Liverpool and Manchester United…what do they need?

Matt Stead

Liverpool, Manchester United, Thomas Partey, Mike Dean and more feature in the latest Football365 Isolation Show.


It is the one question everyone wants answered, the conundrum Sir Keir Starmer must feel compelled to ask Boris Johnson in the next House of Commons debate, the quandary that Piers Morgan, Philip Schofield and the entire panel of Loose Women have deliberated over for months on end.

Just what do Liverpool and Manchester United need this summer?

The Football365 Isolation Show finds itself with a bit more free time than usual and so host Mark Smith and deputy editor Matt Stead thought they’d weigh in and join the literal billions of videos, podcasts and other assorted media dominated by relatively young white men to finally have their say, the poor, under-represented pair.

Their first point of call is inspired by Roode, MUFC – Manchester United’s favourite son with that phonetic name – who wonders what more Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to do to be appreciated more widely at Old Trafford.

It turns out the man is just a buffer who won’t be there in a couple of years because he is a Norwegian Kenny Dalglish.

And while Jadon Sancho could be a handy signing, Mark and Matt ponder whether he really could help reinvent the wheel for Liverpool.

Do the pair agree on which forward Liverpool should look to replace first? They both clearly love Roberto Firmino, but should it be Sadio Mane or Mo Salah who makes way for Jurgen Klopp’s bunch of cloggers?

Also on the agenda: what Manchester City need, the one reason why Arsenal absolutely have to sign Thomas Partey, having regular chats with Eden Hazard, and why Mike Dean’s post-match reports must be published when football returns.

So join Mark and Matt, give us a subscribe and a Brendan Rodgers-style thumbs-up, and waste spend about 20 minutes of your life wisely by watching the latest Football365 Isolation Show.

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