Levy admiration as ‘selfish’ Kane ‘sulks’ for Spurs

Date published: Thursday 5th August 2021 2:17 - Editor F365

Daniel Levy Spurs

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A sad Kane end
Over the last few mailboxes we’ve seen every man and his wife telling us how we should feel about Harry Kane and him trying to engineer a transfer, so I thought I’d offer my perspective as a Spurs fan.

The general consensus among me and my Spurs mates is that, while Kane is entitled to request a transfer, he’s going about it in a very bridge-burning kind of way. It’s more disappointing than anything else that the club has not been able to match his standards, and that stands as an indictment of Daniel Levy more than Kane himself. If Kane had just requested a transfer, and then got on with things, he would have kept a lot of goodwill and probably been more likely to get what he wants in the end while retaining the respect and admiration of Spurs fans. As long as he doesn’t get too excited when he inevitably scores a hattrick against us.

My own view would be that he should be allowed to leave, as his heart is clearly not in it anymore. We’ve all seen the various player swaps suggested, and if there’s anything to the suggestion that Aymeric Laporte is on the table, then I would love to bring him in with £100m+, and save the £50m we’re apparently spending on Cristian Romero for other weaknesses in the team. I would also love to see a move for Alexander Isak of Real Sociedad as his replacement, with a release clause apparently set somewhere around £60m.

One way or another, he’s got to get gone. Nobody wins by keeping an unhappy star player. It’s just sad to see it all end like this.
Harry (I thought we couldn’t get Ings because he wanted a Champions League club…) THFC

MEDIAWATCH: £26m Grealish disparity after Pep’s ‘pig-headed unwillingness’


Why now, Harry?
I will admit that I do worry that this might come across as sanctimonious dog-whistling. However, it is surely impossible to be 100% objective about these things, so allow me my 5c.

We could debate the validity of contracts and gentleman’s agreements in modern football all day, but there is one element of the Kane-saga that is unique: the timing. Over the past 18 months we’ve all either experienced or witnessed some of the toughest times we are (hopefully) to see in our lifetimes. Surely Harry and Charlie could have picked a better tactic than being AWOL from work, while still earning top wages, at a time when millions of people have lost jobs, businesses, livelihoods, homes?

I do not think it is fair to expect footballers to be saints or even role-models. But I do think it is fair to expect them to have at least a shred of self-awareness in a world where some haven’t had the luxury of a guaranteed salary for a while now, let alone one that we could risk jeopardizing.
Regards, Jaco


Kane 100% to blame
Kane or Levy? I think most would say it’s equally shared. I’d disagree.

To begin with I don’t like Daniel levy, so to be saying that all the fault lies with Kane might seem at odds with that.

But it is 100% Kane’s fault. Three years ago when Kane wanted a new contract, with a pay increase and talked about long term security (hence the six year contract) levy stepped up and gave him what he asked for. Now if Kane wanted to leave or felt that spuds (not a typo) were never gonna meet his ambitions…why not ask for a three, two or one year contract?

He signed one for six years. He and his legal team also never wrote any provisions into that contract to say if he’s not feeling it at spuds he can go after three. Again…why wasn’t that written in?

It seems to me that the reason Kane is in a bind right now is because levy is a far better negotiator than people are giving him credit for and he made sure spuds were on solid ground with this contract. It is not Levy’s job to look after Kane or any other player. It’s his Job to look after spuds. Sometimes those two things are aligned and both parties benefit equally, sometimes not. It’s Kane and his agents job to look after Kane – and they were both asleep at the wheel. Likely because they saw the zeros on the contract and were seduced.

What Kane is doing is reducing his value in the transfer market – which is a dick move. He’s harming his current team in service to himself. Now not too long ago a Liverpool striker was feeling “trapped” and wanted out. Like Kane he had a suitor who were willing to pay but not enough, like Kane he was told no by Liverpool. But here’s where the parallel ends. See Suarez did not go on strike. He did not play shit and did not harm his team with his actions. He did the opposite, he had the best year of his career and got Liverpool a club record fee and got his dream move to Barca. Given that he is a bit of a shit stain of a person I find it interesting that he behaved like a professional and played his way out of the club but Kane the squeaky England golden boy is acting unprofessional and basically crying his way out of the club.

Of course there is also another way out for Kane…you know if he REALLY feels trapped. He can buy out his own contract from spurs and make himself a free agent using the Webster ruling which means that after three years of any contract any player can unilaterally walk away from any contract so long as they compensate the current club for the value of remaining salary of the contract which for Kane is roughly £31m + club loss of earnings and legal fees. But I don’t see him threatening to do that….


Levy Winehouse
Following on from the mail yesterday about Levy being the problem, I have to ask: is Daniel Levy the Mitch Winehouse of the football world?

