Liverpool never fancied Kylian Mbappe anyway…

Matt Stead
Kylian-Mbappe PSG Liverpool

Obviously Kylian Mbappe is not Liverpool quality anyway…


Mbappe? Who needs Mbappe?
You may have seen over the weekend the news from Paris that Kylian Mbappe could sign a new contract with PSG, which is absolutely not connected to the coronavirus crisis making it almost impossible to imagine multi-million pound transfers this summer. Oh no. It’s all about his belief in the Paris project. And his belief in earning £600,000 a week.

So L’Equipe splashed this story on their front page on Sunday, thumbing their noses at Real Madrid and the Spanish media who thought he could be lured there this summer.

So how are the British press reporting this development?

‘PSG offer Kylian Mbappe new contract on same salary tier as £600,000-a-week Neymar to fend off Liverpool and Real Madrid’ – The Sun.

At this point we cannot emphasise enough that L’Equipe make no mention of Liverpool. They don’t need ‘fending off’ because they absolutely cannot afford Mbappe in this life or the next.

‘Kylian Mbappe ‘considering PSG deal’ despite Liverpool and Real Madrid transfer links’ – Daily Mirror.

Odd how he would consider a £600,000-a-week contract despite links with Liverpool (who pay no more than £200,000 a week to anyone) that emerged in November and were immediately dismissed by Jurgen Klopp, who said unequivocally:

“From a sporting point of view, there are not a lot of reasons to not sign him. What a player he is. But it is about the money, of course. No chance. Absolutely no chance. Sorry for killing that story.”

If only Jurgen. If only.

But even though Klopp categorically said that “there are not a lot of reasons to not sign him”, John Barnes believes he knows different. It’s not about the money (money, money) but about the ‘attitude’ of the Frenchman.

“They’ll need to sign another forward at some point in case one of the front three leaves but it will have to fit what Klopp wants.

“Kylian Mbappe is fantastic on the ball but would he do the other stuff? I’d suggest if you’re a 21-year-old superstar, your attitude isn’t going to change.”

Yes, who needs a 21-year-old who has scored 30 goals in 33 games this season? And what is this ‘other stuff’ of which Barnes speaks? If it’s tackling, then he does more of that than Mo Salah in the Champions League, which is the fairest comparison. He is literally the best young player in world football and that is why he will not be joining Liverpool; as Klopp said very clearly, he would cost too much.

The idea that Liverpool should stay away from Mbappe because he does not do “the other stuff” is almost as preposterous as the notion that the Reds are genuine contenders for his signature.


Testing times
On the back page of The Sun, Martin Lipton continues to do the lord’s work in bringing yet another date for the Premier League’s return as we are told that ‘matches MUST begin by June 19’, just two days after Martin Lipton told us that the ‘Premier League will return on June 12 and be staged behind closed doors at neutral stadiums – if the Government gives the green light’. Does a slightly different coloured light mean that the date is moved seven days? Turquoise?

Elsewhere on the back page, Charlie Wyett joins the ‘exclusive’ gang with a story about how ‘COVID-19 testing kits have already been sent out to Premier League stars’. We are filing this under ‘if the opposite would make a better story, it shouldn’t be on your back page’.

Hands up if you didn’t think that any Premier League stars were being tested for Covid-19?


Viva Ronaldo…drinking from a cup
Obviously, The Sun’s football website has no truck with such exclusives about the prospect of actual football. Not when there is this kind of massive news about:

‘Cristiano Ronaldo relaxes by sea with cuppa while ‘stuck’ in Madeira lockdown with private jet grounded in Madrid’

Is the private jet grounded? No – by the fourth paragraph we are told that ‘it is understood the worries have gone as the plane landed on the Portuguese island on Sunday night’.

Is Ronaldo ‘stuck’ in Madeira lockdown? No – he ‘is scheduled to depart on the same plane on Monday’.

Was he ‘relaxing by the sea with a cuppa’? Hell yes. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the real story here.


We are not saying that these are desperate times for football coverage but this is the latest feature on the Daily Star website:

‘Scholes’ netball daughter, Shearer’s pop star kid and what other footballers’ children do’

Mediawatch particularly enjoyed the description of Alicia Scholes as a ‘netball superstar’, as if there really is such a thing. But if there was – and we are well aware that there are superstars within the netball world; we just don’t know any – they would not be England Under-21 internationals who are ‘training partners’ for their club side. No amount of cutting and pasting from the England Netball site can make us believe that Alicia Scholes fits into the coveted ‘netball superstar’ category.

Oh and releasing one single does not make you a ‘pop star’, Hollie Shearer.


Fortune teller
We know the Daily Mirror’s John Cross has excellent sources but to claim that he has the ‘inside story of next week’s crunch Premier League meeting’ seems a tad suspicious.

Madame Rosa John Cross?


Shock horror
Elsewhere, John Cross brings us the ‘news’ that ‘ARSENAL are ready to sell Henrikh Mkhitaryan to help fund a low-budget summer transfer window’. Which will come as a massive shock to those of us expecting Arsenal to recall the Armenian from his Roma loan and then build a team around him and presumably Mo Elneny.