La Liga chief on English clubs ‘peeing in the swimming pool’

Date published: Wednesday 6th September 2017 12:52

La Liga chief Javier Tebas has accused PSG and Manchester City of financial doping.

Speaking at SoccerEx, Tebas hit out at the behaviour of certain clubs when buying players from La Liga, and believes their accounts demonstrate what is at play.

La Liga has been notoriously strong to stop its own clubs breaking financial rules. Not as if Real Madrid and Barcelona are given ludicrous financial assistance by their broadcasting deal, or if a number of La Liga’a biggest clubs have been assisted the illegal state subsidies.

“We’ve looked at PSG’s accounts and they earn more from sponsorship than Manchester United – that’s impossible, that’s financial doping,” Tebas said at SoccerEx in Manchester.

“UEFA and other institutions, the EU, need to carry out investigations.

“They are laughing at the system. We have caught them peeing in the swimming pool. Neymar has peed from the diving board. We cannot accept this.

“This is when the football clubs have competitive advantage not coming from the club itself. PSG and Manchester City and in the past Chelsea.

“Manchester City paid nearly €1000m, PSG €950m for transfers. If we don’t control the situation the whole industry will become destructured.”

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