Liverpool fan pleads for Man Utd return to former glory…

Date published: Sunday 10th October 2021 8:04 - Editor F365

Liverpool forward Diogo Jota celebrates scoring

One Liverpool fan wants Manchester United to challenge for titles, while there’s a lot more on the Newcastle takeover. Send your mails to


As a Liverpool fan I hope Man Utd return to their former glory…
I am actually not going to whinge about Newcastle’s sport washing owners. Instead I’m going to make a ludicrous proposition.

There’s an old Lee Evans joke where he says they should just allow everyone to take PEDs in sports because :
A- it will definitely be more fun for us to watch
B – if everyone is on drugs, then nobody has an advantage.

They’re both pretty solid points (if we ignore the fact PEDs are illegal).

Rather than complain that Newcastle have activated the infinite money cheat, give every single club the same cheat. Just allow every single ultra rich person to buy a club. Because if everyone has trillions of oil dollars then nobody has any kind of advantage.

It’s kind of how it has to go now because letting the first one in was when the widening inequality gap between top and bottom began. The only way to solve it is to allow those at the bottom to do the exact same thing. Just have the Saudi royal family each by a football team and the problem of financial fair play is essentially solved.

There is really only two solutions to the problem – either give everyone the money or take it away from everyone. Any other decision leads to a warping of the game.

It will be a really easy thing to pitch too. PL will love it because it will fill their pockets, FA will love it because it will fill their pockets. Teams will love it because it will fill their pockets. Execs will love it because it will fill their pockets (I’m starting to realise the way to make everyone love something abhorrent is to simply fill their pockets and ask them to like it) fans will love it because every week we’ll see the transfer record broken as Jesse lingard signs a new £257m transfer to Accrington Stanley on £21m a day. Players and agents will love it because it will fill their pockets. In fact the only people who might not will be city, Chelsea and united fans because their biggest advantage will be wiped out over night.

I’m obviously being a little hyperbolic here but at the same time I’m not entirely wrong, the only solution to inequality is to give everyone the same means. Whether that’s by allowing more women subjugators to by clubs or by asking them all to leave doesn’t matter.

Or maybe your the type of fan who doesn’t really care if the league is competitive so long as you stroll home with a title every year (hi 90s united fans). One thing I do know as a Liverpool fan is our title win really wasn’t that much fun, because there was no competition. It’s why when I say I hope united return to their former glory I’m being sincere, I really do. I like the rivalry, but that’s gone unless we have everyone at the same point on the starting line.


From a previously lost soul Newcastle fan
I’ve seen lots of mails flood in from fans of other clubs slating this takeover and venting at Newcastle fans.

Must say, this is all a bit strange.

For the record.

We don’t like beheadings. We don’t accept flogging. We don’t approve of stoning people. We don’t celebrate journalists being chopped up. We don’t laugh at any kind of atrocity.

So why are you telling us about them like we do?

Our football club first and foremost has been relived of Mike Ashley. Party time. Big party.

The football club has been chased by Amanda Staveley for 4 years and she chose the PIF as her big backer.

She, for what it’s worth, doesn’t like or approve of any atrocities either.

This is business and she has put together a business deal that the PL have (finally) accepted. A legal agreement is in place that shows seperation from the KSA and we crack on.

You may think that seperation is bogus. You may think lots of things. But to judge, ask questions of or blatantly decide you now dislike Newcastle and its fans is just a bit weird.

The easiest thing to counter is to offer you’re a bit jealous and salty about it. But let’s say you’re not. Your anger needs to be directed at the following:

The PL, Staveley and Mike Ashley.

They are the ones who have made this business transaction happen. No one else. Not Newcastle fans.

Don’t get me wrong. Some will be sportwashed beyond help and will embarrass the club somewhat (already seeing it before this deal landed). Nothing the rest of us can do unfortunately. Just have to stomach it.

But to see some of the things being thrown at nufc fans is pretty ridiculous.

PIF have invested in many companies across the globe. Having a go at Newcastle fans, judging them & asking them about the KSA makes as much sense as:

Dragging a man out of an Uber and asking how he feels about KSA human rights record.

