Liverpool, Klopp and the referee all bottled that one…

Date published: Friday 4th January 2019 9:35

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Lierpool v the world
A win for all of football
Dave, Durban


Stevie Gs slip
Ball 1 inch from being over the line
7 points clear at the top and proceed to throw it all away?

Liverpool are the real bottlers.
JoeKen (unless of course they win it this year, which they won’t, it’s in their DNA) THFC


Still in their hands
Let the record show played 21, draws 3, losses 1 GD 39. This is championship winning figures. All the naysayers (Man U) supporters will give their “expert” opinion why we will not be champions, anybody  but Liverpool. The trophy coming to Anfield and this defeat simply serves as a reality check that the trophy is only handed over in May.

Manchester City thank you, now we will not be fielding any “invincible” questions. Jurgen Klopp (Kloppmeister) has set up and set out a plan that will see Liverpool annex the Premier League Title our first and 19th in total.

YNWA for LIFE………….Go you REDS!!!!



I’m/we’re back!
Due to City’s poor form and my inability to grow up and see football as only a game, I’ve been unable to bring myself to read much of the mailbox over Christmas. Now I can’t wait!
Matt, MCFC, Brum.


Bottled it (their headline, not ours)
Attack is the best form of defence.

Why change the formula Klopp. You played for a draw and lost. Yes Mane should have scored, yes on paper the stats showed it was an even game but it wasnt. Our Midfield was outrun and outmuscled by Berbardo f***** Silva. Why play Milner when he hasnt played for a month? What you needed was someone to lay into Fernandinho like Gerrard would have in the first two minutes of the match. Fabinho was the man to do that and you didnt start him. His passing was hugely missed as well. We sideways and backwards Hendo, Milner who was just awol and Gini who prob had his worst game this season.

That is a huge psychological blow and whilst Klopp may act calm, 4 points is nothing and our players will be affected like they were earlier in the season when we lost 3 CL games away, lost to Chelsea at home etc. Our defence was shown up today and played to last seasons standards. If ever there was a game for Keita this was it, even as a sub.

And f***ing Lovren when will he start to actually block crosses and shots with conviction, he could have easily blocked Aguero’s shot. Had a 10″ gap to protect and he didnt even do that, after letting the guy get to the ball. Just isnt a World Class defender and frankly isn’t good enough for a team who has title aspirations.

We lost but to lose with such a poor performance is bad.
Ash, LFC. (Get in a proper creative midfielder in January or give Keita games). 


Taylor bottled it too

A quality intense game between the two top teams in the league, settled by the finest of margins – Mane’s shot / Stones’ clearance, Sane’s shot in off both posts.

And in general Taylor wasn’t awful. But i’m sorry, he had one massive, MASSIVE decision to make and he either bottled it, or as a professional referee doesn’t understand the laws of the game as currently written.

Imagine if a referee from Merseyside bottles that in favour of Liverpool at Anfield. Oh no that would’nt happen, as this weird anomaly with Taylor and the Manchester clubs is a unique situation that the authorities bizarrely continue to allow.
Cheers, Bobby.

PS – i’ve had a few like.


This might help Liverpool
As a Liverpool fan, I’m obviously disappointed with the result tonight but it was a reasonably even match and came down to fine margins like the first half chance that was cleared off the line and the Mane shot immediately before that that hit the post:

4 points is nothing at this point. Liverpool have only dropped 9 points so far but over the course of a season it’s reasonable to expect that they will drop at least as much again and it may come down to whether city can go on a run where they only drop 5-6 points between now and the end of the season. They have the ability to do so but I’m not sure that they will with an understandable focus on winning/making the final in the Champions League.

The crucial aspect right now is which team next drops points in the league. Both have winnable fixtures for the rest of January while city have home games v chelsea and arsenal in early February before Liverpool go to Old Trafford between – I think- the Bayern games in the Champions League.

Quite likely now that this goes down to the last couple of weeks of the season. City have the momentum with them and the experience of having gotten over the line previously, but Liverpool were 4 points back a month or so back a month or so ago and are still 4 clear now so there’s not much between them.

I think it may help Liverpool in the long run that there won’t be any talk of an invincible season. Or I’m trying to find some consolation in losing the biggest game of the season so far. Who knows?
Kieran, LFC, Dublin.


Paying the penalty
I know they are never ever given but I’d love to know from a referee or official, why Liverpool weren’t awarded a penalty when Mane hit the post and the keeper wiped him out immediately after his shot. The ball was still in play and Mane was clearly prevented from reaching the rebound off the post.

I hate to say it as I hate to hear it but if this type of challenge had made by an attacking player trying to block a fullback from clearing the ball downfield,  it not only would have been a foul but 95% of the time it would also be a yellow card offence. These decisions are never discussed by commentators or analysts, so is there a law out there that I don’t know of?

Any takers?