No-one knew Beyonce or Tiny Tempah’s parents, but Amy Winehouse’s dad got as much, if not more, press coverage than his pop star daughter.

Has any chairman or executive got as much air time as Daniel Levy has since the Berbatov transfer in 2008?

No-one talks about Spurs without mentioning him.
Silvio Dante


Levy admiration
Have to weigh in on the Kane contract debate. Firstly, there is a great deal of revisionism taking place across the media (F365 included). Everyone is in agreement – Kane was foolish to sign a six year deal in 2018. A quick search of media coverage around the June 2018 deal reveals little if any questioning of the Kane deal at the time (yes I was a covid close contact and have been in isolation in my room for the past 10 days, what of it?). In other words, Levy played everyone for Charlie Kanes.

The true genius of Levy’s handling of Kane’s contracts lies in 2015 and 2016, where Kane signed two five year deals, with significant pay rises on both occasions. The 2018 deal was just a little after a year after the December 2016 deal. Signing a one year extension for a bumper pay increase to over 200k doesn’t look as good as a TWO year extension. You can almost imagine Levy suggesting to naive Camp Kane (theme park potential? Spursy amusement ride suggestions welcome) – “We are on the cusp of big things here, H-man. Poch just signed, new stadium to come, you’ve already signed a couple of five year deals. What’s a six year deal really?”

The truth is though – at Kane’s age, that extra year was the key and Levy knew that. Kane with two years to go gets his move to City eventually, but Kane with three years at 28 is another story. He will probably end up in Manchester eventually, but you have to take a step back and appreciate how ahead of the game Levy was here. Whatever about the footballing side, the guy knows how to plan ahead and run a business. That’s why his wikipedia entry lists him as “Daniel Levy (Businessman)” ahead of PL chairman credentials.

As a final note, I don’t think it was that cynical. I do imagine Levy thought Spurs were about to break through and win things, or at least strongly hoped they would. The sixth year was just the insurance policy of a wily business operator. As an Arsenal fan who has been taken to the cleaners on transfers over the years (see contrasting example of RVP at 28 who had a year to run on his contract and got his Manchester move for a measly £24m), you gotta admire him for this one.
Harry, AFC, Dublin (phrases like ‘measly £24m’ are part of the reason why I watch less football these days)


Let Kane sulk
So Kane skipped training to send a message and will be “fined”?

Going to training is literally part of his job (and in pre-season, pretty much the entirety of his job). Now if you or I decide not to show up to work to send a message to our bosses, we call that “going on strike”. We are entitled by law to do so and our employers are entitled by that same law to not pay us for the time we are absent from work due to strike action.

Unless there is some unique employment law that affects Football of which I’m unaware, presumably Spurs should be able to treat this absence like a strike and therefore the “fine” he pays should equal 1 days wages for every day he misses training. They can continue to do so for as long as he keeps this up until the expiry of his contract in 2024. A normal employer would likely just sack an employee but that would release him from his contract, spurs are better off just keeping him on the books and letting him sulk.

I’m not going to enter into the debate as to a player’s “worth” in financial terms but if Levy is correct in thinking that he can get £150m for Kane and Kane is on a reported £200k per week then a year of Kane’s salary is barely more than £10.4m. This means that if Kane goes full sulk, he can be sat in the reserves for a year and Spurs still profit massively, even if they end up selling him next summer for £100m it would be worth it (remember that nobody is currently lining up to pay the £150m asking price).

Now the reality is that Kane will see his chances of a big move diminish with each goal that another Striker in world football scores as they begin to look like the more attractive option for Man City in the next transfer window. He will likely come to the realisation that Levy wins this round and that he’ll have to play out one more season at Spurs. Hopefully he’ll do so in the manner that he has thus far and bring a lot of joy to us Spurs fans in the process. He hasn’t burned all his bridges yet.
Thom, Bristol-based Spur


Selfish Kane
I’ve held off responding to all the emails about this because ultimately, everything is based on conjecture and hearsay – there’s maybe 5-6 people who know the absolute full story here and if they are unwilling to issue a joint statement, then that’s their perogative.

Some people I wanted to respond to though from this morning’s mailbox:

Tim – Did Spurs stop paying Janssen at any point?? No. In which case they honoured their end of his contract, as I doubt it stipulated that he had to play and train solely for the first team for as long as he was at the club. If it did state that, then I’m happy to be corrected.

Mikey, LFC – Spurs may well let Kane leave. It will be as and when City give them the value they have assigned to Kane. That is their perogative as the selling club. Until then, Kane should do what his contract stipulates and train at the club. If Kane had a 3 yr deal and was not planning on signing a new one, we probably would have sold him last year in the same way we did with Eriksen, but he doesn’t, he has a 6 year deal with 3 left, so your point is whataboutery akin to talk of aunts with male genatalia being a different familial relationship to you!!