Going through an airport and demanding what people waiting for their Boeing 747 plane to arrive are doing and asking them about KSA public flogging.

Stopping Barbara from sipping on her Starbucks and demanding she tell you her feelings on KSA attitude towards women.

Nobody would because that’s a bit mental. PIF have bought into those and many other companies and yet here we are (it will likely fade) seeing NUFC supporters getting this treatment.

Pretty bizarre if you take a step back and think about it.

By all means ask us about being player recruitment being funded by oil money if you like. That has more relevance. But the murder of a journalist? Wrong crowd mate.

It’s also a clear case of picking and choosing. Not one single person in the media asked Newcastle fans what they thought of Mike Ashley Victorian working conditions at the Sports Dirext HQ and staff having to give birth in the toilets.

No radio presenter on BBC radio 4 got Kevin from Gosforth opinion on that, because it had nowt to do with NUFC. It was Ashley and his issues.

You cant pick and choose which outside events are to be used to beat football fans with. Football things for football fans.

Footballers taking the knee? Yea fair.
Politicians attacking PL players wages? Maybe.
Middle East Country treatment of its people? What?

Ask the PL if you like. They may tell you PIF and KSA are separate. Well, they definitely will. If you wanna judge that badly, go ahead.

But do us a favour. Don’t be judging a bunch of football club supporters. It’s all a bit weird.
Ginger Pirlo (enjoy your next flight, Facebook update and Disney movie.)


Finally, I can look forward to a new season…
The takeover of my beloved club has caused quite the stir. I cannot speak for all fans of my club but this fan would like to put a couple of points out there.

To change a regime you must work with them, with so much of the Saudi wealth in foreign companies it will be easier (post oil) to start pressuring change. It will be gradual but inevitable.

The fact some clubs are so vocal about the takeover has far more to do with their status than ethics. Levy is the perfect exemplifier, he knows Spurs are the most likely to fall away from the ‘elite’ and is using moral outrage for business means.

As for the more ‘fans have to manage their expectations’ talk. We have been in the pits of (albeit Premiership) hell for so long anything will be an improvement. A shabby stadium, a training ground that would literally (yes literally) not be out of place in non League, a fan base so far from the ownership he may as well have lived on another continent.

We aren’t going to sign Mbappe Kane and Haaland. But we can sign decent players who will get us up the table.

I haven’t look forward to a season in 14 years or so….. I can start looking forward to next.

Now if someone can arrange a date with Michelle Rodriguez and Tuesdays Euromillions numbers my life will be complete.
Rob (No one on here has been half as salty as the Sunderland forums)


It’s not ‘grim up north’
I found Tim Sutton’s mail on your Saturday mailbox rather funny.  He clearly has little or no knowledge of Newcastle or the North East as a whole.  I always laugh at the misinformed often southern fans who hark back to flat caps and whippets and see us all as a bunch of savages tasked with protecting the Wall.  The truth is Newcastle is a city of passion history and culture.  We live on the fringes of some of the best beaches in the UK and perhaps even further afield.  We have some of the finest countryside, castles, heritage and history.  Not to mention top Universities, fantastic value properties and cleaner air…..oh and we have loads of petrol up here!.  We are one of the few clubs with a stadium right at the heart of the city, in the good times it’s absolutely rocking.  It can give you goosebumps.  I’m pretty sure there are a lot of players who as well as earning a tidy sum would crave to be part of an exciting project worshipped by passionate fans.  As opposed to rocking up in one of the new soulless stadiums that even the great Man City struggle to fill.   I agree the bright lights of London and Paris will obviously appeal to some.  Only three hours to London on a train.!

Most players who have played for us still have fond memories and talk of a soft spot for the club.  We also kept England’s greatest ever striker happy for many years.  Something Spurs can’t seem to do with a good striker these days.  Yes the investment is massive and yes the wider issues of human rights is a serious issue.  But don’t kid yourself the majority of people in football citing that as the reason for their objection are lying to themselves.  It’s a massive dose of sour grapes.

