Liverpool fans getting worried about Leicester; Ole out

Date published: Monday 2nd December 2019 9:28

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Worried about Leicester…
Not gonna lie, very worried that the Leicester lightning might strike twice… eight points could easily be five after we visit the King Power…
Dan, Plastic LFC


…Not sure what concerns me more about Leicester’s late victory; the fact they gained two points or that it’s exactly the kind of thing we’re doing.
Aidan, Lfc (30ish years, and a couple of near misses, since the title makes you twitchy)


The trouble with Brendan
I always liked Brendan at Liverpool. He very nearly did the unthinkable at Anfield and generally made us look like a quality attacking team.

But there was always something that made me go ‘meh’ and I had no idea what it was. Maybe it was the portrait above the mantle piece? Nope. But after today’s (to be fair impressive) win against the Toffees I think I’ve cracked it.

He can’t clap properly. Yah, he can clap, but it’s like the equivalent of that player who is late in his career desperately trying to protect himself by not exerting too much energy. Think Torres from Chelsea onwards. He’s pretending to try.

It’s like that one friend who can’t handshake properly. The wet shake. The handshake that makes your skin crawl. He’s just not committed properly to clapping. Maybe because he likes to keep his skin moist, who knows.

But I think I’ve definitively defined the main problem with BR. Not that anyone at the KP will care, unless of course the fans start singing a funny song and he attempts to give them the credit they deserve, only for the said fans to start looking at each other in disbelief ‘is that all you’ve got Brendan?’
Barry, LFC, Cape Town


Ole out. Now.
Sack Ole. Do it. Do it now. Do it right now. There is no debate to be had.
Joel Sparks, Flintshire


…How is OGS still in a job? I questioned it when he got the job first. I mean he was crap with Cardiff and then won a few titles Molde. No other manager who was that bad in the Premier league and then had success in a second tier league would have got that United job. It was based solely on who he was. My worry is that he is undoing all his good reputation from his playing days, no doubt he’ll always be well remembered for Bayern in 99 but are United fans now starting to maybe, I know it’s a strong word, but hate him? United weren’t great again against Villa and how long until Ole’s at the wheel turns to Ole out??
Robbie DFC


…Honestly, even right now having Carrick and Solskjaer on the pitch rather than the bench will improve this side.

Allowing Smalling to leave on a loan seems like a stupid decision now.

Is Eric Bailly still alive?
Shehzad Ghias, MUFC, Karachi


Manchester United are WCW
I used to love wrestling. I’ll still find myself down the odd youtube rabbit hole watching old videos and documentaries now and again. A subject covered in quite a few wrestling documentaries has been the demise of WCW in the late 90s/early 00s.

For those unfamiliar, WCW was WWF’s (now WWE) main competition for the guts of 20 years. It was the trading or marketing name for Jim Crockett Promotions, a wrestling company that had existed since the 1930s. While WWF tried to raise their profile by turning their wrestlers into comic book characters, WCW presented itself as more of a straight fighting competition. Sure, the in ring action wasn’t much different, but in promoting matches featuring regular guys with regular names instead of people like Hacksaw Jim Duggan who carried a plank of wood for some reason and kept shouting “hooooooe”, WCW won a lot of “purist” fans. Then Jim Crockett jnr sold the company to the owner of CNN in 1988 and the culture, slowly but surely, began to change.

Instead of developing their own talent, they offered huge money to WWF stars. They also introduced guaranteed contracts to the industry. Up until that point, wrestlers usually had heavily incentivised contracts. Now they were guaranteed a huge payday no matter what they did. They also drafted in celebrities to try and grab headlines. They made David Arquette, he of Scream and Being Married to Monica from Friends fame, their champion for instance. There was a storyline involving Robocop. Jay Leno was in a match once.

They also let their bigger stars either write or veto their own storylines. If Hulk Hogan didn’t want to get pinned, he wasn’t getting pinned. So if the company wanted to put over a new guy by having him beat someone like Hogan, he could just say “nah” and the new guy’s career stalls or ends. He really did that lots of times. Towards the end, when loads of their employees noticed the ship was sinking and jumped off, TV executives were running the show. People who knew nothing about professional wrestling, or entertainment in general, were writing storylines and designing characters.

The people in front of the camera were all working towards their own personal agendas, often at the expense of each others, with guaranteed millions and the decision makers behind the scenes had no experience in the industry. Their competition got too strong and then they disappeared. Remind you of anything?

Aston Villa are a newly promoted team with the worst away record in the league. United have now won four from their last fourteen.

They have the biggest wage bill in the league, or top two anyway. The guy in charge of getting more players is an accountant. The guy he entrusts their coaching to last won anything when he was in Norway six years ago. That guy also won’t park in his designated space because of the presence of a pensioner he used to work for. Pogba has his own trainer. De Gea has been on the decline for two years at least and just got a huge contract. Martial has huge questions over his character, has done sweet FA at United yet, and gets a massive contract. Rooney was showing up on WWF tv when he was United captain.

