Liverpool vs Man United Mails: Mourinho is a football killer

Date published: Monday 16th October 2017 9:15

Oh yes, you’ll have more to say. So say it to…


Manchester United play puke football
I owe the phrase to Pat Spillane – the legendary Gaelic footballer and now pundit of the game for many years.

This Man U team play ‘Puke Football’.

I’m ashamed of myself for still watching it.


An embarrassment to the Premier League. Oh dear
That was one of the most pathetic displays I have ever seen in all my years watching football. Is that really what Man United fans want from their team?

There’s a place in football for the “classic Mourinho” performance. When you sit back, soak up pressure, don’t give away much and hit on the break. But this wasn’t even that. This was sit back, give away chances, give away possession and try to come out with a 0-0.

This is a Liverpool team that has been weak at the back all season. And a United team that has been free scoring. Did United come with an aggressive plan to exploit that? No. Burnley made more of an attacking effort than United at Anfield.

Also, as we kept being told, Liverpool aren’t that good and aren’t title challengers. So why were United set up like they were playing away to Madrid in the first leg of a European tie? Surely United fans want more than that?

There can’t be any excuses anymore. Mourinho has spent over £300m on players and inherited a squad that had £150m spent on it the year before he arrived. He then has the balls to complain he had no options from the bench! Pathetic. It’s one thing to be conservative, it’s another to go and show no interest in winning the game.

Liverpool weren’t great, they were wasteful again but at least they had a go. United were an embarrassment to the Premier League.
Mike, LFC, Dubai


Standard bloody Jose, isn’t it?
Well, there it was, your standard frigid Mourninho team performance against another big side away from home. Dreadful, cowardly stuff that any proper United fan should be embarrassed by. To me, those performances are as much about Mourninho’s ego not being able to risk losing a game to a rival manager than not wanting his team to lose. I truly believe him to be that much of a self centred twat.

The good news is better teams than Liverpool will pick them off playing like that and that the myth of Mourinho being anything more than yesterday’s man will be put to rest soon enough.

I was in a good mood before that. What a load of shit.
Kevin Walsh Luimneach


I support Liverpool but can recognise and accept our weaknesses and faults so I come at this with as fair an evaluation as possible given my allegiance.

To be brief, is there a more anti-football, crude, petty individual than the Portuguese Pulis? They kill games will their negativity despite having attacking riches and play such an appealing, spoiling style when against big teams and yet Sky lauds it as a tactical masterpiece.

I understand the man wins things (no coincidence it is typically after a big spend and the biggest wage bills) but I’d give up if he ever rocked up at Anfield. Horrible man.
Mark, Exiled in Hertfordshire


And that’s why he doesn’t deserve an extension
“I had nobody on the bench to help me change the direction of the game”

As stated in 16 conclusions, zero shots in the second half against a team that conceded at home to Burnley, Hoffenheim and Sevilla.

Maybe you can talk about a 12.30 kick off and/or first game after the internationals or Herrera in midfield but 4 goals in 10 away games against top 6 points to mentality not circumstance.

If United give Mourinho a contract extension before the season is over, they’re fucking mad. Who knows what could happen by May but it doesn’t look like he’ll ever deliver a team that truly believe they’re The Man anymore, no matter what players he has.

Does anyone know how to start a credible Pochettino to United rumour? Young, chip on his shoulder, does amazing work with young players, obviously great at building relationships, sets up to press and dominate, he looks a United manager to me. I’d hate to see him go to PSG or Madrid.
Eamonn, Dublin


But you can’t say Liverpool deserved to win
I don’t agree that Liverpool deserved 3 points just because they tried to win. They did more to try and win but created very little. Jose could have easily made that one of his famous smash and grab victories with the best chance of the game going to Lukaku.

However, as a Utd fan I feel it was too negative from us. Liverpool were there for the taking and if Utd had just been a little more adventurous they could be smiling now. Lukaku was isolated and Martial and Mkhi were barely in the opposition half.

I daresay that injuries limited Utd’s options but that is probably way to generous on Jose who is too happy to park the bus. With the way City are playing, the chasing teams can’t afford to play for draws.

The big concern as a utd fan is not that game but that our midfield does not have the depth to negotiate a difficult upcoming run of games.
Jon, Joburg


A United fan annoyed he bothered getting excited
Until Jose departs our hallowed turf – possibly on a high, but more likely under a cloud – could we all agree to stop getting so excited when United play any of the top six, please? Ta.
Mike (United to win the league by beating the minnows) Plant


A point in the big games is no longer enough
It is old wisdom that playing for a point away to the bigger clubs is a title-winning method. Ten years ago, when there were only three or four truly ‘big’ clubs in the league, this was a relevant approach. But is it any longer?

Now Chelsea, City and Spurs have broken into the group, and instead of two or three big clubs, there are now arguably six or even seven who all have realistic ambitions of challenging for the title. Given this transformation, a title winner can no longer go to away matches just to get a point – there are just too many of these big games in a season to not take maximum points from.

United have seldom played well at Anfield, except for that anomaly in LvG’s second season (known as Juanfield). So a point is not the end of the world. But if they are also to get only solitary points at City, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal (or teams like Everton playing to their full potential), then United will not win the title this season. Especially with City swatting those very teams aside.
Vinay (we’ve been Mourinho’d) MUFC.


Liverpool conclusions
1) Simply why Jurgen Klopp should continue as Liverpool manager. His tactics were spot on. Right from picking the starting team, to the initial level of the press. He knew Jose would set out to stall and rather than play a high defensive line vulnerable to the counter, he instructed his team to be more restrained. The way he played the second half was a thing of beauty.

