Liverpool go from preacher to borderland priest while exit swipes and shortlists follow Poch news

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Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp
Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp

A lot of Chelsea content around today, to nobody’s great surprise, but the most ludicrous thing anyone has said is still about Liverpool because it nearly always is.


Preach around
While the rest of the media – including everyone else involved in this fine website – revelled in Chelsea’s latest absolute madness, Mediawatch sighed heavily.

It’s absolutely no use to us when the football pages are just full of everyone very correctly going ‘Chelsea, what the actual f*ck?’

Thank the heavens, then, for Liverpool. It really does mean more with those daft lads.

There appears currently to be no middle ground in the Jurgen Klopp retrospectives. At one extreme you’ve got Piers Morgan, the world’s most tedious man who, having spent the last two years crying his eyes out about how impossible it is to beat Manchester City, is now turning round and saying one Premier League title in eight years ain’t all that. And at the other, you have the following absolute absurdity from a rather more surprising source in Rob Draper.

Draper has, as all middle-aged white men are legally obliged to do, started a podcast with one of his white middle-aged mates. It’s generally an interesting enough listen with a historical bent and the obligatory whimsical in-joke name – It Was What It Was – with Jonathan Wilson. There are worse podcasts out there in the unlikely event that what you need in your life right now is another football podcast.

Their latest episode does slightly push its luck with the ‘historical’ angle, because Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool reign is only in the strictly technical sense applicable. But never mind that, because Draper has lost the run of himself and said this absolutely insane thing.

‘Klopp is probably the best preacher of all time. I think, as a communicator, is this outlandish to put him up there with Barack Obama?

‘You know, for someone who can really catch a moment, and catch a crowd and take you with them… you know, you’re reminded of obviously the great people like Martin Luther King, civil rights leaders, people who can do that, they’re a rare commodity.’

Now there’s a bit of mischief involved in transcribing podcasts and presenting them verbatim, because we can all regret things we said out loud having got a little bit carried away in the moment. But remember that in this case, the response from Draper and/or his producers wasn’t ‘Did we just compare a football manager to Martin Luther King? That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Got carried away there, let’s edit that out.’ No. It was in fact ‘Make sure we clip up that insane MLK stuff for the socials.’

And so there it is. Liverpool have gone from preacher man to borderland priest. What a club.


Sarr point
Luckily not absolutely every piece of Chelsea coverage this morning makes sense.

There’s this from the Mirror for instance.

Forgotten Chelsea player makes feelings clear on Mauricio Pochettino with exit swipe

We’ll save you all the time and effort. It’s Malang Sarr and he liked Chelsea’s Instagram post confirming Pochettino’s departure.

Is that a swipe? And can you make any kind of feeling clear with a Like, infamously the most ambiguous of all the social media engagements? Questions for greater minds than ours.

What we will say is that Sarr is at time of writing one of just 534,652 people to make their feelings clear with the exact same exit swipe.


Of course, attention must now inevitably turn to which poor sod is next in line to try and make the best of the bad job that is being Chelsea manager in big 2024. Who’s that going to be? Well we don’t yet know for sure, but what we do know is that there is a shortlist. How short is that shortlist? Well…

Inside next Chelsea manager search as three names identified to replace Mauricio Pochettino – Football.London

Chelsea have four-man shortlist to replace Mauricio Pochettino – Football.London

Kieran McKenna, Girona’s Michel and a lesser-known Bundesliga coach all in contention to replace Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea… and could Thomas Tuchel return? The SEVEN candidates to replace the Argentine – Daily Mail

Chelsea draw up bizarre seven-name managerial shortlist to replace Mauricio Pochettino – FourFourTwo

Chelsea have eight-man managerial shortlist after brutal Mauricio Pochettino exit – Mirror

There is a list, of some length. That much we know.


Record breaker
As well as managing to walk away from Chelsea with reputation intact and head held high, Pochettino can also delight in the fact he is the new and unbeatable record holder for the world’s fastest ever broken silence.

Mauricio Pochettino breaks silence after shock Chelsea departure confirmed

That’s the headline from Football.London about the fact Pochettino thanked Chelsea and declared the club to be ‘well positioned to keep moving forward in the Premier League and Europe in the years to come’.

He said these things in the club’s official statement announcing his departure, thus breaking his silence on the issue in a never-to-be-beaten time of 0.00 seconds.


TV Times
More magnificent mischief from the reader-despising Reach scamps at Football.London with this headline.

Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou set for new job with imminent start date

The job? Being an ITV pundit during Euro 2024. They know exactly what they’re doing, of course, and as ever we can do nothing other than grudgingly admire the grift.


Plea bargain
Let it never be said that the Daily Express lives determinedly in the past, but it’s a very long time since we’ve seen a good old-fashioned ‘come-and-get-me plea’ in the wild.

Thomas Frank issues come-and-get-me plea to Chelsea and Man Utd

Mediawatch is feeling all nostalgic. What will the Express reveal next? The size of his transfer war-chest?

Lovely, lovely stuff. Absolute b*llocks, of course, because as well as saying ‘If a big club one day comes to knock on my door, then I need to consider it,’ which of course he would, he also said ‘it’s not something I’m hunting. I could stay in Brentford for, well, forever is probably a crazily long time but I could stay here for a further sustained period.’ But lovely stuff nonetheless.