United is a mercenary riddled mess run by an attention seeking former accountant who loves seeing pictures of himself in the media. Really, how often do you see pictures of Levy? I had to Google the name of Chelsea’s CEO. He’s been there nearly two years and I don’t recognise his name at all. I’ve not seen the thick rimmed specs of Liverpool’s American owner in quite a while as well.

At what point do you give up hope and just zone out? Why keep believing in an organisation that is inarguably incompetent?
Eamonn, Dublin


Grealish for England!
After that stunning goal at Old Trafford, the performance also, I must ask what on earth does Jack Grealish need to do to get an England call up?

Incredible player for Villa this season and has really shown he is Premier League quality.
Mikey, CFC (Mings has been impressive also)


Arsenal need Allegri
So just finished watching the Norwich v Arsenal match.

Now I’m up in Glasgow and a Rangers fan but my English team has always been Arsenal.

Emery, not to labour his dismissal never seemed the right fit for Arsenal but he’s gone so moving on…today Freddie chooses to put Mustafi back in the team. Yes I know he’s a World Cup winner but he’s utter garbage. I know there aren’t lots of options in that area but is he the best to put in today?
How many times was he culpable at letting Norwich threaten or get a shot on goal!?

Leno getting praise from Alan Smith. Yes he had a decent match but hes a poor keeper. Southampton sent their third choice keeper to Celtic this season and he’s far better than Leno!

Fortunately they have a top striker (penalty miss aside).

And yes you can say Norwich struggled with the corners but Ozil is so lackadaisical, there is no pace on his corners, they feel like training ground corners.

So we know the names in the frame. Arteta (ex Rangers player too btw) I doubt is ready. I know many want him. Vieira is doing poorly at Nice. Ancelotti seems a good option especially given the turbulence at Napoli. Rodgers would be a good fit (and that’s from a Rangers fan) probably hard to prize away.
Allegri albeit apparently lacking good English should be the top target. He’d get these players working hard. Yes maybe not be the most beautiful to watch but like Rodgers he improves players, puts up with no nonsense and has tactical nous.

Just a few thoughts from afar.
Neil, Glasgow


We need VAR
If it wasn’t for VAR, Arsenal wouldn’t have been able to retake their penalty and Leicester would have got a penalty from a dive.

Two perfect examples of why, even with its flaws, we need VAR. VAR was excellent today and so should be praised by pundits and the media when it proves its worth.


De Bruyne not de bomb
I’m know I’m in the minority when saying this but will say it anyway , I think the pro-Kevin de Bruyne media need to stop. After he scored his wonder goal, and it was an incredible goal, the commentator literally tells us, “we can count fingers in one hand, the number of people in the world who can do that”. Do what? Chest a ball and hit it really hard? Literally every footballer can do that. In fact, eight minutes later, another footballer scored after hitting the ball really hard, I’d even argue Jonjo Shelvey’s goal was better because he hit it first time, KDB controlled his, or tried to because that chest control wasn’t the greatest and the fact it hit the crossbar brings to question its accuracy.

I think KDB is a good footballer, I however don’t think he is top five. There is nothing he does that makes me think he is top five in the world. He doesn’t dribble past players, doesn’t defend particularly well, doesn’t score too many, isn’t prolific with defence splitting passes, I think the only thing that sets him apart is his assists. He is very accurate and his passes seem to have the right weight behind them, but on the other hand, he is delivering to other very good footballers so it could be the receivers who make it look good. It also seems like the same assist every time, that mini cross to find Aguero or Sterling for a tap in. Basically, accurate delivery shouldn’t make anybody top five, because again, there are so many footballers that can do that. The thing he does best, can be done by numerous people, so for me it can’t be so superior to put him in the worlds best 11. He could make the B team though, but he’d still have very serious competition.

So to the Premier League media, please stop blowing smoke every time KDB does something, just commentate, stop sensationalizing everything.
Dave (maybe I should start watching games on mute), somewhere

Who is set-piece king?

A random request but can F365 or the mailbox (or Mr. Goldstein, pretty please) rank the designated first-choice free-kick takers of all the 20 clubs?

Watching Leicester-Everton wondering where would Sigurdsson and Maddison rank. Also, Ward-Prowse.
The Curious One


Liverpool fan triggered by Dave
Dave MUFC ask have Liverpool played well once this season and states this is an “observation,not a criticism.”.
Ha right Dave.

Liverpool played well:
In the Community Shield.
In the Super Cup.
When they beat Norwich 4-1.
When they beat Southampton 2-1.
When they beat Chelsea 2-1.
When they beat Arsenal 3-1.
When they beat Burnley 3-0.
When they beat Genk(in both games).
When they beat Salzburg.
When they beat Spurs.

