Levy answers key questions on Tottenham’s transfer plans

Date published: Monday 18th March 2019 9:06

Daniel Levy has eased concerns about whether Tottenham’s new stadium will continue to impact on their transfer business.

Tottenham will finally open their new stadium on April 3 against Crystal Palace, a full seven months after they had planned to move in.

The costs have spiralled as a result of continued complications, which played a part in Tottenham becoming the first Premier League club to not sign a single player in a summer transfer window last year.

Their last first-team signing of any kind was of Lucas Moura in January 2018, but Levy hopes to amend that before the start of next season.

The chairman was present at a Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust meeting on Tuesday and noted that Champions League qualification would give “more flexibility” to the club in what he hopes will be a more “liquid” market.

Asked whether the outlay on the stadium was proving to be restrictive in the transfer market, Levy, according to the minutes, ‘said no’.

‘The fact that stadium costs had risen does not impact that number,’ the minutes continued. ‘Levy said that with a debt of £637m, subject to reasonable assumption on interest rates, the net spend on players would not be affected.

‘He continued that Champions League qualification gave more flexibility. There is a certain amount the club wants to invest in the team. If players are sold, that amount increases.

‘Levy said that transfers were tricky. If we could have sold XYZ and found someone better, we would have done it. He said he was disappointed that the market was not as liquid as it had been previously’.

‘He also stressed the requirement for Tottenham’s squad to include more homegrown players. There were squad limits and we had reached the maximum for overseas players.

‘Levy said that Mauricio Pochettino wants to win all four competitions but the Premier League and Champions League are the main competitions you’re judged on.’


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