Liverpool have ‘quirky German’ and Man Utd in ninth?

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

All those trophies won by Jurgen Klopp and he is still just a ‘quirky German’. Meanwhile, Manchester United perspective is lost…


Warn of the worlds
Mediawatch is pissing in the wind while shouting at the clouds but on Wednesday night, Liverpool beat Arsenal 2-0 to move within a point of Manchester City with their ninth straight Premier League win. That’s the story. It’s simple. It’s football.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was asked after the match if he thought momentum was on Liverpool’s side and here is what he said:

“Momentum is the most fragile flower on the planet.

“If someone walks on it, then you have to work to get the momentum back and just get through it.”

And that, according to The Sun’s back page, was Klopp ‘firing a flowery title warning to his Liverpool side’. Sorry, but was it f***.

Klopp also said these words:

“I’m very excited about the team and the situation we are in. We just need to keep going. I don’t think a lot about City, that’s the truth.”

And that, according to the Daily Mail‘s back page, was Klopp ‘warning the champions his team will not let up’. Sorry, but was it f***.

He literally said “I don’t think a lot about City” and you decide that was a ‘warning’?

This is going to confuse a whole lot of people but not every word muttered by somebody in the public eye is a warning, a message or an admission. Sometimes they just say shit. And more often than not, the football is more interesting.


Want to say you quirk it
Jurgen Klopp has won the Premier League, Champions League and various other trinkets as Liverpool manager after winning two Bundesliga titles with Borussia Dortmund.

So how does miserable Mark Irwin refer to him in the second paragraph of his match report from the Emirates?

‘The quirky German.’

Verdammt noch mal.


Lost in Europe
Oh my. Oh my, oh my.

Neil Custis really has not taken Manchester United’s defeat to Atletico Madrid very well at all. He is a man who loves an international airport and defeat to the Spanish side has curtailed those adventures for another season at least.

You will be shocked to learn that there has been a monumental loss of perspective from the Sun man.

After some nonsense about a ‘lame-duck manager’ and ‘lame-duck players’ purely so he can make a ‘quackers’ quip, he quickly finds himself here:

‘The team’s head is barely above water with the season now in danger of sinking and the real prospect of the club finishing outside the top eight, never mind the top four.’

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Premier League table:

The eagle-eyed among you will spot that Manchester United are in fifth place on 50 points and the team in ninth are Aston Villa on 36 points. So Custis now fears – after a slim defeat to Atletico Madrid (who are not in the Premier League) – that United will throw away a 14-point lead over Villa.

And this lead will be thrown away despite – and this does seem rather important – the fact that United have actually lost only one of their last 10 Premier League games, and that was to leaders Manchester City.

Indeed, since their ‘lame-duck manager’ has been in charge, only City and Liverpool have picked up more Premier League points. And you think this team could slump to ninth?

Ralf Rangnick during a match

Custis calls this ‘the sad reality’, which is odd because it is neither sad nor reality.

‘In the top flight United could easily finish in their worst position since 1989-90 when they came 13th.

‘Seventh was their worst since then under David Moyes in 2013-14.

‘They have Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea in their final nine matches, but no game will be easy for a team in the state they are now in.’

It’s five days since they beat Tottenham.

And before they face any of Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, they have matches against Leicester, Everton and Norwich, who are literally the three worst Premier League teams of 2022 so far. We suspect at least one of those games will be easy for a team that have lost just once in 10 top-flight games.

‘United’s season effectively finished on Tuesday night and it will be very difficult to lift the players for a battle to finish in the top four, one which in reality they will not win.’

Did he seriously think they would win the Champions League? Was he pinning all his hopes on that improbable dream?

Curious how we keep being told that Liverpool can win the Quadruple (25/1) and yet Manchester United cannot finish in the top four (4/1)…


Nobody else but you…
Over in the Daily Mirror, Jeremy Cross is so all-in on Thomas Tuchel at Manchester United that he is blithely dismissing all other candidates.

‘Mauricio Pochettino and Erik Ten Hag have shown in recent weeks the challenge of managing United will be too big for them.’

Ten Hag has indeed lost two of his last 16 matches in charge of Ajax so he is definitely not a candidate. Losing narrowly to Benfica in the last 16 of the Champions League is clearly unforgivable.

‘Tuchel took charge of a Chelsea team floundering under Frank Lampard and turned them into European champions within six months. He won six trophies with Paris Saint-Germain and led them to the Champions League final, something Pochettino has not come close to matching with the same club.’

Pesky fact: Pochettino took PSG to the Champions League semi-finals, which is really quite close to matching the final.

Mediawatch agrees that Tuchel would be a fine candidate but appointing a manager based on the last two weeks’ Champions League results seems a tad short-sighted if you are using the same piece to argue that United need to stop thinking about the short term.