Listing all the ways Ole f***ed up against Young Boys

Date published: Wednesday 15th September 2021 7:46 - Editor F365

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United lost to Young Boys of Berne at least in part because of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Send your views to


#OleOut if they fail to qualify from this group
– When elite football clubs go down to 10 men against ‘minnows’, they tend to control things and win, because the quality difference in footballers is so great. Ole’s Manchester United still do not look like an elite football team. They have elite players, but it doesn’t translate to elite football.

– AWB has been abhorrent in every match this season, looks entirely disinterested, lacks any semblance of focus and then does that, in their third, under no pressure. Is Ole too soft on certain players? Fergie would have absolutely slaughtered him, and he deserves it.

– It was glorious to see a goalkeeper wasting time and immediately get a yellow card. Given it happens to United every other week and refs typically wait til the 60th minute, I do wonder, but hey ho.

– If you contextualise Jesse Lingard’s job, and compare it to us normal people, he should be fired for that. If I go into a crucial meeting, and on the final slide of a presentation post an explicit image, slip attempting to hide it, knock coffee onto the client and burn out the laptop, I get fired. And that’s pretty much what Jesse did there. That is unforgivable from a seasoned pro.

– If Ole doesn’t qualify from this CL group he should lose his job. It’s that simple. Man management, recruitment, club ethos are all wonderful things, but if you can’t coach the squad to actually play the sport of football you’re not a manager and you certainly don’t deserve to be the manager of Manchester United. There are bad nights, these things happen etc etc but he now needs to sort it out.
Ryan, Bermuda


Ole failed the tactical test
Firstly, well done to the Young Boys, they threw everything at Utd and fully deserved their victory.

For Ole, this was the first tactical test and he failed it miserably. Even with 10 men and 1-0 up, Utd should have still been favourites to at least get a point but tactics, or lack of them, cost Utd any chance of a result.

The substitutions made were nonsensical with seemingly no plan on how to play rather than get bodies behind the ball even though some of the bodies left on the pitch are not known for their defensive prowess or even any ability to hold up the ball.

Before the game, Joe Cole talked about the quality Utd have off the bench. With every substitution Utd got worse, less organised and just invited more pressure. They should have just moved to a 4-4-1 with the addition of Dalot, kept Fred, Donny, Pogba and Sancho on as long as possible. Fernandes should have been the attacking player sacrificed for Dalot – we couldn’t afford 2 luxury players being down to 10 men but Ronaldo and Sancho would still be the threats that kept Young Boys from going full out attack with DVB and Pogba perfectly capable of feeding them while still each offering more in midfield defensively than Fernandes does. At 60 to 70 mins maybe then Ronaldo could have come off for Matic or Varane to shore things up if needed. Or even swap Ronaldo for Greenwood or Martial if utd actually had any ideals of getting something out of the game.

Instead, Ole ensured we offered nothing in attack and handed the game on a plate letting his opposite number know he could throw the kitchen sink at us with no danger of us trying to score ourselves.

Learn quick Ole or you won’t last the season.
Jon, Cape Town


…Right, Ole f#$ked that one! Once AWB was sent off, only one change needed to be made. Matic for Fred. Move Sancho to right back, Matic and Van De Beek in central midfield, Pogba to the left, Bruno to the right. Leave Ronaldo up front on his own, maybe replace him with Greenwood later on. Ok, they may not have won, but they wouldn’t have looked any more pathetic in losing.

Dalot? Lingard? Varane? Martial? All subs that were guaranteed to be ineffective. Not the situation or circumstance for any of them.

Can you believe that five managers and a global pandemic later, we’re still talking about Jesse Lingard being not quite good enough for United? Great for West Ham, great against Andorra, never looks right for United. It’s got to be a mental thing with him in a United shirt. He’s been in the United senior squad since 2011. To put that into perspective, he’s due a testimonial long before Ronaldo.

At least with the other game in the group drawn, 12 points should be enough. No guarantee of that though, eh?


…One step forward and approx 18 back thanks to Ole’s game management last night. Felt for Sancho but it was an understandable decision given both the circumstances and the way he has played so far. It’s Van De Beek I feel bad for. His first real start in a game of significance and I thought he did pretty well with some good interceptions and tidy possession, exactly the performance he needed to get his confidence going. The guy just can’t get a break can he? I think there has been equal culpability with Ole not trusting him and giving him enough opportunity and VdB not really grasping the chances he has been given.

