Liverpool fans too blinkered to call out Tory-esque Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp criticised by Simon Jordan

Jurgen Klopp is just a smiling version of Jose Mourinho…

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Liverpool fans blinkered over Klopp
I wonder when the last time Liverpool failed to win and Klopp didn’t blame the ref, the weather, the moon or anything else. Most of the time it’s just a classless sore loser, moaning, but he had a point this week. But here we go again, instead of putting it down to incompetence or human error, Clop has to go one further, suggesting it’s a personal; vendetta.

This is irresponsible to the point of reckless ness, it amplifies the online abuse, it ramps up the safety issues for referees in the ground and it makes the conversation that much more toxic (see today’s mailbox). There’s something very Tory government-esque about his willingness to create a scapegoat, to make things so toxic just to avoid difficult questions about his own conduct and that of his players. Mourinho was right castigated for this approach, but Klopp seems to immune from this criticism, presumably due to the very pro- Liverpool media presence in the form of ex players.

It’s time this behaviour from the league’s highest profile manager was called out for what it is and for all his smiles, his soundbites and tipping the hat to his community ideals, Mr Klopp is as unpleasant as Mourinho if not worse, he just smiles more when they win. Liverpool fans are just too blinkered to have the guts to call it out.
John Collins, Shropshire


Awaiting Klopp’s touchline ban
Whilst Liverpool fans are no doubt populating the inbox with anger at the injustice (we’ll ignore Matip’s foul on Winks in/edge of the box because Jamie Carragher somehow forgot to mention it too), can I raise a seperate point?

Pochettino (I still love you) got a 2 game touchline ban for questioning the referees integrity, Mike Dean, vs Burnley, and a fine.

So, I assume the FA will do the same with Klopp yeh? I won’t hold my breath mind.

(Not so) Grumpy Dip

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A few things for RossH

  • ‘It was probably a red card BUT [insert spurious excuse making which undermines initial assertion]’.  Thing is Ross, it doen’t matter if he didn’t intend to hurt Roberston.  What does matter is that he was reckless, out of control and used excessive force.  The fact that Chris Kavanagh on VAR didn’t feel it necessary to advise the ref to consult the monitor is criminal.
  • ‘Both Jota and Dele went down in the box after being leaned on the back.’ This is so one-eyed as to be laughable. Jota was rammed into as he was gearing up to shoot in one of the most blatant penalty decisions you’ll see whereas Alli lost control of the ball and just collapsed his legs, searching for a decision.  The fact that only Jota’s was discussed is because it was such a bad decision in real time let alone with the benefit of replays that Kavanagh on VAR had but who, again, failed to alert the referee that he should consult the monitor.   
  • ‘Salah caught the ball almost’- FFS.  ‘Almost’ as one-eyed as your view of the penalty incidents.  He literally headed it onto his arm which was rasied for balance and gained no advantage from doing so.  Accidental handball that leads to a team-mate scoring a goal or having a goal-scoring opportunity will no longer be considered an offence, the game’s lawmaking body the International Football Association Board has announced.  This was back in March Ross, do keep up.
  • Klopp being classless over ‘a single decision goes against him’.  Kane horror tackle, Jota penalty, Robertson red being given in light of Kane’s not, Naby getting a forearm to the head and booked for complaint to ref when Spurs players were in the ref’s face all match with no recourse, Tsimikas booked for timewasting (he wasn’t) and then not adding any more time on.  Seems like more than a ‘single decision’ to me.
  • Whinging about pundits discussing 2 absolutely pivotal decisions because you think they’re looking for reasons why their ‘arrogant predictions didn’t play out as expected’… does the same apply to Shearer and Jenas on MOTD?  Because they were absolutely scathing of the officals in those decisions and if these 2 are siding with Liverpool you know something’s up.

 Like you I’d much rather be disucssing the qualities of a thouroughly captivating football match but the scale of those 2 decisions, particulalry when viewed with the understanding that Kavanagh had multiple replays of each incident and only felt it necessary to advise Tierney to consult the monitor in the case of sending a Liverpool player off, means that the attention is turned to VAR incompetence once again.  I’m sure I’m not alone in believing that VAR should be operated by a completely independent body to PGMOL.  It’s absolutely farcical that they’re marking each other’s homework with no accountability.
 James Outram, Wirral


Violins out for Klopp and Liverpool
Poor old Klopp and the equally raging LFC fans are absolutely justified in their criticism of Paul Tierney and whichever brain dead nodding dog was on VAR duty.  A truly dreadful refereeing performance which only escapes the description of “shocking”  because it’s now  kind of a norm –  just one of a number of dreadful officiating performances that have preceded it, and not just this season.

That said, it would be easier to sympathise with Klopp and Co. if they were as consistent with their criticism of officials as they wish the officials to be with them.  Where was the outcry from Liverpool after Mike Dean’s abysmal decision not to blow for a head injury in the Newcastle game, and Liverpool subsequently scored?  And what about  the Villa game where Becker, if you are being generous,  gets barely a fingertip on the ball and then wipes out Ings’ legs, but no penalty?   If either of those had happened at the other end (although fat chance of that at Anfield eh?) Klopp and his fellow reds would be incandescent.