Let’s see what happens as I agree it will take time.  Oh and if you are wondering….Tim I’d take Europa League in a heartbeat or just some bloody ambition and progress.  PS get your Newcastle geography right! Never heard of any of those places.
Steve (Newcastle…happy to show any prospective players around!!)


Morality of the Newcastle takeover
Dear Editor

Do people understand that the Saudis & Public Investment Authority have investments in vast swathes of our every day life?

Newcastle United is not the first company to take their money, just go an look at their wikipedia page to see they’ve got stakes in Disney, facebook, Boeing, citigroup and Uber amongst others, with investments well exceeding that they have just paid for Newcastle.

Think Newcastle fans should boycott their club? –  Why?

I’ve never heard anyone saying that the next Marvel movie should be boycotted or that we should use black cabs rather than an Uber.

I just find it curious that football supporters try to find a moral high ground when they don’t do so in any other aspect of their consumer lifestyle.

Newcastle United fans celebrate

Obviously it’s difficult to get a few bucks of gasoline these days in the UK, but when you pull up to the petrol pump, there is a very good chance that the fuel in your car is coming from a middle eastern state which has questionable or abhorrent human rights practices. It could be even more complicated and your gas could be coming from a British petrochemical company which has exploited people in the developing world or aided a state execute a man protesting horrid oil burning practices in Africa-see Ken Saro-Wiwa.

As far as I can see, the general debate on the morality of petroleum products is mute enough outside of the climate change conversation. Instead of going through a list of abusive states and their products, maybe we should accept that a massive amount of the products we enjoy come at a cost to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Sport mirrors life and as sport becomes more profitable, the ugly side of life will become more obvious to us as fans. Our sense of right and wrong may be damaged but we don’t ponder the freedom of the Saudi press when we fill up our Saudi gas guzzling, climate destroying cars.

The Newcastle fan isn’t getting rich off this takeover. And there is no point debating morals in football as it is beyond question that the game has no soul- it only exists now as a product like Coca Cola or McDonald’s.

As a Liverpool fan, I’m still trying to come around to the season given the fact that the club I follow planned on scrapping the champions league. I found it hard to accept that I was getting stressed or excited about a business objective the owners were not aiming at.  That is the equivalent of a Coke drinker getting hyper about the quarterly sales of the fizzy drink in a market it’s trying to get out of. It’s like Homer Simpson waiting to sell his pumpkins after Halloween.

Enjoy your dominance Newcastle fans in the same way you like your Coke cold and your McDonald’s hot.
Jamie, Eire


Newcastle narcissists
The question everyone may or may not be asking depending on whether they care, is what happened in Newcastle last Thursday?

Well, there was Speed Dating at Banyan Bar, Monument Mall, which provided the opportunity to spend £20.00 to spend 4 minutes with a succession of complete strangers which might seem like quite a lot of money because it is. The organizers advise that for best results you should come with an open mind and a smile, presumably because coming across as a bit simple will help mask the chronic insecurity and narcissism which has thus far prevented you forming successful relationships naturally.

However, for those of you who are into narcissists for whom money is no object, Newcastle Football club is certainly the one you’ll want to be hanging your hat on for the foreseeable. Amanda Staveley’s interview with the BBC gave a glimpse of what the future may hold. She was very smiley. Cold, robotic and dead eyed but smiley nonetheless. Dan Roan didn’t ask whether or not she drove there herself.

It was great to see the supporters outside Side James Park drinks in hand without the threat of a thousand lashes, celebrating swapping an owner who they have long viewed as a demonic despot even though he is actually just a thrifty shop keeper who didn’t want to spend billions of pounds on football players, for someone viewed as a demonic despot who is actually a demonic despot but will spend billions of pounds on football players.

As many Newcastle supporters have said over the last few days Saudi Arabia is one of the UK’s Allies and has a multitude of business and property investments throughout the UK. It is not for the supporters to decide on the morality of all this, rather something for our democratically elected politicians to deal with. So, with that said, the most passionate fans in the country can now look forward with a clear conscience to seeing Kylian Mbappe chase after 30 yards punts from Jamaal Lascelles without worrying about being strafed by a UK trained Saudi pilot in a Tornado fighter jet, and that’s the main thing.
Rocky Foreshore


Oiks and the establishment
Excellent email from Mark Meadowcroft yesterday, explaining the best way for Toon fans to deal with this oncoming s**tstorm/promised land.