What on earth were Ole, Carrick and McKenna thinking. And it is all three of them by the way, it’s not just Ole making these decisions. I watch the three of them standing there, deep in conversation and I cannot see any suggestion, any flicker of anything resembling a plan or a decisive action. I just see three blank expressions. I wonder if one of them said……”what did Tuchel do the other week when they went down to 10 against Liverpool……..lets do that!!”.

We are fourth favourites in the league and signing Ronaldo has not really changed that. Europe is a complete unknown. We are obviously not as well organised as City, Chelsea or the Scousers and we will give teams opportunities they will not get against those three.

I wrote in after the Southampton game to say the result wasn’t such a worry rather that the same mistakes from last season were made. After last night it seems we have some new mistakes to look forward to this season!!

All good fun.
Plato – MUFC


I’m sure he’s lovely but…
The job of a football manager isn’t to win every game, because football is a game of individuals who will do individually good or individually bad things out of the manager’s control.

The job of a football manager is to give his team of individuals a team framework that gives those individuals the best chance of doing those individually good things.

Solskjaer doesn’t do that job very well for United.

It’s not Solskjaer’s fault that Wan Bisaka has a terrible touch in the opposition half and in attempting to recover makes a red card challenge.

It is Solskjaer’s fault that Wan Bisaka was playing in the opposition half when it’s been clear for a season and a bit that in the opposition half he cannot do. anything. The chances that Wan Bisaka would do something good were far less than the chance Wan Bisaka would do something bad.

It is not Solskjaer’s fault that Jesse Lingard made a poor backpass resulting in a goal for the opposition.

It is Solskjaer’s fault that Jesse Lingard was in the position to make that backpass, having inexplicably removed Van De Beek, and then Fred. The chances that Jesse Lingard would do something good in that position were far less than the chances Jesse Lingard would do something bad in that position.

It is Solskjaer’s fault that Jadon Sancho and Van de Beek look as if they have been played out of position and had zero confidence built by faith shown in them, as Solskjaer has played them both out of position and shown zero faith in them. Because of Solskjaer’s choices, the chances that they would be good for United are far less than the chances they would be bad.

Sancho, the worlds best young right winger for the last two years has this season been played on the left twice, then asked to attempt to provide attacking play with Wan Bissaka as a dead weight attached to his ankles for 30 minutes, then – again inexplicably – when opportunity arose to finally play Sancho on the right with an overlapping pacy attacking full back, something that seems absolutely essential on the counter as United were down to ten men.. he was taken off. The chances that United would win that game were far less with Sancho off the field.

I’m genuinely astounded at how fast Sancho has been shattered by Solskjaer, by the way.

There are so many things wrong with how Solskjaer is managing United, both small and large. Midfield, player playing time management, player selection. but they all boil down to the simple fact that he makes decisions, over and over, that are not the ones that provide the best chance for United’s players to do good things.

As I’ve said in every mail since he was appointed United will win nothing with Solskjaer.
Tim Sutton (United will win nothing with Solskjaer)

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


…Well, that was ugly. People who asked exactly why this team couldn’t challenge for the title ( were given as clear an answer as we could ever expect.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

We’ve all seen the difference an elite manager can make. Thomas Tuchel made last season’s Chelsea win a Champions League they were never going to under Lampard. Klopp at Dortmund and even at Liverpool, massively punching above his weight. Jose at Porto. Ferguson himself with his last league winning team. Seriously, they were bobbins. Go back far enough and Brian Clough won the European Cup twice with Nottingham Forest.

Then there is the group brought in despite never having achieved anything like enough success to get a top flight job. Lampard had to be fired. Arteta will be gone by Xmas. And Ole is at United because he’s a nice guy who once won them the Treble. And that’s not enough.

The Glazers have invested massively in the team and it’s bloody good on paper, endless complaints about a missing midfield aside. But you can’t have a nice but inexperienced guy against Pep, Jurgen and Thomas.

Or against Young Boys as it turned out. An amazing result and yet they were well beaten. All the hype and excitement of the weekend flushed down the toilet with a good dose of reality as a chaser.

