Liverpool fans are feeling pretty f***ing unbearable now

Date published: Sunday 2nd June 2019 11:23

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Fan extractor
I’m feeling pretty f*cking unbearable right now.
James Outram, Wirral 


Good morning, We are Champions of Europe! Get over it! Haters!


I’m battered.

That was disgusting. A putrid display; that bears no resemblance to the quality we have shown throughout the year.

But if you love LFC no one is going to care. GET IN! Klopp has won the big one!
Barry, LFC


In retrospect, you gotta say it was genius level strategy hiring a manager whose name rhymes with “we’ve won the f*ckin’ lot” and “we’re never gonna stop”
Ian, LFC Hartford, CT USA


Non-Liverpool fans look away now…
Stewart, Chicago LFC


I got married last Saturday. We went on honeymoon in Sicily and unfortunately, I arranged the return flight from our honeymoon on the night of the champions league final.

Luckily, my wife is understanding and agreed to move our fights to Milan. So I watched the game here, which was brilliant.

So basically, I love my wife and I love jurgen klopp (but not necessarily in that order)
Mike. LFC, London


Neville’s advocate
So glad we sacked off the Champions League for the Prem.
Stu, Southampton


Thank God
Get in Lads! Made up for absolutely every member of that team. Full of absolute heroes from top to bottom. Everyone has played their part in making it here. The defence turned out to be the heroes on the night. It was hardly backs to the wall stuff, but the Keeper and the defence won it for us in a pretty tight game tonight.

And well done to the attackers for taking their chances when they came. (Divock again! Would you believe it?!)

And thank God we won that. As much as joy, I simply feel relieved.

I don’t think I could’ve handled another defeat. We needed to win something so badly. No matter how, we just needed a title. The players, and Klopp more than anyone, deserve every second of this glory.

Okay. We didn’t play well, but as a Liverpool fan I’ve seen us lose 2 champions league finals where we played pretty well, and I know that nobody else remembers the performances. Just the winners. In a weird way, it almost feels now like Barca was our final. And the players knew they just needed to keep it simple to win tonight.

Commiserations to Spurs. You didn’t play that well, but you didn’t play badly either. And with a fit Kane (he should have played Moura) and some more clinical play up top, it could have all been different. Good luck to them for the future.

But right now, time to watch THAT finish from Origi on repeat for the rest of the weekend.

Ryan C, LFC


Alternative conclusions
Game of Groans: Like the TV show,  this ending had an internal poetry about it that was satisfying on some levels, not least Klopp’s epiphany that winning is not necessarily about playing better than the other team, but it was a complete damp squib compared to the episodes that came before it. One of the worst games I have seen Liverpool play this season and Spurs were not much better despite BT Sports insistence that Liverpool won it  only ‘because of the season they had’- I never thought the “rooting for the underdog” trope would get tiresome but well done BT Sports, you proved me wrong.

No Glenda Don’t Cry: Spare a thought for poor Hoddle and his insistence that Spurs were “by far the better team”. Liverpool were better in the first half, Spurs had a great spell in the second half without fully convincing that they had a goal in them though Liverpool had good chances in that half as well but overall what awful quality all around. HOw many times did Spurs pass the ball out of play, how many times did Liverpool pass it to Lloris or a Spurs defender….it was not as bad as the Europa League final first half but Champions League calibre this wasn’t.

Hand me the ball: What was Sissoko’s hand doing up there when he is challenging Mane? Worse still why did he bring it down towards the ball when it hit him? If he’d kept his hand still by his side it would not have been a penalty. Put your hand up so as to block a cross or move your arm to the ball to affect its flight and really,  you are not making it hard for the ref  and it was not a very controversial decision- sorry Spurs fans.

A Tale of Two Origis: He has got shooting boots but his link up play is sooo poor. Not sure if he will stay or go but like  Vladimir Smicer in 2005 and Gollum in the Lord of the Rings : “whether for good or ill, my heart tells me he will have an important role to play in the end”. This may have been it.

Where do we go Now: Fascinating to see where these two teams go next. Klopp’s Liverpool have got an internal steel that was lacking in previous seasons when they felt they had to be better than their opposition in attacking verve, one or two explosive creative and flexible options to replace the departing Sturridge and Moreno and they will continue to challenge. Some wise acquisitions on Spurs’ side and they will get closer. I think we can all agree that these are two teams worth rooting for, full of drive passion and quality;  with two passionate managers and without the bottomless pockets and dodgy dealings that tarnish City’s achievements. Bring on next season already!
Miguel (LFC Fan since 1985)


Let’s talk about six, baby
Wow. Still soaking that up frankly. How many times this season have we played so far below our level that we have entirely stunk the place out and yet found a way to win? This team is resolute and utterly remarkable for it.

The penalty was a gift. I get the debate around whether or not it was a penalty and imagine the views will split evenly down partisan lines but the bigger question is what on Earth is Sissoko doing with his arm there? Is he seriously telling defenders in a champions league final where they should be positioned? I think he should’ve trusted his team mates to have done their jobs and focussed more on doing his.

It felt a bit like the tale of two number 9s. Both were unable to finish the season because of injury and neither looked fit for this game. Firmino lacked all spark and couldn’t get the ball under control whilst Kane was anonymous for about 60 minutes. In some respects it felt quite significant that Klopp had the courage (or perhaps the option) to remove Bobby whilst Poch left Kane on for 90 minutes, though in fairness Kane got better in the second half.

