Le Tissier reveals Carragher ‘spat bile’ at him for ten minutes after ’embarrassing family’ on podcast

Will Ford
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher looks angry

Matt Le Tissier has explained why Jamie Carragher rang him up and “spat bile” at him after comments he made on a recent podcast.

Carragher was suspended by Sky Sports back in 2018 after he was filmed spitting at a 14-year-old girl from his car, but was welcomed back after a six-month absence.

During the podcast that angered Carragher, Le Tissier recounted a conversation with the Sky Sports bosses over his own dismissal, as he claims, “for being a middle-aged white man”.

He believed they let him go in relation to some of his conspiratorial social media posts and brought up Carragher’s spitting incident as he questioned their decision.

“Within five seconds I was told there was no more work for me at Sky,” Le Tissier said on ‘The Rob Moore podcast’. “I had about seven months left to run on my contract but I was told that I wouldn’t be needed anymore.

“They didn’t really give a particular reason, they just said ‘the show was going in a different direction’, they were the words I think they used. So I asked the question, does this have anything to do with my posts on social media?

“To which their reply was, ‘well we have to take into account the reputation of the company when making these decisions.’ At which point I said ‘oh that’s interesting, because at the moment, you are employing somebody who spat at a girl from his car’.

“Jamie Carragher, who spat at a young girl through his car. They suspended him for six months and then brought him back into the fold. I said ‘do you not think that might have harmed the reputation of the company at all’ and I got told ‘we can’t talk about other people on this’ so that was it really.”

And Le Tissier went on another podcast to reveal a phone call he received from Carragher in response, where the Liverpool legend “spat bile” at him for “embarrassing his family”.

“I mentioned [the incident] in a podcast that I did a few weeks ago, and I don’t think I’ve told anybody this, but I got a phone call about six weeks ago from Jamie Carragher, because I dared to mention that he kept his job after spitting at a child,” Le Tissier said on Pub Talk.

“He wasn’t very happy about that so he rang me up and then spent a good 10 minutes of spitting bile down the telephone at me. He was absolutely fuming.

“He said I’d embarrassed him and his family by bringing it up. At which point I went, ‘Jamie, I think the fact that you spat [at the girl] is probably more embarrassing, so you need to own what you did, and if somebody talks about, tough. Because you did it’.”

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