No complaints about the sending off, but many about the substitutions. Defensive minded isn’t completely ridiculous away from home in Europe. But for United against Young Boys, even at the Wankdorf ( good grief ) – you go for the win. Zero xG after 35 minutes means the manager has got the setup badly wrong. Especially with the cost of his team and the cost of theirs.

Ole has been given far more time and money than anyone else with his experience would ever be given. With absolutely nothing to show for it.

Chelsea get ripped apart for their management model but they win an an awful lot. And there is a thing as too much stability if what you’re making stable is mediocrity.

And that’s Ole. Nice guy, happily uncontroversial but just not good enough. He never will be either.
James, Liverpool


…That game was always going to be tighter than many expected, red card or not. Young Boys have been banging them in in the qualifiers and it’s not like the Swiss league has no European pedigree either. That said, two shots the whole game even with a man down is a f**king disgrace.

Ole talked his usual big game about how they would “make sure” the Baseksehir defeat wouldn’t happen again and then brings on old man Matic for Bruno when they’re level with 20 minutes left while at the same time swapping another mid for a central defender so he can play five at the back. He’s been in charge for three years now and still has no idea how to plan an attack.

I had a mail in yesterday saying United will probably finish 4th but after this result, I really don’t feel as assured. Spurs and Arsenal are terrible (sorry, they really are though) but this Everton team are showing some grit. In two of their four PL games so far they’ve come from behind to win. They’re obviously not going to win the league but the comebacks were what set Leicester’s early run during their title winning season apart from other pace setters such as Ipswich or Hull. Even in their one league cup game, they were pegged back and went on to win. Their most recent comeback was done without their main goalscorer as well.

I’ll be keeping an eye on those lads as a United fan because my club look real vulnerable. To those who say give OGS time, please, there is nothing to base that on. Ferguson deserved time because he won the Scottish league with NotCelticNorRangers FC and beat Madrid in a European final with them as well, taking Bayern out on the way there. People keep bringing up Klopp in this discussion. He won the Bundesliga and got to a European Cup final with his previous club. They had CVs. So does Rafa Benitez and if United aren’t careful, he’ll be a Champions League manager next year.

11 Champions League games. 3 years in charge of Manchester United. 7 defeats. Ole’s just not cut out for the top.
Eamonn, Dublin


…I don’t think that moniker is going anywhere, because of all the reasons F365 pointed out but also if they do win, the honors will go to Ronaldo and Bruno, and maybe Sancho if he actually starts playing football. The narrative will change to he is a PE teacher because the team won despite him as coach but because of the quality of the squad.

The thing I see with Ole is he plays very simple basic football, and most of the time the quality he has is better than most and this quality wins the game. But on occasion, he has a clanger, like today, or Bruno , Pogba, Rashford have an off day, Man proceed to totally stink up the joint. That’s the thing, there will be another on in the near future even with Ronaldo in the team. He just lacks a system that will deliver consistent wins, there will always be a draw here, a loss there, and that’s why he is still a PE teacher.
Dave(It’s funny how he’s always running to Carrick for advice. Always), Somewhere


One dissenting voice
Why must we always have an inquisition of Ole after United lose a football match? It’s exhausting.

I get it, you guys don’t rate him but the reality is he has the club in a much much better place (no more Darmian, Sanchez, Rojo types) than when he found it. Last years second place and Europa League final appearance (which Sarah Winterburn frames as negatives) mean he deserves this season to see if he can step up with his team to challenging for titles. Last night was a game lost due to an early red. It really is that simple. The desire to criticise him for this game is just a journalist looking to be shown to be correct in her assertions. Perhaps she will be in time but last night taught us nothing, please don’t pretend it did.
Rob, Guangzhou


Loving this
United lose 2-1 to the all time CL banter team of Young Boys with the *Greatest Of All Time* (who at one point today was in 4 of 6 pictures on F365 front page) doing sweet f**k all….

Grind that shit up and put it directly in my veins.
TGWolf(im a junkie for shadenfreude)THFC


…Oh Schadenfreude365 mailboxes are the absolute best.

Please kindly combine some salty Man Utd tears with some clueless takes on how unlucky they were with some rival fans absolutely laughing their balls off.

Man Utd have lost 7 of 11 games in the CL which tells you everything you need to know about the level that OGS is at compared to the actual best coaches in Europe. And David Wagner.
Minty, LFC

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