No more comfort blanket, Jurgen
Hopefully the one realisation for Klopp from last night is that he’s outgrown the need for his comfort blanket of Milner, Henderson, Wijnaldum. Their last few performances have offered very little in either direction and seem to make the team too stretched. They also very much set the tone of caution and hesistancy that summed up Liverpool’s play.
Mark LFC


Sore loser
Liverpool lose and Klopp immediately starts moaning again. You judge someone’s character in face of defeat, not victory. Strange that Klopp appears to be immune from that rule
John Collins, WWFC, London


It’s always best not to write in directly after a game, especially after a super disappointing result. But this takes self control and is not easy. Having said that the last thing I thought about when I went to sleep was this:

It’s perfectly reasonable to lose to this Man City team. It was their home game, they had some incredible support, and they needed to win. They are the most expensively assembled squad in the history of the game with some outstanding players.

I’ll let someone else talk about what could have been (1.12cm and all that). What I mostly want to acknowledge is the response I’ve seen since the game from social media. Apparently the rest of the Premier League was delighted with the result because the fight at the top continues, apparently Arsenal especially are pleased because their moment in history remains in tact and apparently Man Utd were delighted because rather the Blue side of Manchester than the Reds of Liverpool etc. You get the picture. Which for me leads to one thing: We are seriously in the conversation.

This might sound silly given our position but we’ve not dominated the Premier League for the last 10 years, we are only playing well now. 2013/14 didn’t count for me because at no time did we have a title winning defence (I watched again the City game from that year and despite winning we were all over the place). The response after last nights game confirms to me that opposition actually feel we can be contenders, partly BECAUSE of the way people are putting Gerard’s slip and 1.12cm in the same image – which is beyond absurd.

Hoping this blip will be the driving force for another angry Klopp-driven winning run, because apparently, we are good enough. That is, when Gomez returns.
Barry, LFC


The two best in the world
It maybe be a case of iron sharpening iron, but these 2 teams are probably setting world standards on how the future of football will look like.

It could be said that Klopp has learnt from Pep, on how to keep his teams energy high, but moderating the gegenpress when the game is won and thus ensuring his team doesn’t burn out near the end. Pep has clearly had to adapt his tactics to Klopp and it’s quite a beautiful competition to see.

3 years ago, it was framed as the battle between the bitter one and genius, the bitter one is gone and Pep has a big  battle in his hands with Klopp. Klopp is arguably more loveable,  more humble and has built a squad from the ground up.

I think I watched this game from a neutral point of view, but I thought Liverpool should have at least had a draw, if not outright won it. I don’t know which team ends up on top, but I hope they meet again and again this season. It’s a remarkable matchup and the best spectacle match in the world right now.

It’s actually hard to see any EPL side match the intensity the 2 sides showed. In Europe, it’s a different ball game however, so I doubt either of them will win the champions league, all that huffing and puffing rarely seems to work in Europe, but in England, the two will dominate for years.
Dave(London teams need a kick up the ass),Somewhere


More thoughts
First things first, hats off to City, they played fantastically well. The precision of their passing and their speed of play over a full hour of the match had Liverpool chasing shadows. Not many teams could’ve coped with them.

As a Liverpool fan, it was obviously not the result we were hoping for but to see that a team has to play that well against us to win is heartening at least. Not many teams will be able to replicate that sort of performance.

The Aguero goal was well taken but I do think Lovren took that fraction of a second to get lost in the speed of the game to give him space. I’m usually happy enough to defend Lovren because I don’t think he’s as bad as people make out, but if the Liverpool defence is under pressure, it is usually Lovren that will give that odd glimmer of hope to the attacking team. Sometimes he just doesn’t deal with danger in that really ruthless way the really top defenders do. It’s as if he doesn’t sense the threat and slackens off a bit. City clearly targeted him and, in fairness, he had to deal with a hell of a lot of attacks, but you saw the difference when Aguero ventured over to Van Dijk’s side – he was swatted off the ball quickly.

The City defence was similar when Liverpool forwards were in the City box. There was no let up in intensity. They were right on top of Liverpool. It was effective and shows the difference in nullifying a threat before it materialises. Pep played a blinder with his team selection.

The Liverpool midfield selection just didn’t work. Everyone knew City were going to be intense and the selection was set to help absorb the pressure but there was very little point in playing the front three if no one in midfield was able to evade the City press, turn and begin an attack. On the one occasion it did happen, Mane should’ve scored.

The main reason for that was Fernandinho. What a difference he makes. It’s like facing a trampoline. The attacks hit him and spring right back at the opposition team. On top of that, Bernardo Silva harried brilliantly and Sane was a constant outlet.

Fabinho made a huge difference when he came on. He flipped the midfield battle on it’s head and was the key to unlocking the front three. It was just too late and I think not starting him was a rare Klopp mistake.

For a team that has been lauded for their game management this year, I think the second Liverpool goal highlighted a slight worry that the pressure of the situation got to the players a bit. After that equaliser, Liverpool needed to kill the tempo in the game dead. Instead they allowed it to open up and obviously had some thoughts of capitalising and burying City in the title race. Thinking like that is not what they needed. They have the ability to go for the jugular but in that game it was more important not to lose. Despite the immense pressure they were under, Liverpool found themselves level, with a tiring City on 65 minutes. They should never have left themselves so open at that stage. Counter attacking options would’ve opened up later in the game.