If Liverpool are enraged, perhaps they should reflect on what it’s like be Wolves, Brighton, Newcastle, my team Villa and pretty much anyone else outside the so-called big 6.  They  far more frequently suffer at the hands of refs and VAR officials who, it seems clear, are making it up as they go along and allow their decisions to be influenced by who is involved.

Whilst the officials are crap and do need to be held accountable, Klopp’s rage smacks of biting the hand that more often than not feeds him.
Kevin (still raging at the Ings decision)


I appreciate all the fury from Liverpool fans about the Spurs game.  But spare a thought for Newcastle (I know that seems impossible at the moment) in our last three games we have been shafted by terrible decisions.  First the Maddison dive at Leicester, followed by the Mike Dean masterclass at Liverpool (whether you think the player was faking it or not it was a possible head injury and the game should have been stopped) however, yesterday’s debacle tops the lot.  Fraser was clearly and deliberately brought down in the box whilst he was closing in on the full back.  Nothing from the referee and not even a whimper from VAR.  Now I don’t think any of the three examples would have changed the outcome of the matches, although we will never know.

I think referees need to be held more to account and come out and during an interview explain their decisions, just like managers and players.  I know the apparent cool thing to do these days is hate Newcastle and it seems the referees are joining in!
Steve, Newcastle (we can make enough mistakes on our own!)


Loved the match yesterday, loved the Klopp implosion and the whining from the fans. Almost a perfect afternoon of football.

Kane should have gone, no question, trying to play the ball or not he was not in control, it was dangerous and was definitely worthy of a straight red. I think it was the timing that saved him, so early in the game it’s unusual for a red to be issued, but he was without doubt lucky to be there and thankfully Robertson had enough awareness to move a little out the way. Robertson deserved his red as well, no question.

I think Jota should have been a pen, but if the ref saw that he was trying to play for the foul then I’m more than happy for that to be general rule, it infuriates when players exaggerate, I’m not convinced he did In this situation though.

It wasn’t all one way though, Ali was pushed in the back with only the keeper to beat, and Winks was 100% fouled inside the box as well, that was pretty crucial as it could have had a 2 goal swing at that exact time. Salah did also handball in the direct build-up to their goal and I’m not sure how they can see that it was a different phase of play really.

We played really well with a midfield with only a handful of starts between them all season.

Klopp is very good and focusing the media though, but he comments were very and understandably one sided.

All in all was a great game, both teams were physical and the intensity was very good. Both probably disappointed with a point but happy as both could have ended with nothing. Some great saves as well.
Steve (THFC)


Enjoyment > Bias
Great game yesterday and would have taken a point for Spurs before the game.  In recent times, games against Liverpool have been a sad barometer of how far Spurs have fallen – not just in terms of results (which are utterly dire) but also in terms of performance.

First up, as a Spurs fan, without doubt Kane should have been sent off.  He is totally out of control and the final outcome (i.e. no-one lost a leg this time) should be irrelevant.  Red cards should be as much of a deterrent as a punishment.  The (non)penalties – Jota clearly should have had one.  Dele’s would have been harsh – not necessarily wrong but harsh.  Salah handball – the handball law never should have been changed so whatever the rules are, I really don’t mind this being allowed as it clearly was accidental.  Robertson red – yep probably but it’s less dangerous than Kane.

So all-in-all, even from my bias as a Spurs fan, there can be little doubt that Tottenham got the lucky decisions today.

I don’t usually respond to mailbox entries as what’s the point.  But there were two that I couldn’t let slide this time due to nonsensical club bias.  And I’m all for equal opportunities to offend so I’m taking issue with one Liverpool mail and one Spurs mail.

Minty, LFC – whereas most of the other Liverpool fans in the mailbox were rightfully questioning the ref and VAR, Minty is clearly feeling emotional still and attacking Tottenham with little good reason.  Tottenham didn’t cheat – they just got lucky which is different.  Yes Liverpool were down by more important players.  But worth noting too that Tottenham’s first choice centre back and first choice midfielder were also out.  Spurs also were no more aggressive than Liverpool so take off your red-tinted glasses.  And as for the difference between the clubs being so stark, perhaps you haven’t been watching the last half dozen matches between the teams?  This was the first time Tottenham have gone toe-to-toe with Liverpool since Poch.  If anything, this game shows that the gap may have closed.

RossH – I’m afraid you were right to worry about being accused of paranoia because that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Liverpool are a much better team than Spurs at the moment.  Nevertheless, most sensible pundits thought it would be a tough game with Liverpool most likely to win.  Hardly an unfair prediction.  99% of the coverage was about Kane’s tackle because it was the wrong decision that would have had drastic consequences for the match.  There is no conspiracy there.  Jota had a much better case for a penalty than Dele.  Salah’s handball is not a handball according to the new law – it’s not to do with phases of play but the fact it was an accidental handball and it was a teammate that scored rather than him.  Finally, the Kane non-decision DID change everything.  Spurs didn’t hold on with 11, the chances of holding on with 10 would have been tiny.

