Liverpool fan ‘burns with anger’ at Klopp ‘shame’ as the Mailbox responds to worst day of VAR

Date published: Sunday 4th September 2022 7:31 - Editor F365

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson is consoled by Jurgen Klopp

One Liverpool fan needs a dark room and lie down, while pretty much everyone else is thoroughly f***ed off with VAR.

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A Liverpool fan ‘burning with anger’
Ever since we lost the European Cup final I have lost all trust in our club’s ability to manifest magnificent victories; at least with this coach at the helm. I can write now but couldn’t for a long time because the pain after that unexpected loss cut so deep I nearly broke my right hand after hitting the floor clenched fist some minutes after the final whistle. I soon started to pray for around a half hour for crying out loud! I feel that Liverpool FC let its fans down, Klopp has failed us as a collective & they should be ashamed for their performances in the biggest stage. I was thinking about those fans who sold their belongings, paid exceptionally high wages for a ticket, jumped over security fence to witness that display of helplessness & predictability I get so worked up I can’t….

If you think I’m being overly dramatic let me remind everyone that media ran with this absurd trope about  Liverpool being “mentality monsters” who simply knew how to win & eke out a hard-fought victory by sheer grit and determination. Yet nothing could be further from truth by a mere objective observation.

Think, in the past season we played 3 finals without scoring a single goal (insert emoji). Winning 2 of those by penalty shootouts against Chelsea papered over the cracks that we simply can’t rise to the occasion. Guess what, we went twice to extra time which somehow accounts for a combined behemoth total of 330 minutes of open play without being able to break the deadlock. And you tell me this team is supposed to be an all-conquering footballing powerhouse????? Our team can’t manifest victory. Our manager can’t deliver a rallying cry to galvanize the troops. We have players who expect the collective system to manifest what they’re too afraid to do individually and our stars are either over-hyped, become too self-conscious of the gravitas of the moment & are rendered paralyzed; just not cut out for the biggest stage.

This is a reason for shame. The performance we put in Paris put our shirt to shame just like the performance at Old Trafford two weeks ago against a bottom Man Utd side. In Paris we were sort of ‘meh’ all over, first half 70% useless possession with this wannabe ballon d’or clown Thiago Alcántara believing his every touch is a stroke of Michelangelo finishing the Sistine Chapel. Why did we not attempt shots from outside the box with powerful shot takers such as Hendo or set up TAA to curl a strike from mid-range?? Why does it seem the only way for us to score is via a penalty kick or maybe if someone finally shoots after drawing 3 stupid tiki-taka triangles inside the box?? We soon became overwhelmingly predictable, had only 3 clear scoring chances yet media wants you to believe we had 23. Guess what? Madrid had two chances, scored twice and was wrongly disallowed in the first. That’s how you win finals.

Meanwhile Liverpool relying on one-trick pony Luis Diaz to do his signature move alla Ryan Giggs running down the line, except when it’s not working, he can’t do anything else. Or hoping Salah may be the difference maker except he can’t manifest anything in a tight game but will score a hat-trick in a 5-0 rout. I burned with anger at Klopp for not giving Diogo Jota a start when he clearly has that ability to manifest which is so outside the grasp of this team. And the one player we had who could manifest destiny, Sadio Mané, we lost to Bayern Munich. When his effort was deflected off the post by Courtouis, I knew that was the one that ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ won us the cup. But wasn’t.

It’s the same ol’ same ol’ with Klopp. He’s a serial finals loser and it’s not even debatable. He can’t break free from his destiny. See a common pattern even when we won in the past; we only beat Tottenham because of a penalty kick in the first minute in which Hugo Lloris inexplicably removed his hands the moment he was about to save Salah’s penalty. Otherwise, 0-0, extra-time, PK’s and here we go again. (And then Origi did Origi things and scored a goal no-one was expecting because, famously, we can’t score in finals!)

Remember in the Club WC final against Flamengo we went another 90 minutes without scoring, with Bobby Firmino finally delivering in a nervous finale in extra time. Just add up the numbers in combined finals minutes and the return in goals and you see we have no leg to stand on.

Did you know after we lost the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final the first time against Real Madrid it was Klopp’s sixth defeat in seven major finals Dortmund and Liverpool combined?? Sure, the Karius disaster gave many a reason to overlook his finals hoodoo, because there’s always a convenient rationalization going on to avoid accepting and addressing the glaringly obvious.

I am terrified that we may just make another European Cup final. I sincerely and wholeheartedly want for us to lose earlier in the competition under this manager to avoid the pain of another loss in the biggest competition in the world. Liverpool’s historically near pristine European finals record and Cup pedigree is being damaged under Klopp. You can win the Leage Cup and the FA Cup and be happy for a week, but you lose the Champions League Final and you can’t get over it until the next season starts. It stays with you. Yet something tells me, Liverpool being Liverpool under Klopp we may just get to another final, this time against Bayern Munich, and lose 1-0 with a Mané strike. Of course.
Raúl Horacio García (Rant over) LFC-YNWA 1892


‘Pedestrian’ Liverpool
Yikes, Liverpool look flat. I am sure that there could be a myriad of reasons for this but I am convinced that the value that Mane brought to the team was badly underestimated. No dynamism. Almost pedestrian. Hope I am wrong or else its going to be a long disappointing season.
Heavy D

Liverpool midfield explanation
I have no dog in the fight and no insider knowledge but it feels very much to me that Liverpools failure to sign a permanent midfielder this summer should be taken in context of Bellingham arriving next summer. The deal has been rumoured for years and you can see reasons why it might not have happened this year (e.g. Haaland leaving Dortmund, Bellingham wanting to be settled and playing regularly in a world cup year). If, as rumoured, Liverpool have a £100 million outlay planned next year then they wouldn’t want to sign a midfielder this year. This explains why, when injuries left them short, they then threw £4 million at a loan (with no obligation to buy)??
Stewart, Pompey (Championship here we come)

