Klopp, Van Dijk, Salah, Trent, Robbo, Nunez – all destroyed in the Mailbox

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Liverpool really messed it up v Everton
Liverpool really messed it up v Everton

Liverpool fans have really taken this well. Curtis Jones is a Championship player, Salah and Van Dijk should be sold…

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This means more
It really does mean more… to 99% of football fans, who I assume are very happy that Liverpool aren’t going to win it.
James (CFC) Gravesend


…City fan here. I’m confused. Lots of mails recently about Arsenal being ‘bottlers’.

But out of the Top Three, who’s ‘bottled it’ the most in the last month?

Perhaps (this) Bottling Means More.
Mark (Get in you Toffees!), MCFC


Liverpool fans are taking it well…
I love the man and appreciate what he has done for us but my God he’s really f**ked this up. To drop Quansah and bring in Konate is the first mistake. Konate has been amateurish since coming back from injury. A joke. Setting up Branthwaite when Alexis was clearing. Donkey. Quansah has to be VVD’s CB partner. Never a worse player when it comes to decision making in the box than Andy f**king Robertson! It’s a joke how bad he has become.

Jones. Seriously. Jones?! In midfield over anyone is unforgivable. The guy wouldn’t make ANY team in the top 15 in the Premier League. He’s Championship level at best. If Klopp can’t see that the chap offers absolutely nothing to anything we do then it is time he goes. Salah is pathetic and is a shadow of who he was. Please sell him and hopefully we get big bucks for him.

The less said about Trent the better. Actually f*** it. The guy is an embarrassment. His pitiful attempts at defending are unforgivable. He doesn’t get ANY criticism for it. If he was anything but English he’d be lambasted!? I can’t believe people rate this player as the best right back in the world. Yes he makes some great crosses and passes but how many does he f*** up?? Just cos you make 1 in 20 doesn’t make you amazing. Constantly giving the ball away with his Hollywood attempt at a pass.

And then there’s Nunez. I’ve been his staunchest supporter, thinking he’ll come good but he’s actually getting worse. He has zero composure. It’s just about hitting it as hard as possible. Get your head up and you have a simple goal like today when he just whalloped it at Pickford. Pathetic. League over. Bye Klopp. Thanks for the memories but you really f***ed this up.

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…Any hope is gone now at 78 mins at Goodison. It’s a pity the way the season petered out after all the momentum Liverpool had in February around the time of the Cups etc.

Diaz the only player trying,(Elliot also when he comes on). Salah has been anonymous, Szoboslai, I’ve no idea what has happened to him. Like he fell off a cliff after September. He’s been pretty dire. Is he a right midfielder? I don’t think so. And why can’t he take a shot anymore? I’ve seen him score goals for Hungary but for some reason can’t take a shot for Liverpool.

Robbo has been poor tonight but still trying. My mind has changed on Virgil. Just seems to be a moaner on the pitch at his own players the most. Not captain material. Takes no responsibility for anything. Can see him pointing and moaning at other players 90% of the time and never seems to drive anyone one. We actually miss Henderson for these qualities. Konate looks a shell of himself also.

Nunez, I do love him, but he hasn’t even done any mad shit the past few games either, not running like a mad man or doing anything. Got a few lovely balls to feet in the box and just that touch let him down. And also , his persistence of blasting shots. I reckon Jota definitely would have scored tonight.

Trent, also, why did he just let Calvert Lewin just jump, while he stood there looking at him. Jurgen should change the whole team next game, play young players and bring back Gomez and few others. Getting sick of this lot. Anyway I’ll stop my little moan, I probably sound a bit like Virgil.
Chris LFC, Dublin


…Is Mo Salah ever going to show up for work again before he gets his Saudi transfer? Is he even sweating? Is Nunez the worst striker we’ve ever had? Can we get some on-pitch leadership? Have we created a fast counter yet, or are we still cutting it back?

Blow it the f*** up. Our mentality is gone. Season derailed by the likes of the worst United and Everton sides in memory. Can’t even get fired up for those anymore, can we? Those blue inbreds at least can have their f***g parade now. They so desperately want to finish 16th. And Dyche gets a statue.

Hope this man Slot is one ruthless c***, because we are a true mess from top to bottom. Shame on all of them for the United and Goodison performances this year. Every last one of them should give their salaries for this month to charity.
Scott, LFC Toronto

PS: this last month has made Klopp leaving so much easier to take. He’s a legend but he is utterly done. A Dortmund-esque capitulation. He’ll blame the officials, surely.

PPS: Amorim knew, didn’t he?

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…On 70 minutes in tonight’s Merseyside derby the camera panned to two older ladies draped in blue and looking nervous kittens; for my life I couldn’t fathom why. Did they think the visiting team had any semblance of design for a heroic comeback? Just what game were these two watching? Were they worried they’d left the taps running in the flat?

The humane thing to do with what little remains of this Liverpool season is to take it out back and shoot it, then shoot it again, lest it continue hobbling on with an extreme minimal quality of life. If it’s the hope that kills you, surely it’s the crapping of the bed that provides the indignity.
Eric, Los Angeles, CA (I think I might just have made peace with Salah and VVD moving on next season…)


Trying to make peace with it
In a way, I’m ok with us running out of steam like this. If we’d lost the league by a point or two the Spurs game, and the penalties not given against Arsenal and City would have haunted me for ever.

If you’d offered me third at the start of the season I’d have taken it. It’s a real shame that it’s ending like this (our inability to perform in both boxes in the last few games is very concerning, but a new manager should freshen it up) but it’s been an awful lot of fun for the most part.


…At least we won’t have the last day heartbreak of losing by a point.
Aidan, Lfc (as ever, trying to find a silver lining)


Pickford is the don
This mail is reserved for all those, including the media, who had an agenda of Ramsdale taking over England’s number one slot.

Well, they couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. He never deserved it. Ever.

Pickford has been immense for Everton. He’s been immense for England. Who’s the new GK du jour? Pope? Ramsdale can’t even get a game now.

Pickford will be the England number one until he decides to hang it up a la Scholes. Find a new narrative.
TX Bill (that was one hell of a performance) EFC


Brighton on the beach?
As an Arsenal fan I have to say I’m not exactly giddy at title rivals Liverpool losing. The pressure of two teams breathing down City’s neck is greater than just the one. Especially when that one has an away day at their local rivals who need no extra motivation than stopping their neighbours from winning the league. On top of this Brighton will probably head into the game against City feeling they have nothing to play for. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Anyway, changing the subject wildly, can we agree that VAR needs to step in for dangerous fouls that aren’t given a yellow by the ref? It’s now two consecutive games that a player has gone in studs up on an Arsenal player and not been sent off. If VAR doesn’t feel that the foul is 100% a ref then there must be room to at least advise the ref to consider a yellow. The rules need changing.

This isn’t an Arsenal-only thing. It’s just that I’ve seen it happen to my own players two games running now. Given the Coventry FA Cup heartbreak that’s just happened I know you’re all likely to say there shouldn’t be VAR in the first place. I happen to disagree. The offside rule should just be adjusted and we should have better video assistant referees with semi-automated offside. It’s not that complicated.
Simon, Norf London Gooner


Cheers Palace
As an FPL player that backed Palace big this week, I’d just like to say ‘Eze does it’, ‘Oh Champ Olise’, and ‘Hakuna Mateta’. Ta lads.
Gary AVFC, Oxford


Shall we just let full-backs be full-backs?
With Trent and zinchenko consistently being both incapable and disinterested in defending in equal measure – I think the inverted fullback will be the way of the dodo by August.

Inside forwards. Sweepers. Inverted fullbacks. All positions for the history books.