Selling Coutinho paid for VVD, Alisson and a sixth European Cup. I’d say that’s the best transfer we have ever done as a club. Alisson was man of the match for me. He made about six saves in the last half hour having possibly made none up to that point in the game. I thought he was bloody magnificent. Matip has really grown into this centre half partnership and Gomez will need to work twice as hard to be ready to take his chance again next season.

Felt sorry for Poch. A top manager who managed to get here without buying anyone this past summer and also managed the drama of the stadium delay as well as one could hope. I admired his willingness to change system in the second half to try and find an edge but I’ll always wonder if he might’ve won had Moura started instead of Kane.

Last word has to be for Divock Origi. He’s that guy at your school who turned arriving fashionably late to parties into the thing nobody else was cool enough to manage. After Barcelona to put this game to bed with such incredible quality was magical. I suspect I speak for all Liverpool fans when I say it was pretty hard to enjoy that game until his goal went in. Once we were 2-0 up with five minutes to play it started to feel like the fact we were playing totally shit football might not matter too much.

Let’s talk about six baby…
Minty, LFC


Humble pie
How does Smiddy like his humble pies? Did he celebrate? Or does he hate Klopp too much to celebrate?

Can he at least do the decent thing and write in to shovel large doses of praise in the general direction of Jürgen Klopp and with a similar kind enthusiasm he used to tear him down with?
Hope (not even a Liverpool fan) Nigeria


Congratulations, Spurs
Yesterday morning I came across a quote from the great Arnold Palmer that perfectly summed up the development and achievements of Klopp, Liverpool, Pochettino and Spurs

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is”

One of the clubs was going to escape from the archaic, mouth breathing argument about failure due a lack of trophies. I’m obviously over the moon that it was my boys that came out on top of a cagey, low quality match.

But we should all focus rather on Arnold’s thinking. Both of these teams are at the cutting edge and should celebrate that.

Keep building, keep doing everything that will help you to win and the win will surely come.

Congratulations Spurs, your team achieve great things despite a lot of challenges this season. I look forward to you coming back stronger.
Brandon, LFC, JHB


Kane unable
Did Harry Kane cost Spurs the champions league by claiming to be fully fit?

Surely Pochettino couldn’t overlook the form of Son and Moura together after the last couple of games? 11 touches and no attempts in the first half is pretty bad.

Spurs seemed very similar to Arsenal, they just couldn’t have a shot when everyone was screaming at them to pull the trigger.
Jack no brackets


Do not let him go
Congratulations to Liverpool, rumour has it they’ve won this pot for a 6th time.

As for my beloved Tottenham it has to be acknowledged the huge achievement this squad, coach and staff have made in reaching the final.

All of this was done in spite of the ownership and it is clear Pochettino, our best coach in my lifetime, is very clearly saying to them invest meaningfully in the squad or he will walk.

If ENIC fail to convince Poch of this and he goes it would represent the greatest mistake, and there have been many, of their tenure.

The most frustrating part about the final is Liverpool didn’t even have to play that well to win and it may have been a different story if some fresh legs were added to a world cup weary squad over the past 2 windows.

Still, we’ve always got the Gooners to laugh at.
David Harris, Sydney Australia 


The real quiz
The best thing to come out of a poor match? James Milner now has a Champions League winners medal. What a time to be alive!
Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA (James Milner!)


Milner left City to win big trophies.


The real, real quiz
Champions League Winner: Alberto Moreno
James (A begrudging Gooner), Leics


Captain? Fantastic
If I take nothing else from that game, it is this: Jordan Henderson did Steven Gerrard proud.

Was he as brilliant an individual player as Gerrard? Nah. But football is a team game, and the Champion’s League maybe the archetype of the form.

In one night Hendo laid so many questions to bed. He may not be Steven Gerrard and that’s just fine.

Leaving the pub after the match I slapped hands with an bloke of heavy Irish brogue and we had this immediate understanding: this wasn’t ephemeral.

We had just won the bloody European Cup but the most glorious arrogance was coursing through our combined veins.

What. A. Team.
Matthew, LFC, Washington DC


In the midst of the madness, rather than immediately lift the trophy, Jordan Henderson had the presence of mind to join the team to celebrate.

Well done that man. I doff my cap to you. A true captain.
Rob (a lot happier than I was when I walked from the stadium in Kiev)


Has any other team won the Champions League after losing 4 games along the way?

Just wondering…
Matt (Definitely not bitter)


The handball
Reading the press after the game and it seems that there is a consensus that sissoko deserved it and was asking for trouble.


Never been a fan of VAR but this seemed like a chance to correct an obvious mistake.

Am I really the only one who thinks that was a ridiculous decision that changed the tone of the entire game?
Kevin (Dazn was awful,  not looking forward to next year) ITFC, Vancouver 


Sorry but if that is handball in the 1st 30 secs of a Champions League final then give me back my ball I’m stabbing it & going home, you dont deserve to play our beautiful game on the biggest stage.

Actually even at Sunday League level that decision see’s the ref being chased to his car.

Utterly unbelievable. Anything after is irrelevant
Ben (Jersey Spurs)


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