Klopp quizzed on Liverpool fans calling Evra ‘lying b**tard’

Date published: Sunday 25th February 2018 10:21

Jurgen Klopp was reluctant to discuss Liverpool supporters and their abuse of Patrice Evra in the 4-1 victory over West Ham.

Liverpool rose to second in the Premier League with an emphatic win on Saturday, but the result was somewhat soured by supporters targeting former Manchester United left-back Evra.

The Frenchman was involved in a racism row with Luis Suarez in 2011, with the then Liverpool-striker found guilty, fined £40,000 and banned for eight matches after admitting using a derogatory term.

Suarez’s defence was that he intended the term not as an abusive insult, but as a playful remark. His defence was dismissed.

The majority of Liverpool fans sided with Suarez at the time however, and made their feelings known once more as Evra visited Anfield for the first time since 2014.

His name was booed when the starting line-ups were read out, while fans sung Suarez’s name. One chant aimed at Evra branded him “one lying bastard”.

Klopp was asked about the situation post-match.

“I heard it during the game,” he said.

“I don’t have the same history with Evra as the Liverpool supporters.

“I can’t say anything about that.”

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