Liverpool supporters ‘will not enjoy’ Everton treatment ‘one bit’ according to Souness

Ciaran McCarthy
Souness warns Man Utd star
Graeme Souness speaking on a TV broadcast

Former Liverpool player Graeme Souness believes the club’s fans “will not enjoy” how rivals Everton have been treated by the Premier League “one bit”.

The Toffees have been deducted 10 points in the Premier League for a breach of profitability and sustainability rules. It’s plunged them to second from bottom, with only Burnley now below them.

Everton themselves have hit out at the decision for them to be docked points, with the continuous use of the word “disproportionate” in response to it – Sean Dyche the latest to weigh in with that take.

Gary Neville believes the club will have lost all “trust and faith” in the Premier League, suggesting they were not deserving of such a punishment.

Former Liverpool man Souness thinks that despite the rivalry between his former side and Everton, the city will be united, and the Reds won’t feel happy that their rivals have been docked 10 points.

“I worked in the city of Liverpool for nine years and know it as a place that unites very quickly when there is a sense of injustice,” he told the Daily Mail.

“That is why I believe that many Liverpool supporters will not enjoy, one bit, the way that Everton have been treated by the Premier League with that 10-point deduction.”

He also thinks the Toffees are right to feel hard done by given the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City remain unsanctioned amid investigations into more potential rule breaches.

“And of course, the reaction of Everton fans speaks for itself. I think Everton can rightly feel aggrieved, when there are charges hanging over the head of another club,” Souness added.

That there’s a sense of camaraderie in the city of Liverpool is a fair point to make, but football fans don’t tend to think that way. As such, Liverpool likely don’t care all too much that their rivals have been handed what it’s felt is a harsh punishment.

While some Reds fans may even think it’s harsh, that won’t stop some enjoying Everton’s demise, perhaps even at the same time.

That said, they wouldn’t want their rivals to be relegated unfairly, yet given the Toffees won four games and drawn two before their deduction, their form suggests they’ll be able to climb to safety.

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