16 Concs narrative
Couple of things to pick up on with the continuously narrative driven 16 Conclusions.

Moaning that ‘His shoulder was ahead of the last defender’ is such a disingenuous comment. Which defender Ian? Gomez who was marking Coady or Milner who threw his foot out to try to block the cross from Muapay? Because that’s where your controversy was generated rather than the closest defender Gomez who was a foot behind Coady when the ball was played, amd there’s a massive difference there. You complain that ‘his shoulder was ahead’ but you fail to mention that it was ahead of the toenail of a diving challenge to block a cross. And you call the ones who disallowed it the fun police.

And also, what’s with your snide comment about time being added on to injury time? Unless you actually advocate for teams to be able to blatantly waste time by feigning cramps and head injuries (I.e. cheat) in injury time with no further time being added on like some kind of free for all.
James Outram, Wirral


England’s No.1
The game isn’t over yet but next time one of your esteemed readers thinks it’s a good idea to send in another “Ramsdale or Pope for England” letters, I want to let them know not to bother.
TX Bill (I’m sure VAR is about to screw us) EFC

No VAR review on VVD’s challenge that should have been a straight ref card. No question.
TX Bill (still time for VVD to score too) EFC


Any reason the VAR room gets different replays to those of us watching on telly?Newcastle v Palace and the disallowed goal surely is one of the worse VAR decisions we’ve seen.
They gave the referee one angle to base his decision off and to be really critical, the push from Mitchell on Willock was still apparent but had he seen it from the reverse angle, and the front angle, that goal stands I’m 99% certain they’d get it right.

Also did Lampard employ a tactic today for Pickford to kick the ball out for a throw in off every goal kick? My Sunday league keeper can hit the target man off a goal kick or at the very least keep the bloody thing in play! And nobody berated him for it which suggests it was planned?!  if that was my GK i’d be bollocking him !
Gibbo (MUFC down under – back shortly Steve Cooper is on the phone to discuss a potential January move) 


Having witnessed another comical decision at St James today I can’t believe how consistently bad referees and VAR have been this season. There seems to be no consequence for these regular cock ups. The decision today not to award a goal to Newcastle was baffling. I thought VAR was meant to clear things up not muddy the waters. Willock was clearly shoved in the back and this is plain for all to see. Well apart from the referee of course. Other decisions today also paint a bleak picture, West Ham clear mistake. Van Dyke lucky to stay on the pitch and Villa denied a clear goal against city. Over the last 4 games it is conceivable that Newcastle could have got 12 points but for poor refereeing decisions. City game (blatant penalty missed), wolves game (another penalty missed for a clear shirt pull on Longstaff), Liverpool (Fabinho avoided any yellow or even a red for about 5 cynical fouls as well as a dubious offside decision and excessive time over the 5 mins) and today with a legitimate goal ruled out. I think there should be more consequences for refs ruining games. If they get it wrong they should lose their match fee. They say these things even out over the season. If that’s the case I look forward to some monumental luck coming Newcastle’s way.
Steve (NUFC)


I wanted VAR.

I did.

But I didn’t want this.

I always envisioned it being a challenge system. Two per game, you’d lose it if you were unsuccessful, and the VAR ref would be isolated, not knowing the original call. The team challenging would have to name the offence. That way, if the infringement was so minor not even the players could spot it, then the original decision would stand. I’d still like this system. But I’m not gonna get it. So if this is what we have, I’d rather have nothing.

Foul on Mendy my hairy arse
Robert Goodson


Give Mendy an Oscar, what a performance. As an actor. VAR you’re making me sick!

West Ham manager David Moyes angrily complains to referee Andy Madley


Dear EPL,
your product is getting worse by the week to the point where many fans and viewers are questioning the basic competence of your officials with increasing numbers doubting their integrity.

Far too many legitimate goals are being disallowed for incomprehensible reasons.

Fix VAR and hire better referees.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

the people who make your league possible, the CEOs of Sky TV, BT Sport, Amazon, NBC TV BBC Sport as well as the global betting community. And football fans everywhere.
JH Aruba.


Villa and Stevie G
So after multiple rant letters during the week, one thing we now know one thing for sure about Villa and SG. When it’s Liverpools old rivals (Everton) and new rivals (City), he can get his team to show up. Now if only we could play Everton and City every week.
Paul (what a load of b******s with that offside)


Great performance by Villa, pushing, pressure on the ball, determined, aggressive, it’s like stevie was in the midfield again

Well done villa, love seeing players taking the game to city

Nice to see city are not “ invincible” or automatically winning the league.

This season is going to be the tightest in 15 years. I really think top 4 will be separated by 5 points.

It’s great to see, makes it interesting, I want Liverpool to win, but it’s good to see arsenal and spurs up there, ( even if the inevitable bottling happens lol)

The most interesting thing I noticed is when city chased the win. No one to come off the bench. No Sterling, no Jesus.

No champions league win either … oops ( but city fans “don’t care” )

Drink it in city fans. Money can’t buy you europe
Ade ( 20 is coming) Guildford 


Empty seats
This season one thing that I have personally noticed from attending non-league matches and seeing highlights of EFL games are less fans in the stands, noticeably less.

I’m going to assume this is the cost of living crisis biting where fans are choosing to save money for the winter bills ahead, it makes you wonder how all of this will impact clubs going forward especially after the pandemic in terms of finances.
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod


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