Welcome back, snidey, c**ty, bad loser Jose!

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Jose is back
‘The best team lost’

He is DEFINITELY considering Spurs as challengers. The shithouses’ shithouse is back.
Stu, Southampton


…Well here he is!

We’ve seen the jokey, cuddley, relaxed Jose for the last 11 months and then this week, especially after the Liverpool defeat, the mask has slipped.

Welcome back, snidey, c**ty, bad loser Jose! Oh how we’ve missed you!


…Spurs are pathetic. Just 18 months ago they played to be European champions. Now they make Tony Pulis teams look progressive. They’ve handed themselves to Jose, had a little endorphin burst by being “up there” for real, but at Anfield they showed they are 11 shithouses managed by a has-been.

Funny how the mask of the new, cuddly, happy-to-be-here Jose slips when his low-percentage bullshit loses out late to a football team who never stopped playing football.
Ian, Dublin (Yes, Bobby)


…Jose Mourinho and Arteta must be smoking the same ish with their best team lost and pure maths analogy, his team was thoroughly outplayed and even for someone who supports a club that kinda also obliges you to hate Liverpool I have to admit Klopp’s body of work was at full display yester night with the way his team bombarded the Tottenham goal with shot after shot and from early on it was clear that save for some divine intervention if any time was going to win this contest it was these scousers with the most irritating fanbase and the stats back it up.

Pool had 76% to the better teams dominant 24% also had 200 passes in the final third to Totteringham’s measly 19 also managing 11 shots to the special one’s(only special people get praise even when beaten with 36 valiant Vikings behind the ball)team’s two. This kinda works for Tottenham having gone ages without winning anything and will probably be acceptable for the short term if it delivers success in the shape of one or two cup competitions that anyone who follows football for a while knows Mourinho can win but when the players get tired of constantly chasing shadows around like the other night that’s when the chicken will come home to roost.
Joe Nairobi Kenya


…Man that felt good! Jose can have no complaints. He sets his teams up in these games to take their chances. They did not take their chances. They lost. Simple as.
Sam, LFC, North Yorks


…Setting up your team to defend stoutly for most of the game and hoping to catch the opposition out on the counter is a bit like taking a Panenka penalty. When it works, it comes across as being masterful and clever. But when it fails, like the Lookman penalty for Fulham, you look like a complete plonker.

Just how Mourinho looked and sounded yesterday after the ‘Pool game. Especially when he spouted his alternative ‘facts’ about the game. He sounded Trumpian with his Spurs being the bestest of the best ever – they just, well, lost. Let’s face it, if thinks Spurs were brilliant what does that make Fulham?

Fulham showed far more energy and nous and were more dangerous for most of the game against Liverpool.

Unfortunately this takes away from Spurs recent performances. They have been incredible on the counter. Where opponents have allowed them. Liverpool’s ability to continually retain possession and recycle the ball prevented Spurs creating too many chances. Compare to Fulham who used their pace to push through Liverpool’s lines constantly for the first 60 minutes and were far more frightening than Spurs.

It was an interesting tactical game that was more of a throwback to past era Mourinho in a two-legged European tie.
Paul (hi to my Scottish friend Steve) McDevitt


16 Conclusions got it wrong
“You’re making things up again Arnold, your stretching the truth again and you know it.”

We can take this line from the Book of Mormon and replace Arnold with Football365 to summarize 16 conclusions of fantasy.

Spurs were abysmal last night. I don’t think I have ever seen a more negative performance ever in the sport from any opposition.

These sort of performances when Jose was at United were condemned. Fulham earned a point by going out and bossing Liverpool. This idea of fear making last night’s football necessary is just ridiculous.

You guys need to get the narratives sorted. Your writing on De Bruyne and Spurs are gone into fiction at this point.
Jamie, Eire


What a blessed relief
Nothing makes me happier than when a team starts time wasting from the 70th minute and playing for a draw only to lose the match at the death.

Curtis Jones. Wow. What an exceptional footballer. I actually couldn’t believe how silky his touch was. So many times he was just so controlled and comfortable finding space. He was all over the pitch too and was great to watch.

