Liverpool should be praised because of rule-bending City

Date published: Sunday 10th March 2019 11:15

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Every cloud
If we win the Champions League we dont have to come 4th right?

Crack on then lads.
TGWolf(Is that the ‘Marching On Derby’?)THFC


Payback for 2012
Anyone who doesn’t think Tottenham are going to finish sixth but win the Champions League to knock fourth-placed Chelsea out of the competition next season is a fool.
Michael Angelo


Role reversal
After years of Premier League overachievement coupled with European disappointment, the tables have turned for Tottenham. They should be considered one of the favourites for the Champions League, but one of the outsiders to finish in the top four.

They simply do not have the squad to balance the two competitions. They never have. Hence they have always concentrated on domestic matters and let things slip in Europe. But three consecutive seasons of finishing in the top three – which no other side can currently claim – is beginning to feel a little hollow and meaningless. So they have put eggs in the Champions League basket.

Their starting line-up can win any one-off or two-legged match. They showed that against Dortmund, when beating the then-Bundesliga leaders 4-0 went massively under the radar. But it has become more difficult to concentrate and focus on the Premier League. How else can you explain losing to Southampton after scoring first?

Tottenham will reach the Champions League semi-finals as a bare minimum. If they do, just watch their Premier League position fall. If they don’t, watch them finish third. If they keep trying (and failing) to combine the two, they will fail in both.
Andy T


Spurs. E
I just watched Spurs lose from a winning position for the umpteenth time and I can’t help but believe the “Spursy” moniker. They’ve gone and done a Dortmund with their top four place.

For what it’s worth as a Man United fan I’m really happy that there’s now two positions to fight for in the top 4 and with ” OLE OLE OLE!!!” as the gaffer I believe we will be there come May.
Tosin Collins, Lagos. (a word for Ward, what a freekick that was)


Regardless of what happens at the Emirates today and with the current form of those 2 clubs playing, it looks like Spurs and Chelsea might be fighting it out for Thursday night football next season.
Jon, Cape Town 


Tottenham are very lucky that Utd and arsenal are playing each other tomorrow. Is it me or have they been worse since Kane came back. All he has done is score in defeats.
Ryan Liverpool


“Lads, it’s Tottenham”
Wayne, ManYoo, Singapore


My interest in this title race has largely vanished.

There’s no point bothering when you see decisions made the like of which we’ve seen for City’s first goal. Is it not enough that this is the most expensively assembled team in the history of football? We now have to contend with offsides not applying.

The third has just gone in and I’m done.

Thanks for the no show.
Barry, LFC


First FFP, now actual rules such as offside.

That Liverpool have been able to compete with a Manchester City side that bends pretty much every rule going deserves praise, not criticism for ‘bottling it’.

Having said that, you do start to wonder what the point is when they can’t even be offside anymore.
Chuck Boris


Can’t put a price on Sterling
We need to talk about Sterling. Sterling has been at the heart of City’s success. A prodigious amount of goals slickly and yet quietly achieved by Sterling. And they’ve been so much more than just taps by Sterling.

His rapid and tricky movement has also bamboozled all onlookers for seasons. You simply can’t put a price on City’s use of Sterling. Fair play to them.
David lfc (not the slightest bit jealous)


Rafa ticket
Is it too early to give Rafa manager of the year again?
J, Vancouver 


Pick of the bunch
When they do the next picture edition of the Oxford dictionary (that’s a thing, right?) they will have to update the photo next to the entry for schadenfreude..

The non-Newcastle fan I am took great delight after his afternoon of Sh*thousery towards the Newcastle fans!
Ted (He’ll wonder why they don’t cheer him when he’s wearing an England jumper) Melbourne.


A Man United plan
@Duncan Clowes

What exactly is wrong with the “young, hungry talent” of Dalot and Shaw for United fullbacks? Why on earth would you want to replace either?

While I would probably agree that Valencia and Young need to be moved on, United still have Darmian who is a solid backup on either side, and Dimitri Mitchell and especially George Tanner from the U23s both look ready to step up.

United need a right sided forward, for which Sancho looks absolutely perfect, and they need to refresh their midfield options.

Personally I would look to move on Young, Valencia, Mata, Matic and Sanchez.

I’d promote Tanner from the U23s as fullback backup.

I’d look to sign Sancho as the RWF.

Then make judgement calls on who from the U23s and U18s might be ready to step up in midfield. Angel Gomes looks a real prospect for example.

If the judgement is that there isn’t quite enough in the youth setup, then look to buy in top class youth, but apart from a RWF and POSSIBLY a direct replacement for Matic if you think Herrera isn’t good enough (you’re wrong if you think that) United don’t need major surgery.

Get rid of the dead wood, build from within, spend hugely on one or two youth stars.

Be United again.
Tim Sutton


Love you, Ole x
​To LFCfan, in regards to why Ole is not being judged the same way as Giggs despite his lack of experience and success:

– There was a mail in the previous mailbox calling for Poch instead so I suspect so those with that opinion are still around.

– The magnitude of the turnaround was incredible. United was having its worst season post Fergie in the league, both horrible defense and lackluster attack. Ole comes in and gets them playing better football and getting results with the same group of players.

– The first United manager to win 9 straight away games ever. Got them to come back 2-0 away tie in Champions League with ten players injured (PSG lost it sure but Ole kept them believing to get whatever opportunities back), the first team to do so.

– Have a hard time verifying it for sure but I’m under the impression Man United still leads to Post-Chrismas/Second Half Table.

I don’t think many would argue them to give the job to Ole when he started. But he’s done way too much not to be given the job now. He was lucky to have a lot of time for such an elaborate audition but thats life, sometimes rare opportunities comes and sometimes whether it through luck, skill or a combination they take it. Like Rashford, who came on during an Europa League game through Martial as warmup injury, is now a regular striker.
Yaru, Malaysia


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