Liverpool chief says ‘the sky’s the limit’ for club

Date published: Wednesday 23rd November 2016 8:31 - Matthew Stead

Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre believes that “the sky’s the limit” for the club in its current state.

The Reds are second in the Premier League table and have undergone drastic improvement under manager Jurgen Klopp.

They are third favourites for the title, but Ayre now feels that the club are properly positioned off the pitch to capitalise on success on it.

“I think in a club like Liverpool it is one of the hardest challenges for a chief executive,” said Ayre, who will depart from his role at the end of the season.

“Because the core of Liverpool fans only want to think of this as a football club. And I get that. I have been that person. And to a degree I still am.

“If we can bring success now, on the football pitch, we are really ready for it.

“I would argue that when I first came here ten years ago, if we had won something at that point in time, we had won the league or whatever, we weren’t ready to capitalise upon that.

“We weren’t ready to deliver everything that everyone would want as a result of winning. We wouldn’t be able to grow as a result of winning at that time because we couldn’t take advantage of that.

“And we are now, we are really in great shape.

“If you look at the growth of the business and the growth of the revenue and everything at Liverpool, the stand, all of that, that’s been to a certain degree despite the football. We haven’t had success and yet we’ve achieved lots of goals and moved forward significantly.

“So if we can bring success, then the sky’s the limit.”


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