Still four points on top but if City keep up that sort of form, Liverpool may need every last point to stay up there. This game will not decide the title but how each team responds to this will.

What a game, by the way. My nerves are wrecked.


Random views

1. Surprised that Liverpool weren’t more aggressive from the off.

2. ‘Pool players in the first 15 minutes were going down like the world’s biggest girl’s blouses. (Don’t hold your face RRobertson, hold your head in shame).

3. Kompany should’ve seen red for his early challenge.

4 When his career is done and dusted, the one thing I’ll always be amazed about by Kun is the goals he scored from the most ridiculously tight angles.

5. I didn’t relax for a single second of that match and was awaiting a Liverpool onslaught throughout that didn’t come.  Why didn’t it?

6. Doesn’t matter whether it’s 1.1 cm or ten feet.  It didn’t go in.  It’s not in.  IT’S OUT.  Stop yakking on about it and move on.

7. Pep wasn’t under pressure as can be seen when he loses it massively in the second half!  Not sure why he was lucky enough to stay on the touchline.

8. We were lucky that the ‘Pool that’s been playing for the last two months just didn’t turn up tonight.  Not so much we deserved to win as they (apparently) didn’t try to.

9. Still, as F365 marked me as the “ABL” movement initiator, allow me to state just 2 points more.  Firstly, that tonight’s result doesn’t decide anything in terms of this season’s title.  Secondly, that I love watching the exciting passionate flowing football that Liverpool play.  It’s just some (and as I clarified in the initial mail, SOME) of their supporters that can’t help going over the top despite not having won this title for nearly 30 years!  FFS.  Where were you, dear reader, 30 years ago?

Mark (Now for the massive over-reaction that ‘Pool and Klopp have always been sh*t and City are the best team in the entire universe ever.  <Sigh>).  MCFC.



We were second best all day which is perhaps the most disappointing thing. Their press was relentless and neither our defenders nor midfielders could cope with it. It was hardly a surprise that we had our best spell after Fabinho came on since he pushed Wijnaldum into a more useful area. You feel like Keita was bought for days like today but perhaps he’s just not up to speed yet. I’m not sure if Milner had much impact on the game and rotation seemed an odd decision after a 4 day break when we have been so good recently.

Kompany should’ve seen red. I don’t think the ref could’ve seen it properly because it was an awful tackle. Or perhaps it went unpunished because he (thankfully) barely caught Salah.

The first City goal was odd. Aguero was down and appealing for a penalty. Our defensive line moved up and stop caring about him as he was now offside. Then as the play moves to the touch line he’s back onside and  skips in front of Lovren who doesn’t even know he’s there until it’s too late. The finish was perfect and you can’t criticise Alisson, who also kept us in the game with two amazing moments in the last 15 minutes.

City fans (on twitter) seem to hate Liverpool and think we are just the worst. Weird then they decided to copy Allez Allez Allez and sing it whenever they were on top in the game. Whilst we didn’t invent the chant we made it quite famous last season. Maybe next they’ll chant, “Who the f**k are Man City” when the Manchester derby next rolls around.

Losing this game is fine. It’s all about reaction now. Henderson was in the background at full time trying to give some of his team mates a lift. It’s important that we get straight back up and win the next few games to remind ourselves that we are still in control of our fate.
Minty, LFC


A little something else
It’s not been a good start to the new year for me, be it the crushing feeling of returning to a job I can’t stand after a nice week away stuffing tarts down me gullet, or being hit a low blow today with news that there’s actually teams that charge for the privilege of having your son or daughter walk the first team onto the pitch. Aaaaargh!

Seriously I thought there was nothing newsworthy that would ever shock me again. This is gutting news and a more worthy reason to boycott the Premier League I cannot imagine!

Not once in my life have I thought those kids were nothing less than actual wee footballers themselves, all members of a local youth team (be it the top team or more likely the worst team in the table that gets stuffed every match and earns the pity invite) who were contacted by the club and asked if they’d like to participate. No, nothing of the sort! I can lay out 700 quid and have my son pass on his respiratory virus to Samir Nasri as they walk onto the pitch hand in hand at London Stadium (a father can dream!)

Spurs will definitely have to keep charging 400 quid to help pay off the new ground well into the foreseeable future. All supporters of these teams should be ashamed and immediately consider a boycott of all things greedy bastard clubs. Sure my team just lets the kids line up for nothing, chosen at random from the junior Gunners members, but I would seriously write to them in protest if this were not the case.

…then I would immediately inquire about having my two sons attend on March 9th, my opening offer would be 1000 quid per child. My oldest doesn’t even like football but we think the exposure will help get his youtube and instagram back to where they need to be. Offer an extra thousand to ensure he’s walking out with Mustafi and my son will forever be viral when he clenches ‘ol Shkodran’s sack and gives ’em a good twist for his dad and all Gooners suffering from his presence in our back line.
– Paul Kaiser, Langley (no kids and no money)



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