Leicester to change the betting market?

Date published: Tuesday 7th June 2016 12:00

Against all odds, Leicester City became PL-champion last season. Loads of people didn’t expect that this small club would be at the top of the Premier League. How will this championship change your way of betting? Will there be a new surprise next season or is this wake up call enough for the traditional top clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea?

Odds Leicester City last season

A mindblowing 5.000/1 when you predicted that Leicester would win the title at the start of last season. A £50 bet would result in a pay-out of £250.000. As the season continued it became clear that Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester was pretty hard to beat.
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As you can see, the times of amount throughout the season dropped from 5.000 to 1,05. When you want to earn a lot you have to take a gamble.

Betting table next Premier League season

What can we expect next season? Will there be another big surprise ahead of us? If we take a look at the betting table, we see that Arsenal is ‘the team to beat’ in the upcoming season. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Leicester City should be able to finish at the top of the Premier League.







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If you want to make good money, you have to put it on squats like Swansea or Sunderland. Compared to Leicester last season, West Ham, Everton and Southampton start with a 1/5.000 odd next season. The change of Leicester winning the title two times in a row is not very popular. Still Leicester is the seventh biggest club in England if you have to believe the infographic.

European big names without a contract

In a couple of days EURO starts in France. Many big teams will participate and for some of them, these couple of weeks are crucial. But where some of the luckiest players for each country will be present, there are also a lot of players who won’t. Some of them didn’t get a new contract at their club and are now clubless. Gregory van der Wiel, Kolo Touré and Michael Carrick for instance. They have to cross their fingers and hope there will be a new adventure waiting for them. We made a squad of all the transfer free players this summer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is also named as one of them, because he still didn’t signed a contract at Manchester United.

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