Le Tissier lays into ‘woke’ Gareth Southgate in latest episode of Two Pr*cks In A Room

Will Ford
Le Tissier on Maguire

Matt Le Tissier has laid into “woke” England manager Gareth Southgate, who would not take his advice on penalties, in an interview with Nigel Farage.

In the same week as Piers Morgan sat down with Cristiano Ronaldo for a very cosy conversation in which Ronaldo took swipes at Manchester United, Erik ten Hag at the Glazers, Farage and Le Tissier had a chat on GBNews in the latest episode of Two Pr*cks In A Room.

Farage was asking about Le Tissier’s outstanding penalty record, which saw him convert 47 of 48 while playing for Southampton, but neither could resist the temptation to harp on about ‘wokeness’, which they clearly see as an insult.

Le Tissier said: “I have on occasions in the past approaching World Cups and European Championships offered my services to go and coach the players, if they want some advice on taking penalties.”

Then Farage cut in, stared down the barrel of the camera and said, “Mr Southgate, are you listening?”

No doubt playing up to the masses in what we suspect was about the most right-wing pub audience possible, Le Tissier replied: “To be fair, I mean, there were probably other managers that may have been more likely to listen than the woke Mr Southgate.”

“Gosh! I haven’t even got him on to Gary Lineker yet!” Farage said amid the applause from the baying masses.

“I would quite happily take a penalty still, at my age,” Le Tissier continued. “I really enjoyed the pressure of those situations.

“I really looked forward to taking penalties. And I think one of the biggest things you can have as a penalty-taker is your mindset going into it has to be really positive.

“And I believe that was one of the biggest reasons why my penalty record was good.”

Le Tissier has also played down England’s hopes of winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, although he would love to see it.

“I suspect not. As much as I would love them to win the World Cup, I think with my realistic cap on I think there are perhaps better teams than us.

“However, you never know, football’s a funny game.”

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