As a Spurs fan, I have no issue with Kane wanting to leave, just as I didn’t with Bale, Modric, Berba, Sheringham and all those before him. But I do believe that you continue to do your job whilst any transfer is sorted out – like Eriksen did, like Zaha continues to do for Palace and like many other reasonable people have done. Anyone who doesn’t do that is simply being selfish IMHO.
Paul (Spurs), T. Wells


Lukaku hype
I’m massively hyped for Lukaku’s homecoming, he’s a Chelsea fan and not just another merc coming in for a payday, he idolises Drogba and is well placed to match and even surpass his achievements given the squad he will be joining.

A lot of the ‘disappointment’ around Lukaku’s signing can be attributed to people either being childish or just gutted at missing out on the signing of a perceived ‘truly elite’ talent in Halaand, which we almost never get in the premier league anyway.

Ronaldinho,Figo,Kaka,Nedved,Zidane,Ronaldo,(Peak)Cr7,Messi,Iniesta,Xavi,Mbappe,Neymar etc That level of player almost never moves to the PL at their peak and Halaand was a chance to buck that trend.

Again this should be seen in context, we’ve also seen players like Aguero,David Silva,Yaya,Rooney,Henry,Tevez,Drogba,Kante,Salah,Mane etc grow into their prime after a few years so potato/potahtoe.

I’m happy enough with Lukakau to not care about Halaand- how can we explain to Mount,James etc that they’re on £150k a week but Halaand is on £400K or whatever, plus the constant nightmare that would be Raoila trying to sell him on to PSG/Madrid/Barce etc

Also hot take- Grealish won’t be a success at Man City.

(Chelsea to win the league-Kane to stay at Spurs and move next year)

Lukaku Chelsea Inter


Bundesliga to Sky
With the talk all about Harry Kane it was nice to see something a bit different on Social Media this morning with the news that the Bundesliga is heading to Sky Sports for the next 4 seasons, now i am not sure if i have been living under a rock but i wasn’t even aware that Sky had made a move for the rights let alone that the rights to showcase the German league were even up for bidding.

I know as a subscriber of Sky Sports i did crave some more variety in terms of live football, watching the Premier League, EFL and Scottish leagues are good and enjoyable but outside of the UK the only other league on show is the MLS, when you cast your mind back to what Sky used to have you can count the Champions League and La Liga coverage as two staples in their sport package, i in fact became a subscriber to Sky Sports during that final year they held the rights to the Champions League so this news of the Bundesliga heading to the channel is huge in my opinion, would be great to hear if anyone else is looking forward to seeing who the pundits will be and how the coverage will be presented differently to the previous rights holder BT.

On a side note, some may have noticed an article go up today titled “An alternative transfer target for each of the Big Six” a piece wrote by my good self, after being a reader of this site for a decade to have an article by myself be on this platform and read by fellow users i feel truly honoured, i also appreciate all the comments and feedback i get from my mails in the mailbox be it within the mailbox and in the comments section, be them good or bad i take them all in good spirits as youre all a fantastic bunch of people and i enjoy coming to this site every day.
Mikey, CFC 


F365 matchmakers
To Adams in Nigeria, I read your touching email rather late. Fact is we share three things in common, probably a fourth; we’re both in the capital city of Abuja, we’re both Manchester United fans, and I aslo agree that mental health is not taken seriously in Nigeria. On the fourth, your own supposedly loneliness I see as my own solitude.

That said, if you wanna hang around sometime, probably before the league starts and all the banter and gragra begins, we should link up and meet. You’d probably be the first person I’ll meet via this site I’ve been reading for almost a decade now. I leave it to the F365 Towers people to work their magic.
McKiaveli (Ndidi in and title is ours), Abuja. #GGMU


Bow down…
Greta Thunberg – Climate change activist who has voiced the concerns of billions and works tirelessly to draw attention to the cause and hold those in power to commit to making the institutional changes necessary to prevent climate change impacting upon peoples lives across the globe.

Malala Yousafzai – political activist and Nobel prize winner who was brutally attacked by the Taliban as a child but survived to campaign for female education across the world but particularly in places where oppression of women and girls rights are oppressed

Raheem Sterling – a professional footballer who has won multiple trophies, awarded an MBE for campaigning against racism and bullying online and in society and was the standout performer for England in the most recent Euros.

Mark Jones – a man who is complaining about reading opinion based articles on a non-subscription website, which no one has compelled him to read.

I know who I’d rather bow down to…
Chris, London


Gazza, Gold bless him
In response to Ben Howarth, I once had a business meeting at 9am in Soho. On my way there, I saw a man walking towards me in an obviously inebriated state. As we drew level, he looked me in the eye and gave me the sweetest, saddest smile I’ve ever seen. It was Gazza, God bless him.
Matt Pitt


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