points and we didn’t get it.

“Everybody knows it’s quite difficult now when against top-class team like Man Utd and they have a defensive approach, you will not have 20 chances. But we had enough big, clear chances.

“I’m happy with our performance. I said to the boys after the game that they have chosen the hard way in joining Liverpool and we have to do it the hard way. So let’s carry on.

“So far we have lost only one Premier League game. It’s not exactly what we wanted but everyone could see that we are not miles away from Man Utd even when they have a few more points. We will play against them again this season and probably they cannot play the same way. Maybe then we will have a few more gaps to use.

“I thought the boys did well.”

Klopp was asked about the defensive approach used by Mourinho, who also claimed a 0-0 draw with United at Anfield last season.

“It’s not my right to be frustrated,” Klopp said. “If we were to play this way… we could not do it at Liverpool. But obviously for Manchester United it’s ok. I don’t judge. It’s okay.

“We have to take it. We have to think about our performance and our situation. We wanted to win, 100 per cent, everyone could see that. All the subs were quite offensive and we had some brilliant individual performances in a very difficult game. But again, sometimes you need a little bit of luck, but you have to work hard too and it will happen. I wish our fans could see the game when it happens and we score a few more goals.

Klopp appeared to be in a more positive frame of mind immediately after today compared to their last outing when they were held 1-1 by Newcastle at St James’ Park.

“After Newcastle, I saw a lot of positives too but it just felt so unfair for me,” he explained. “I am a human being, I cannot switch off my brain. I am full of emotion after the games and it felt unfair because they [Newcastle] had a deflected goal from one mistake and everyone is talking about that one mistake.

“But today we did not concede which was important for us because everyone knows how difficult that is against a team like United. So that’s really good.”

“If we carry on like this and we do it again, and again, then it will happen.”