Liverpool ‘could’ meet key Arne Slot ‘demand’ as Feyenoord compensation fee ‘discovered’

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Slot Liverpool
Arne Slot is being linked with Liverpool.

Very grumpy little Mediawatch for you today. Always a struggle the morning after a big game with a big result that generates an understandably big reaction. Thank heavens then for Antony and Arne Slot, we find ourselves saying to our enormous surprise.


Title deeds
Ominous headline from the Liverpool Echo here.

‘Arsenal have a clear advantage’ – Liverpool and Man City warned as title race takes fresh twist

The implication is simple; that Arsenal have a clear advantage in the freshly-twisted title race after they spanked Chelsea last night, and that Liverpool and City have been warned.

And that spanking is the clue as to what’s actually happening here. That quote is missing some really pretty important context.

The full quote from the Independent’s Jamie Braidwood is this:

And look at that goal difference. Should City fall, Arsenal have a clear advantage over Liverpool if they remain level on points.

Which is absolutely correct, but by necessity caveated by both a ‘should’ and an ‘if’. It could absolutely prove vital but does not right now and is in no way used to claim that Arsenal have a clear advantage in the actual title race itself at this time.

In truth, we might not even include this were it just a bit of standard headline mischief-making, but it isn’t. The Echo double down in the intro.

The national media have backed Arsenal as the favourites to win the Premier League following their triumphant 5-0 win over Chelsea.

No, they absolutely have not. We can see plenty of examples of journalists saying Arsenal have roared back into it, that last week’s coronation of Man City might have been premature, and that this was a performance that pours scorn on the idea that Arsenal will choke. All of which is fair enough.

Annoyingly really for Mediawatch, we’re struggling really to take issue with pretty much any of the ‘national media’ coverage because the overriding ‘Arsenal were tremendous and are right in this title race while a Cole Palmer-less Chelsea are entirely rotten’ vibe all seems entirely fair and correct.

We can’t find one single journalist saying Arsenal are now favourites – and believe us we’d be delighted if we had, because we’d be putting that dafty straight in here and pointing them towards the latest odds – much less an apparent ‘national media’ consensus on the issue.

16 Conclusions on Arsenal 5-0 Chelsea: Odegaard, White; Caicedo and Mudryk humbled; Cole Palmer FC


Philosophical quandary of the day
If you ‘break your silence’ in a ‘now-deleted rant’, have you therefore in fact repaired or restored your silence?

This is the kind of blind alley down which a slow day has led Mediawatch. With the news dominated by Arsenal thrashing Chelsea, confected nonsense has been hard to come by.

But luckily for us, there’s still Antony. There always is.

Antony breaks silence on his ‘horrible’ Coventry celebration in post claiming he was DEFENDING Man Utd fans

That’s The Sun there, whose coverage of this particular story rattled our cage so very much yesterday.

Today we’re told ‘the Brazilian didn’t mince his words in his now-deleted rant’.

And you’ve probably already guessed how many times the word ‘horrible’ is used in said rant or by literally anyone else in The Sun’s story today despite those quote marks in the headline.

We’re really quite annoyed about this. But also grateful, in a way, because it’s low tide in Mediawatch Bay today.


Slot machine
We’re taking what we can get frankly, and that means a harsh spotlight on some rumblings about Arne Slot as he becomes the third odds-on favourite so far for the Liverpool job. The Mirror have the latest.

Liverpool discover huge compensation fee for Arne Slot as Jurgen Klopp plan progresses

This sounds like it might be genuinely useful information. Sensible of Liverpool to discover it. But we lose our way as early as the intro.

Liverpool will reportedly have to fork out €10million (£8.59m) if they decide to appoint Arne Slot as Jurgen Klopp’s replacement.

‘Reportedly’ doesn’t sound like something Liverpool have discovered from Feyenoord. It sounds like something someone has reported.

And lo, many paragraphs of background and exposition later.

According to the Daily Mail, it would cost Liverpool £8.59m in compensation to appoint the Dutchman

So Liverpool have discovered this information not by asking Feyenoord but by reading the Daily Mail. Sounds legit.


Four sight
Mediawatch is a grumpy nit-picky little bitch today with precious little to go at, so we’ll sign off with a suitable bit of snarky unpleasantness that should really be beneath us.

But we did chuckle at the following excessively cautious line in a Mirror piece about Arne Slot only wanting to leave Feyenoord for another Champions League club.

As it stands, Liverpool could match Slot’s demands for a spot in the Champions League next season. The Reds currently sit second in the Premier League and 14 points clear of fifth-placed Tottenham.

We think they’ll be fine.