I could go on and on and on but Dave just wanted to know if Liverpool had played well once.

There always seems to be a narrative about why Liverpool are doing well.

Ballon D’ór nominees,undefeated at home in the league in 2 and a half year, CL winners and 67 points garnered from the last 69 points available isn’t reason to conclude they are a phenomenal team with a genius managing them.
14 games played, 13 wins,1 draw, +20gd wasn’t enough evidence no?

Top of the league by 11 and top of their CL group as well didn’t hint that the team had played well no? Have Utd played well once this season Dave? 11th in the league, a paltry gd and defeats to Palace, Newcastle and Bournemouth suggest not but am open to correction..this is a criticism not an observation by the way.
Ferg, Cork
PS If Liverpool had scored the free that Brighton did on Saturday or gotten away with the handball like Southampton did the mailbox and Twitter would have exploded.


Love/hate for UEFA
UEFA is a nonsense organisation full of egotistical self centered tw*ts. EURO 2020 is a logistical and environmental nightmare that could only have been envisioned by members of the same.

Then I check the schedule and realise my tickets are for 1D v 2F, I love you UEFA!
Mel – Dublin, Berlin, Athlone Town #hahohe


WSL Winners and Losers

After some grumblings last week at squeaking out a 1-0 win against bottom club Liverpool, the champions responded in style by racking up double figures in just over an hour and going on to get the record win in the WSL. Arsenal have gone top, aided by Chelsea’s game being called off, and now have the best goal difference in the division.

Vivianne Miedema
Scored six, set up a further four, then went off after 70 minutes to avoid winning the WSL Golden Boot on the first day of Advent. A great day at the office for the Netherlands’ top goalscorer of any gender – she’s scored more league goals this season than Spurs, Birmingham and Liverpool combined!

West Ham
After being on the wrong side of a 3-2 scoreline last week, despite being 2-0 up away at Reading, the Hammers dug deep to come from behind twice to overcome Manchester United this week, despite finishing the game a player down after Leanne Kiernan’s second yellow. West Ham’s inconsistency is their only consistency, but they’re never dull!

Ok, they still only have one point, and one goal, and lost again this week, but restricting both Arsenal last week and Manchester City this week shows promise. Now, if only they could start scoring…

Reading’s last-minuters
After scoring an injury time winner against West Ham last week, the Berkshire side did it again this week, equalising at Brighton with the last kick of the game. After Fara Williams gave them the lead straight from a corner early on, Reading had the better of the game in every way except goals, and Remi Allen bundling home at the death was deserved.

Beth Mead & Danielle van de Donk
The Arsenal pair made their relationship public in an interview relating to the Rainbow Laces campaign. While they’re not the only out players in the WSL (or even at Arsenal), and the women’s game is (generally) more accepting of queer footballers, it’s still nice to see the climate gradually changing in a more supportive way.


Bristol City
Well, you tried.

Latecomers at West Ham
Imagine getting to a game five minutes late to find the score 1-1 already. After an hour or so in the cold without goals you begin to think this wasn’t your day, and decide to leave 10 minutes early to warm up…missing a further three goals and a red card in the process. I’m never leaving a game early again.

Manchester United
Usually taking the lead in the 80th minute is good to see out a win. Even if you concede an equaliser, if your opponents get a player sent off you’re generally good for scoring a winner…but another free-kick from Katharina Baunach (which was the pick of the Baunach) meant a long trip back up north for the red United.

Manchester City
A bad day all round for the Manchester clubs. Despite City beating bottom of the table Liverpool, they could only squeak out a 1-0 win, and have dropped a place due to Arsenal overhauling their goal difference. City toiled the entire game, seldom managing to hit the target, and may come to rue the lack of goals at the end of the year.

Chelsea and Everton
Both sides came into this weekend on good form (five wins in a row for Chelsea, three for Everton) so both may see this weekend’s postponement as a potential momentum stopper.
James Vortkamp-Tong


A Surrey XI
Here it stands, Surrey’s all-time XI. Probably not the strongest county or city around, I’m guessing South London, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside or Manchester would be topping the league. Surrey, I reckon would be somewhere above Somerset but below Norfolk…..

1 – ALEX STEPNEY – Mitcham
2 – NEAL ARDLEY – Epsom
3 – LUKE SHAW – Kingston upon Thames
4 – DECLAN RICE – Kingston upon Thames
5 – DAVID HOWELLS – Guildford
6 – MARK HUDSON – Guildford
7 – JOHN HOLLINS – Guildford
8 – WILL HUGHES – Weybridge
9 – CARLTON COLE – Croydon
10 – JASON PUNCHEON – Croydon
11 – LEWIS GRABBAN – Croydon
Dave, Caterham

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