So as with Minty, take off your white-tinted glasses.  There is no conspiracy.  Tottenham got lucky and pundits were right to raise those issues.  They also said Spurs played well and created a lot of chances.

I know bias in football is wonderful for debate.  But it doesn’t half irk and you might just enjoy yourself more if you don’t always feel so hard done by.
Cheers, Jon L, Kew


That’s why Liverpool fans don’t like Kane…
A while back, some Spurs fans asked why Liverpool supporters tended not to like Harry Kane. Yesterday you got your answer.

No, not because of the goal, nor the misses, not even the tackle itself or the lack of red card (ultimately his punishment wasn’t in his hands).

In his interview afterwards he said that he didn’t think it was even a yellow and that he won the ball, it was clear he had absolutely no remorse or concern. He said “everything looks worse when you slow it down”. Yes Harry. It did look worse because we saw the full extent of your reckless, full tilt, out of control studs up, nowhere near the ball, late challenge that connected with another player’s shin.

There’s your reason.
Rob, Worthing.


Arteta’s head
I have thought it’s best to ignore Stewie and he’ll go away but no, he’s back and just this once I’ll bite.

The hardest match Liverpool have played this season was West Ham not Spurs – that’s why West Ham won. Did Spurs really outperform Liverpool when the Reds took a point even though they were down to 10 men?

Spurs should have won that? Kane should have been sent off – didn’t happen though.

And while I can’t predict the future, calling for Arteta’s head when we’re in the top four at Christmas, Martinelli is flying and less than six months away from the end of Mikel’s contract anyway, is a particularly stupid take even for you Stewie.

Merry Christmas to everyone at F365 and even you, Stewie ‘Scrooge McDuck’ Griffin.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


The ‘beautifully ugly’ game
John Nic hit the nail right there on its head, with his piece on treatment of referees in 2017.

Everything I have been bleating on about for years…

This is my biggest gripe about the ‘beautifully ugly’ game.

People seem to forget (or never realised)  – referees ‘give what they see’.  Nothing more nothing less.  That’s what we ask of them.

The day a referee ‘gives something’ he didn’t see, or doesn’t ‘give something’ he did see, because someone screaming obscenities in his face tells him to, is the day we can all pack up and go home.

And how any manager stood in front of a camera has the audacity to criticise a referee for making so-called ‘mistakes’, when all eleven of his players have just spent 90 minutes trying to trick the poor guy into making as many as possible is.. well.. I have no words.  Luckily John Nic does.

They even try to claim every single throw-in as theirs.  They do this one on autopilot.. both opposing players with an arm aloft as the ball crosses the line

It is not the most thankless job in football.  It is possibly the most thankless job in the world.

Of course nothing will ever change, because nothing ever does. Because money.

Players cheat.  Referees try to catch them.  Managers moan when they fail.

Stop fucking cheating and maybe then we can analyse officiating.

And Klopp… please, please always with the bitching and moaning.  Give it a rest.
Sean, UK


Turning on Bielsa
Thanks for your concerns this morning Johnno. Couple of wins against weakened opposition and you show yourself up.

We’ll stick to supporting Bielsa thanks. It’s not our way to turn on our most successful manager in recent history.
Dale Leeds 


Replaying covid games
The Premier League is due to meet with clubs to discuss a possible suspension of the league and with the rise in cases it is certainly possible to see why this has risen in priority.

However, it does open up some interesting questions.  For example, looking back at the first match of the season Arsenal lost to Brentford in a pretty abject performance.  However, it was also notable because Arsenal were missing multiple first team players due to COVID infections.  The club was unable to train in several of the sessions prior to the match due to the number of staff impacted.  It is also clear that Arsenal/Arteta raised this issue with the Premier League and requested a postponement.  Arsenal’s second match of the season vs. Chelsea was similar…a back four which including Cedric, Holding and Mari.  No Lacazette or Aubameyang either.

Clearly other teams have now also been impacted, but it isn’t obvious that Chelsea or Liverpool suffered to any greater extent.  To suspend now would be to punish those teams who have played matches with players missing due to Covid19.  Perhaps the Premier League should instruct any matches where a defined number of players can be proven to be missing due to Covid should be replayed?


AFCON respect
The Arican Cup of Nations football tournament is due to start in a few weeks. Traditionally, European clubs have always complained about the timing of the competition as they have to do without African players. This year has seen an even stronger opposition to the timing of the competition. A large number of Europe based clubs are asking for the competition to be postponed and FIFA has given it a backing. The question is why are Europeans trying to impose their will on CAF? Any decision on AFCON is the prerogative of CAF and that should be respected by the people and clubs in Europe. Can anyone imagine the potential mayhem if African football clubs or CAF had called for the postponement of Euro 2020 and related competitions? Or if CAF interferes with decisions on Euro competitions?  European clubs should leave CAF to make decisions affecting African football competitions. It is the right and most appropriate thing to do with inherent implications for the respect and authority of CAF.
Professor (Dr) David Achanfuo Yeboah