Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City: The first mailbox

Date published: Monday 11th November 2019 9:00

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Big talk
I wrote in the other week saying that there is a top two and that the bottom 18 just have to take their medicine.

I’m back to tell you that there is a top 1 and the bottom 19 have to take their medicine.
Dan, NYC


Why Liverpool won
I know it’ll be tough to be published, but here’s my gut reaction to the match:

Man City are a bloody good team, incredibly well coached, but let down by Pep’s arrogance and unwillingness to get defenders who defend. The only defenders who defend are Kompany (gone) and Otamendi. And Otamendi’s crap (Also, dirty as hell. Can’t stand him).

But purely for football (and I know not everyone is willing to ignore the rest) Man City are truly a phenomenal footballing team. They do need more leaders though, if nothing else Otamendi was is a leader.

How many players looked to play urgently, besides De Bruyne, after minute 80? Sterling is a brilliant player and I’m thrilled for him at how well he’s developed, I’m even more thrilled that nothing worked out for him today! Aguero is also an absolute menace, again nothing worked out for him, but he’s always moving, always working to create some space for a shot. Brilliant player.

Liverpool got the rub of the green, but I don’t think one could say there an actual blatant mistake in any of the calls. After the frustration that was last years loss at the Etihad, I’m not going to feel too sorry for City!

Fabinho gives me many heart attacks when playing top sides, as he often gets caught making tackles from behind the play, but he was excellent today, again. Beautiful hit for the goal. Wijnaldum was excellent, as he so often is against strong teams. Wonderful cross from Henderson for the goal, and fingers crossed that Salah can get some recovery for his ankle, as he looked super sharp for the first half. Firmino and Mane looked endlessly dangerous, yet so often things didn’t completely click. But they came damn close. Firmino and his bloody toe-pokes…

Anyway, thrilled with the result, tough luck City fans though. I know we all detest the “sports-washing” but I also find it unfair to taint the fans with the crimes of the owners. Would we stop supporting LFC if we had similar owners?!
Henry, YNWA, Köln


…Watching Liverpool and City tonight reminded me of peak United toying with teams under Ferguson. You might think you had a chance but really you were there to defend and make them look good. I understand City were shorn of their best defensive assets and made plenty of chances but Liverpool just didn’t seem bothered; they played like champion elect. Simply put, they were clinical.
Alan, Córdoba


…Just for the record, here is a list of everything it takes to properly beat this ridiculous Manchester City side:

– Racing into an early lead
– Doubling that lead while you still have the chance
– Possessing the most dangerous front 3 in the league
– Possessing two of the best fullbacks in the league
– A colossal performance from your central midfield
– Sergio Aguero to leave his shooting boots at home (on this apparently every visit to the stadium)
– A raft of injuries to the City team
– The ref to award you a couple of game-changing borderline decisions
– A useless VAR system that would never overturn said borderline decisions
– And to play bloody well even after all that

– Raheem Sterling to have previously played for you and subsequently get no luck against you whatsoever
– Pep Guardiola to tactically ignore your biggest threats

So yeah, things went our way. But we still had to be bloody brilliant to beat them. Another brilliant win!
Ryan C, LFC


…Let’s be perfectly clear to kick things off – the Trent handball is completely irrelevant. If VAR check it then it’s a handball in favour of Liverpool which is the most significant thing that happens in the box in that moment. Silva gains a massive advantage by handling it and sending the ball back into the box rather than away from the play after he got tackled. Pep crying about it is either a clever deflection tactic or just plain pathetic. His dreadful inability to accept he lost transfers through to his team with lots of petulance from Sterling and a couple of impressive dives from Bernado Silva. If I were Pep I would be furious that Aguero entirely stops playing. He’s so busy appealing he completely ignores the fact the ball is at his feet.

On a side note, it’s such a shame that Geoff Shreeves is such a poor journalist and has a total inability to actually get Pep talking about something interesting. It’s almost as though he doesn’t watch the game at all so had a total inability to challenge anything or generate an interesting post match interview. Can you imagine if Mark Chapman did the post match? He is incredible but it’s not hard to offer up more than, “Were you upset your team didn’t get a decision?” or “Why do you think you lost?”.

Moving forwards, Fabinho lashes one in but Angelino decides to palm off the responsibility of defending to everyone else and instead runs to get back into his left back position. It was thinking from the Moreno school of defending. Man City will get more trouble from a lot of teams if he’s going to be starting at left back more often – he was pretty poor throughout the game.

It’s going to be hilarious when people look back on Henderson’s career as captain of Liverpool and England, European Cup Winner and who knows what else and some people will stay try to argue that he wasn’t very good or the weak link. He is utterly immense and the only reason he’s not the first midfielder on our team sheet every week is because Fabinho just happens to be the best no. 6 in the league so far this season.

Fabinho, on that note, is just obscene. In the second half he was winning the ball off Man City so far up the field you actually wondered what on earth he was doing there. It almost seemed irresponsible that he was so far forward but then you remember we’re 3-0 up and he’s a bit omnipresent anyway so fair fu*ks to the lad if he wants to defend on the edge of the opposition box instead of the half way line like a normal human.

Trent on the ball is just dynamite. Sterling had him on toast for a far while but most full backs in the league wouldn’t cope 1 on 1 against Sterling because he’s so tricky plus he’s strong and can go either way. Whatever you think you lost defensively you gain ten fold going forwards with him. That said he lost two headers to Sterling today which didn’t seem right because for all Sterling’s qualities, he’s literally a midget.
Minty, LFC


…A few ideas that I hope have not yet been mentioned although probably have.

1) Firstly, an amazing, high quality game that is a great showcase for the English quality of football

2) It was probably a penalty in my view and Liverpool got lucky

3) But Liverpool have had lots of bad luck just nobody talks about it as they recover and get over it. I don’t think they have been considerably more lucky than unlucky this season.

4) However I do believe they got lucky with the timing of their luck (if you get what I mean). It came in such a big game and also literally gone from 1-0 to one team to 1-0 to the other.
David (1990-91 had the same points total!!) Morris


…What a game of football. I thought it was going to be a nervous stodgy affair. For all of the good play by City, when Liverpool’s attack clicks like that they’re hard to beat.

Liverpool deserved the victory. The penalty shout at the start can be talked up all you want but the way Liverpool were carving City out at the back, it looked almost like they could’ve scored at will as soon as they got on the ball.

I’m a Liverpool fan so people can say I’m biased and it’ll obviously stick, but am I missing something with the penalty shout? I don’t see why it’s universally seen as being a dead cert penalty. It hit a City hand first, so had the ball gone through to Sterling and he’d scored, does that not mean VAR would’ve had to rule it out anyway? I thought the rules on that are pretty clear now.

Anyways, City can complain all they like but if it distracts them away from the bigger issue that their defence looked like water, then that would be a mistake.

I wish all big games could be as brilliant as that.


Simply the best
Best Goalkeeper in the world. Best Right Back in the world. Best Left Back in the world. Best Centre Back in the world. Best Holding Midfielder in the world. Best Wijnaldum in the world. Best Front Three in the world. Best Manager in the world. Best Stadium in the world. Best fans in the world. Best owners in the world.

Liverpool FC: they may never walk alone, but they stand alone. Allez allez allez!


No one in the EPL knows how to use VAR.
Nelson, Lagos, Nigeria


…Exactly as I expected, only sooner. Luckily only wasted 5 minutes wondering when the nonsense would start. Again, we have to ask – is this what they think football is?
Craig Morrison, Athens


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