Klopp: Winning every game gives Liverpool a ‘chance’ of Prem glory

Jason Soutar
Jurgen Klopp celebrates a win

Jurgen Klopp insists there is a “chance” Liverpool can beat league leaders Manchester City to the Premier League title this season.

The Reds battered Leeds United 6-0 on Wednesday night to go three points behind Pep Guardiola’s side.

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Man City seemed to be a shoo-in to retain their crown, but Liverpool have gradually gnawed away at their lead and have resurrected the title race.

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp insists there is a possibility that his side can win their second Premier League under his management.

On the emphatic win against Leeds, Klopp told Match of the Day: “It can happen. If you are really on it and go through all the difficult spells in the game that we did but you think about the start. We had three days to prepare it and tell the boys how big the difference is between Leeds and the other teams.

“It can happen, but I didn’t expect it. It is really difficult to defend man marking against us for 90 minutes. You cannot defend Mo Salah in all challenges of a game. That is the problem Leeds has and that is why the result is the result.

“We have 10 days until we play the next league game and we have two games in-between in completely different competitions, one is a final and the other I don’t even know, a quarter-final or a last 16 and they will be different games and we have to be ready for them as well.”

On the title race, Klopp continued: “It is three points until the weekend and then City will probably win and then it will be six points. If we win all our games pretty much there will be a chance for us.

“I think for people outside it is better to have three or six point gap than to have a 20 or 30-point gap so it is more exciting but we have to win a lot of the games against all the difficult opponents and that will be a tricky task. We will give it a try.”

Speaking elsewhere, the German added: “In the end it went pretty smoothly. It was really hard work because they make it hard work. It is tricky playing against a man marking side, you feel pressure where no pressure is.

“We had to be fully concentrated and we were and in the end it is a wonderful night. There might be some people out there who think penalties you should not count them but you want the right person on the spot to put them away and that is what Mo did.

“Sadio Mane’s game was probably one of his best in the way he interpreted his role. Absolutely insane.

“In the end top game, top for the people. In a really good shape and a wonderful night at Anfield.

“Leeds had good spells but I think it is really difficult to play the way they did for 90 minutes against a team like us.

“I am not excited, it is normal after a night like this people get carried away and that is fine but Sunday is looming and we have to be ready for this.

“We have 10 days no league game and City probably playing in that time. It is how it is and we have to win our football games and if we do that we will be around and if we don’t do that we won’t.”