The anti-Neymar: Pogba won’t ‘fight’ Young for free-kicks

Date published: Friday 1st December 2017 10:02

Paul Pogba says that he and Ashley Young won’t “fight” over who takes free-kicks for Manchester United.

Young took and scored a quite wonderful free-kick in the 4-2 victory over Watford in midweek, although Pogba is usually trusted with dead-ball situations.

United face Arsenal on Saturday and Pogba has vowed that the teammates will not be arguing over who takes free-kicks or penalties.

“To be honest, I won the foul and he just came and took the ball straight away,” Pogba told the club’s official website. “He didn’t even speak because he was so confident.

“He took it and scored. But I would never fight it for a free-kick or a penalty, or whatever, because we all want the same result. We want to score and we want to win the game. So I was very happy.”

When asked who would be on set-piece duties against Arsenal, Pogba replied: “The one who is feeling it the most. Ash just scored the goal at Watford so if he feels it then fine, or I feel it then I will tell him. We will see what happens in the game.”

No footballer would ever argue over free-kicks or penalties, of course. Not even Neymar and Edinson Cavani.

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