Also special mention to Rhys Williams. His Premier League debut and he was pretty good. They score down his side so maybe there’s an argument he got caught a bit flat but overall he got ahead of the play so many times to stop attacks from developing and also nearly assisted Salah magically.

If VAR is going to be like that for offsides going forward then I am all for it. It was quick, there was one line and the benefit of the doubt was given to Son. I just worry that next week it’ll be back to the same shite that we saw when Mané had his goal disallowed against Everton. That said it was weird how long they spent checking the Firmino goal. More time was dedicated to checking that than the Dier handball in the box and the Son goal. If I was more pessimistic then I would wonder what excuse the VAR from Manchester was looking so desperately for.

Mourinho was exactly as I remembered him when he was at Chelsea the first time. That game was non-stop anxious and decided by the finest of margins just like he likes. It’s nice that he didn’t get it all his own way today. Spurs may still win the league depending on how they react to this loss. Especially given that we will probably keep losing players to injury.
Minty, LFC


Happy with Bobby.
Happy with Hendo.
Happy with the kids.
Happy with the adults.
Happy with the boss.
Happy with the performance.
Happy with the result.

It’s a lovely time to support this club.

Rob ‘just call me Pharrell’, Brighton (LFC)


No Moura, please
Hmmm. I throughly enjoyed that, despite the result. I think the commentator referred to it as an arm wrestle, and I think that was apt, with the champions winning. Moura really looked off the pace, I think the good will from Amsterdam has long been used up. We looked worse for his introduction.

Mou sniping at Klopp at the end left a bad taste in the mouth as well.

Still, Arsenal, eh? Thank f**k for them.
Jon, Lincoln


No defence of Arteta
Look, I like Arteta and I’m sure Dave Tickner is a very nice person with a bit of banter. But at the same time, they’ve taken five points from a possible 27. I have always and probably will always consider Arsenal a big club, but I don’t understand how you can say it’s acceptable just to forget where a club of Arsenal’s size finishes in the league as long as they don’t get relegated?

For all the articles I’ve seen from Dave slating Ole (I think the PE teacher line was his construct, could be wrong), it’s acceptable for Arteta just to keep floating in the league? For Arsenal? I don’t think Ole will win a title or Champions League but if you repeatedly tell me that United shouldn’t settle for top four and good cup runs with this manager, then defend Arteta for looking like he’ll finish on below 40 points, I will ask are you messing?

There’s a lot wrong with Arsenal but you can’t say that the quality they have in the team is that bad. Like you can’t tell me 15th is alright with those players.

Again, it’s nothing personal on Dave, it’s just that it’s wildly inconsistent for some of the things that gets said about United and Ole. Another six months? With 5 points from a possible 27?

This is the closest I’ve ever come to using Roy Keane’s eye roll and “give me a break”.
James, Galway (unless Dave is a secret Spurs fan?)

(It’s no secret; he is a Spurs fan – Ed)


I’m sure there will be many who will be weighing in on the resurrection of Signor Allerdici and his patented 9-0-1 formation, soon to be introduced at the Hawthorns. What I’m sure won’t be discussed is the fact that yet another opportunity has been missed by the powers that be to put their money where their mouths are i.e. even consider the appointment of a BAME candidate for a manager’s position in “the greatest league in the world.”

We have now witnessed months and months of what can only be termed ‘performative allyship’ with the BLM/racial justice movement in the form of public declarations, new schemes and initiatives, beseeching Raheem Sterling (THE Black Spokesman), and kneeling at matches. However, when it came time to actually DO something, everyone went missing. When the speculation began about Slaven Bilic’s replacement, the usual ‘jobs for the boys’ failures – Mark Hughes, Nigel Pearson, Eddie Howe – were regurgitated once again.

The contrast between those on the pitch and those on the sidelines couldn’t be more stark: in the Arsenal v Southampton clash, 11 of the 22 players were BAME; in the Everton v Chelsea, it was 13 of 22. Maybe those folks at The Den had a point.
Courtney, LFC