Klopp out? Liverpool fans should ‘show some f***ing loyalty’ and trust in FSG

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The Liverpool fans are split between the fickle and steadfast as Sadio Mane wasn’t the exit that’s hurt them.

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Klopp out!
He bought success we’d begun to believe was no longer possible but just as with Borussia Dortmund he plays a style that is physically taxing but refuses to rotate.

A great manager would have convinced Sadio Mane to stay. A great manager would have blooded more youth from our academy to close out games where we were coasting, instead of pushing players over the edge in search of statement 7-0 wins against smaller teams.

We need to make change before we are no longer attractive to the best players. We need to make that change now. Holding on in case of a great European run is a risk, and even if we win, is simply papering over the cracks the way Arsenal did with Wenger for getting the fourth place trophy for so many years.

Klopp Out- Now!
Cartman Brah


FSG will fix it
How quickly people forget. FSG and Jurgen Klopp have won us damn literally everything. But this season it’s time to get rid because of a lack of investment?

Our net spend isn’t bad but it’s nowhere near as magical as the mythology has it. FSG have, in fact, invested in us. Allison? Virgil? Nunez? None of them were exactly free.

We don’t have Saudi money but we’re certainly not paupers either. Perhaps they haven’t invested dopey sums because things were going pretty well as they were? No one will ever come as close as us to the Quadruple as us, short of City actually winning it before Guardiola retires. And that was last season.

So chill out everyone. This season so far is clearly total bobbins, but the owners and manager have brought us nothing but good so far.

Look, clearly the midfield needs new legs. Jude is wonderful and would be a huge asset for us – but he’s on more radars than ours. If City or Madrid come in for him, I don’t fancy our chances. However there is quality and value out there and the club management are not unaware of the issues. You see them, I see them, *they* see them, ok?

Judge FSG more either way on the next window. If they don’t get anyone in then, that’s a much more appropriate time to throw dummys. Even though it’ll still show a pretty staggering ingratitude for the wonderful team we’ve enjoyed for much of the last decade.

And as for the people wanting Klopp out….dear God. He’s our best manager since Paisley, even arguably since Shanks. There is no one better than him out there other than Pep. So if we get rid, *anyone* we can bring in is a downgrade. He so very nearly won us everything 6 months ago and now certain people want him out.

And people wonder why so many fans of other clubs don’t like us.

Maybe it’ll be January, probably more like next summer. But they’ll fix it. And Jurgen will improve things greatly before then with what he already has.

I’m enjoying the inconsistent gubbles as much as the next fan, ie: not at all. But I’ve absolutely loved so much of what we’ve done, over so long a period a time. There’s credit in the bank there for me and a lot of it.

So let’s show some f*****g loyalty to the owners and manager who’ve given us so much. Idiotic involvement with the super league and occasional brain farts, that were all quickly reversed notwithstanding.

Maybe we finish outside the top 4 this year, but we’ll get over it. It’s just one season. And we can win the Europa league and come back even stronger in the Premier League next year too.

Pep isn’t staying forever either. So let’s all us get some much needed perspective and calm the hell down.
James, Liverpool 


Fickle Liverpool fans
I find it hilariously amusing how fickle Liverpool fans are.

Only a few seasons ago you were trying to convince yourselves that your team was the best the premiership has ever seen with the bestest manager ever too. And now you are turning on all your players and your manager.

Neither extreme are true and now it is clear you just did a Leicester and managed to perform above your norm the same year all the other usual contenders were below their best.
Jon, Cape Town (how long will it take you to get your next league title? 10, 20, 30 years?)


Michael Edwards the big miss
So why have Liverpool so rapidly disintegrated? How have they so quickly fallen from the lofty standards of last year? It’s the same manager. The same players. What has changed?

Well, their sporting director Michael Edwards left this summer. He built the club’s data analysis team, widely regarded as the best in football. It was his team that identified and recommended the purchases of Salah, Van Dijk, Alisson, Firmino and others – not to mention the hiring of Klopp himself – as well as developing countless insights into tactics and performance.

Like it or not, football is all about the data these days. Why do teams like Brighton and Brentford defy the odds? It’s in large part because they take the data more seriously than most.

Edwards is currently taking a break from football but he will not be short of suitors for his next job. Watch this space…the club that gets him will be fortunate indeed.


Fulham rivalling Liverpool
I dont recognise this team anymore.After the madness that was the first goal, followed quickly by Salah restoring parity, i assumed it was a formality that we were going on to win. i saw the clock at any point and thought there was more than enough time to come through and score the winner. i did not see the leeds goal coming and therein lies the problem. Any of the Liverpool Teams over the last 7 years would have pushed on and found the winner. Why are we incapable of doing so this year? not sure. i trust the players, i trust the manager but something is rotten. you cant beat City and West Ham (albeit luckily) and then lose like this to the last and second last placed team in the league…it is embarrassing and i hope the players feel it too. i can only hope they return from the World Cup ready to slog it out for 4th because arsenal, tottenham, newcastle, chelsea, United and Fulham are all capable of taking that spot form us. What an unforeseen season…
Nik (might as well start each game 0-1 from this point on). Munich


Howe has he done it?
Newcastle continue to have a deeply exciting season, with another big win. There’s a long way to go but Europe and even champions league have started to look possible.

The defence is vastly better and that’s very much down to new signings since this time last year – Trippier, Botman and Burn have all been big upgrades. Trippier in particular continues to deliver and must be on the plane for Qatar.

What’s mad though is how much Howe has improved the forwards who misfired under Bruce. This weekend, all four of four goals (and four of four assists) came from players at Newcastle before the takeover. Last weekend two of two were. Former non-scoring-winger Miggy Almiron scored the only goal the weekend before. Howe has instilled transformative confidence and made last years bottom-half forward line look like they’re ready for Europe.

Well done Eddie.
Roger (Newcastle in London)


Five Potter fixes
#1 – take pills against occasional attacks of utter madness
#2 – acknowledge that Mason is not half the player we all want him to be, academy hero, blue-to-the-core and all that. Nice lad, lovely personality, trying really hard; but save the occasional splendid goal. minimal impact on the pitch. Horribile dictu:  time for a change.#3 – a cardiac transplant for Callum, the giant with the heart of a Provence demoiselle
#4 – 5’7″ /150 pounds Christian spending more time on the ground and getting up than being afoot.
#5 – daily hosannas to help the Silva Miracle last

But other than that we’re good to go.
Unless Romelu returns in January and Graham plays him in the goal.
Radu Tomescu. Taipei, Taiwan

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Potter boos
Brighton booing Potter is the most non-league thing to ever happen in the Premier League.
Rob, Dorset


Costa VAR

Not a fan of Diego Costa from his time with Chelsea, but, if VAR is going to look at the incident, should it have been a penalty against Mee?
Andrew Goonerabroad Brown 


Spurs, eh?

Bloody hell.
Jon, Lincoln