Fundamentally, this is always going to be a personal issue of where you draw the line ethically, I personally feel that there is little to be justified in celebrating an ownership that has literally murdered countless innocent people.

However, that’s not what the Geordies are celebrating is it? They’re celebrating getting rid of Ashely, celebrating what these new owners could do to their beloved team and the inevitable reinvigoration of the city itself. The fact it is a one club city makes a massive difference as well.

Mark ends with how he still enjoys when the Citeh ‘oiks’  beat the ‘establishment’ which got me wondering…who are the oiks and establishment nowadays?

As an LFC fan,  I see victory against Citeh and Chelsea as one in the face against billionaire owners try to buy the league.

Does everyone see their team as an underdog?

Oh, and also, just for old times sake #OleIn forever please.
David (No pal, WE’RE the oiks!) Molby, Shrewsbury


Been some great mails the past couple of days concerning themselves with NUFC and, well, that thing that just happened. Some subjective, some happy, some depressing – all have been valid opinions and thoughts. Now here is mine.

The PL isn’t perfect, although it likes to think it is, as we still have racism, homophobia, sexism, and so on. Granted a hell of a lot more needs to be done, but strides are being made. One need only look at how the booing of taking the knee is fading away – this is a GOOD thing.

Now whether NUFC is a plaything, an investment, or, as many suspect, whitewashing of a nation, the eyes of the World will be cast more intently upon that nation. Players will wear Pride armbands, or Kick Racism Out, whatever; Jesus, Staverly is on the board! A woman!

The optimist in me hopes that this will look really, really badly on this part of the World (it already does, but hopefully you get what I mean), and this will force change.

Will it? Again, I hope so. One cannot, for example, put gay men to death but allow their club to promote inclusion of all sexualities, surely? Or am I being too naive?

I probably am, but it is what it is.
Mike D (please let a Newcastle.player come out as gay! That would be ace)


Sensible question?
Alan Shearer, who said that all clubs who were going to join the ESL for monetary gain should be banned from the premier league, is supporting the Saudi takeover of Newcastle?
Tom, tractor boy in switzerland


Most uncomfortable footballing moment…
Ten years ago, I was an international student in the North East. I was rather broke but managed to save money to go and see the Arsenal away at Sunderland. I also dragged a friend (not from the North East) along with me. Unfortunately, the away end at the Stadium of Light was sold out, so I, in my naivete, thought I’d buy tickets that were closest to the away end.

Throughout the first half, the stewards and police kept taking random Sunderland fans sitting around us out for questioning. We had no idea why, so we decided to sit quietly and enjoy the match in what were Arctic conditions. Mertesacker got injured, Sunderland scored, Ramsey equalised, and then Henry scored the winner in stoppage time. It was quite the privilege to see Henry score what would prove to be his last goal for Arsenal right in front of us. Even though we didn’t celebrate, or even react to the goal, the lads around us were getting a bit annoyed at our presence. As we were leaving the stadium, a couple of locals started following us and chanting unintelligible things at us. We managed to leave the area with other Gooners, and that was that.

A few months later, I had a part-time job in the area. I told some of my colleagues, who were Sunderland fans, about what happened that day. They said that we were lucky not to get in serious trouble because we had sat in ‘Crazy Corner’. “Even I wouldn’t f*cking do that!”, said one. I have no idea whether this part of the stadium was/is actually notorious. It wasn’t the Superclásico or Belgrade’s Eternal Derby, but there were times when I thought I’d sh*t myself. Thankfully it was too bloody cold.
Tim David, Laowai Gooner


Best goals
How on earth can Rooney’s bicycle kick be utd’s best goal when John O’Shea clearly scored the most wonderful goal of all time?

The lob of the century, combined with a celebration that indicates he clearly knew he was onside and had planned it all along.

Pure genius, from possibly the most complete player of all time.



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