Jordan blasts former Liverpool captain for putting on ‘Agent Henderson’ act over Saudi transfer

Joe Williams
Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson left Anfield in the summer after a successful time at the club.

Simon Jordan has hit out at former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson for claiming “he hasn’t gone to Saudi predominantly for the money”.

Henderson’s move to the fast-growing Saudi Pro League came under scrutiny due to his long-time support for the LGBT+ community and the Premier League’s Rainbow Laces campaign.

Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, while the state stands accused of a host of other abuses including placing harsh restrictions on women’s rights and the right to political protest.

The former Liverpool captain’s interview in The Athletic did him no favours either as he attempted to explain his decision for making the move to Saudi Arabian side Al-Ittihad.

Here are 11 of his worst answers as he talked a lot of bullsh*t in a brilliant interview by David Ornstein and Adam Crafton.

When asked about presumptions that he had left Liverpool for Al-Itthad for the money, Henderson said: “That was the hardest thing. People will see this club come with loads of money and he’s just gone, ‘Yeah, I’m going.’

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“When in reality that just wasn’t the case at all. People can believe me or not, but in my life and my career, money has never been a motivation. Ever.

“Don’t get me wrong, when you move, the business deal has to be tight. You have to have financials, you have to feel wanted, you have to feel valued. And money is a part of that. But that wasn’t the sole reason. And these possibilities came up before money was even mentioned.”

And former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan was annoyed by the interview and his ‘Agent Henderson’ outlook that he can “change the mindset of their belief system and culture”.

“It’s ridiculous for him to say that he hasn’t gone to Saudi predominantly for the money,” Jordan said on talkSPORT.

“I don’t care if he has gone there for the money or not, but the bottom-line is that’s what he’s gone there for.

“In the same way Phil Mickleson started playing on the LIV Golf tour for the money and then started to give us a load of old pony about diversity and inclusion and bringing forward a society that was in certain ways not where it needed to be.

“I don’t blame Jordan Henderson for going there for an inordinate amount of money for the age he is, and at this stage of his career if someone is foolhardy enough to pay him whatever the money it is he’s getting at his age, then that’s on them.

“He was the one that people attributed a lot of noise around his support of certain communities, and I’ve no issue with his support of those communities if he wants to follow through that support…

“I’m sure he does care but is he not prepared to suffer the consequences? What’s more meaningful, actions or words? Words are easy, so the action would have been, ‘I don’t agree with this society, I’m not going to condone the advancement of it through football by not going’.

“But that comes at a cost for Jordan because he would be throwing away all that money.

“So instead he’s said he’s going as ‘Agent Henderson’ in Saudi Arabia to change the mindset of their belief system and culture, of their law – and it’s a load of old rubbish!”