Adrian slams Pickford’s ‘very bad’ Van Dijk challenge

Lewis Oldham
Adrian Pickford

Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian has criticised Everton’s Jordan Pickford for his challenge on Virgil Van Dijk in the Merseyside derby.

Van Dijk was forced off injured early into Liverpool’s game against Everton. A ball was sent into the box towards the defender, and Pickford came rushing out to challenge for it.

England’s number one got the situation all wrong, as he dived in and two-footed the Dutch international. After the game, it was revealed that he required surgery after damaging his anterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

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Due to this injury, Van Dijk is likely to miss the rest of the season. This is a huge blow for the Premier League champions, with him being such a vital part of their success in recent seasons.

Adrian was in goal at the other end of the pitch and he said there is no defence for Pickford’s challenge. He told Sky Sports that he always tries to defend goalkeepers, but he cannot do that on this occasion:

“It was a very bad challenge in a very bad position of Virgil’s body. It was late. No player is allowed to do this kind of challenge.

“I’m a goalkeeper and I always defend goalkeepers, but going for a ball like this in that case… I don’t know.

“As a footballer, your body is at risk every time you play but you have a few challenges that you are allowed to do.

“But I don’t accept this kind of challenge. The federation, the Premier League cannot accept these kinds of things.”