Who is trying to deny Liverpool the title THIS week?

Date published: Monday 23rd March 2020 12:00

Shouting NUMBERS
Once again we read The Sun, learn that ‘THE PREMIER LEAGUE will play Russian roulette with players’ fitness if they do not get FIVE weeks of training before the season restarts’ and wonder whether we should be shocked that it’s as much as FIVE or that we should be shocked that it’s only FIVE. Why do all numbers need to be shouted?


Hammer time
No numbers but this really is a shocking story. Brace yourself. This is big.

‘DAVID MOYES plans to buy British and create a core of young exciting players at West Ham’

We don’t know where the Daily Mirror get their information because that has rocked us right to the bleeding core.

Oddly, the piece makes no mention at all of Jordan Hugill.


Message in a throttle
On Saturday, The Athletic published a long (of course) piece entitled ‘Inside the Premier League’s coronavirus meeting’, full of many words and many details. Apparently, within this meeting there was a ‘collective, concerted message that the 2019-20 season had to be finished’.

There was a paragraph dedicated to the input of Ed Woodward, who was said to be “very fair” in being ‘firm in saying that even if the season had to run into September or October, that should be the course of action’. Apparently ‘there was no hint of trying to deny Liverpool a first title in 30 years’. Presumably because that would have been a) entirely unprofessional and b) utterly mental.

So fast-forward two days and the MOST READ story on the Mirror football website:

‘Ed Woodward’s message to Premier League chiefs about denying Liverpool the title’

‘There was no hint’ became a ‘message to Premier League chiefs’ in just a short hop, skip and a jump to conclusions that make the people go click-click-click.

‘Manchester United chief Ed Woodward is not in favour of the Premier League being voided which would deny Liverpool the title.’

Of course he’s bloody not. Give us a nod when somebody genuinely is; even Karren Brady backtracked on that particularly ridiculous stance.


Where to start with The Sun‘s version of Joe Cole’s entirely sensible suggestion that the season is declared null and void if it cannot ever be finished? With the fact that he is called an ‘ex-Liverpool star’ after his 26 Premier League games for the club, or the fact that an opinion probably held by over 90% of the population has to be ‘insisted’?

‘EX-LIVERPOOL star Joe Cole insists the season should be scrapped if it cannot be finished – even if that denies the Anfield side the title.’

So ‘man has same opinion as almost everybody else and refuses to be swayed by a short spell playing at the club least likely to benefit from that chain of events’. Thanks. For. That.


The Daily Mirror has had a good old chat with Cole and thankfully have realised that the man simply ‘says’ football must restart this season from scratch and does not ‘insist’ at all, because that would be weird.

They do manage to fill a double-page spread with Cole’s thoughts on the brilliance of Ross Barkley (“I am a big fan of Ross Barkley”) and the brilliance of Frank Lampard (“I was never in any doubt he’d be a top manager”), all of which is pretty astonishing stuff from a man actually employed by Chelsea.

And it fits in rather nicely with the other Cole story in the Mirror in which he talks about being a BT pundit and says he tries to “be as transparent” with his opinions as he possibly can. You nailed it, Joe; we can see right through you.


It’s 2020. We would like to believe that we could be edging closer to a time when Liverpool players NOT being issued mental health advice during these difficult times would be the bigger story.

Of course they are being given mental health advice, Daily Mail. Anything else would be negligence on the part of the club. It should be no more ‘EXCLUSIVE’ back-page news than testing being in place for those who suspect they have coronavirus. Oh, wait a minute…


Ask a simple question
‘IS HE WRIGHT? Arsenal legend Ian Wright ranks Wes Morgan above Steven Gerrard – because he’s lifted a Premier League title’.

No he’s not right. Or WRIGHT. It’s utter nonsense.


Crooks of the matter
Garth Crooks may be surprised to know that he is a trending topic on Monday morning. This is not unusual; his teams of the week on the BBC website are often utterly bizarre XIs made up of a minimum seven goalscorers each week, with strikers picked as wingers and central midfielders fielded as full-backs.

Which means that if you start trying to construct a team of the season from those XIs (as one Reddit user did) then what emerges is not actually a team of the season, but more a random collection of names that is heavy on goalscorers and incredibly low on full-backs.

But why would you let that stop you from suggesting that Crooks has somehow lost his marbles by including onto two Liverpool players in a ‘team of the season’?

‘Garth Crooks’ Team of the Season so far – and it features just two Liverpool players’ – Liverpool Echo.

Note: It’s not a team of the season.

‘Garth Crooks’ Team of the Season so far – with just two Liverpool players included’ – Mirror.

Note: It’s not a team of the season.

‘Garth Crooks only includes two Liverpool players in Premier League team of the season’ – Daily Star.

Note: It’s not a team of the season.

‘No Trent, as Reddit user works out Garth Crooks’ Team of the Season’ – Teamtalk.

Note: It’s not a team of the season. And there’s no Trent because there are no full-backs.


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