The team pressed higher and the full backs bombed on. Key to all this was moving Coutinho centrally. Unlike the last time where I criticized his use of subs and their timing, this time it was done perfectly. Dom Solanke on in the 87th just to give a sense of attacking urgency was brilliant.

2) I wrote in before the international break saying that this game was crucial for Liverpool and their momentum. I also said that the final position in the league is almost always dependent on the results against the smaller teams and results against your direct rivals mainly boost your morale.

Therefore this draw can be viewed by Klopp as a positive, That a free scoring United were reduced to one shot on target and clinging on for a point at the final whistle. That the Liverpool defense look sturdy, midfield tidy and offense full of ideas were all positives.

3) About the match, and Wijnaldum was the clear man of the match. A fantastic box to box display full of energy, awareness and tactical positioning. He was a great link between midfield and attack and his home displays continue to justify his inclusion in the Liverpool starting 11

4) Barcelona at their pomp or the current Real Madrid side would probably not have scored against this Man United side, They played deep, they played cautiously but they were superbly drilled.

5) A big shout out to Joe Gomez who has certainly cemented his position above Trent Alex in the right back position. He was brilliant in snuffing out the danger of both Martial and later Rashford while providing a decent attacking threat.

6) The weakest link in that Liverpool midfield is Jordan Henderson. The most damning incident of the first half was that despite United sitting back and playing compact, they gave Henderson all the time in the world. Could you imagine anyone doing the same to say Pirlo, Xavi, Alonso, Fabregas etc. That he was allowed so much time and still refused to be more dynamic was baffling.

Yes, in the second half when the team pressed forward he looked better on the front foot playing quick first time passes but the first half was a clear indication of his limitations. Kieta to replace him and the midfield could be set.

7) The January window should see Liverpool move for both the center back they want and the center forward they desperately need. Too many good crosses were put into areas that a top class center forward would have found himself in.

8) And so the implications of the result. Jose will clearly be the happier of the two with a good point gained away from home. Jurgen can also take more positives than negatives from the game. While he would have wanted a win, he knew how dangerous United are on the counter and therefore had his team more restrained. This should also be a big learning for him and his team and that they can play like this. That they can be solid while creating enough chances to win games.

9) The final word will go to Liverpool managers of yore. A good friend of mine asked me 2 years back when Rafa was becoming manager of Real Madrid why he rated him so much, In his words, he was a fat Spanish guy/waiter who got lucky with Gerrard. I told him that while the 2005 champions league win will long live in memory, it is the fact that Rafa made us a European superpower in those short 5 year that makes him a legend, Teams would dread facing us in the UCL and even the brutally honest Carragher said in 2009 that the 5 best teams in Europe were the Premier League top 4 and Barcelona.

This was an immense source of pride. A pride that was lost with Brendan. And that is why we love Klopp. He has restored a sense of belonging, That we can play against the big teams with possession football, attacking football and seek to win.To reiterate, it is why Jurgen Klopp should continue as Liverpool manager.
Sid, LFC


Lukaku was the same as Mane, apparently
‘Those protesting Mane’s sending-off are wilfully ignoring or misinterpreting FIFA law. As it states: ‘”Using excessive force” means that the player has far exceeded the necessary use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent.’ To that effect, Mane is guilty.

‘Yes, Ederson would have been culpable had he arrived a second later and collided into the forward. Yes, other players have escaped censure for similar situations. Yes, Mane had his eyes on the ball, and did not mean to harm the goalkeeper. But ‘intent’ is not part of FIFA law; ‘excessive force’ is. Moss recognised that, and deserves praise for a courageous call’ – September 11, 2017.

‘Those demanding for Lukaku to be sent off after accidentally kicking the centre-half in the face were worryingly quick to pass judgement’ – October 14, 2017.

We aren’t passing judgment, we just want consistency.
Niall O’C


You are allowed to criticise Lukaku, y’know
Look, we get it. You love him. But I assume Mediawatch will be all over 16 conclusions, “Much of the build-up centered around Lukaku and his record against the elite, with the usual flat-track bully accusations coming to the fore. This is a player who had scored 11 goals in nine games for club and five in five for country this season”. True enough but…

1) Those international goals came against Cyprus, Greece and a hat-trick against Gibraltar.

2) Last week you showed us just how easy United’s start has been in your opposition average league position table (City 2nd bottom with 12.6 and United in last by miles with 15.9).

3) He had a poor Everton record against top teams (no stats for this, just seems to be generally accepted and yes, I know he was playing for a weaker team).

Yes, he’s been good for us (particularly as scoring against weaker teams was a weakness) and you can only score against what’s in front of you but those three points show he is a bit of a flat track bully, particularly as he’s also missed a fair few chances for us, less of which you obviously get against the better teams. Especially when your manager’s as defensive and unadventurous as ours (please people stop calling him “pragmatic”).

Sample size of one big game is ridiculously small granted, but Lukaku was awful yesterday; static, poor touch (he would have had more than 23 if he hadn’t lost it as often) and a really poor finish. Nobody’s writing him off yet at all (and on a side note I have similar concerns about a number of our players as we really have played against some dross this season and think that’s masking the true level of some of our squad, hoping not) as he is a good player and could get even better as he has most of the attributes so just take a breath F365.

Your Lukaku blinkers are worse than my Jesper Olsen ones (aged 8 seriously thought he was the best player in the world and would have fought grown men and feral dogs who argued otherwise). Appreciate you did call Lukaku out on throwing his toys out of the pram but even then you seem awful sure he “accidentally” kicked Lovren in the face when he clearly knew he was down there, looked down at him fractionally before he did it and could have moved away in any other direction. But now I’m being petty…

Despite my above negativity it’s a much happier time as a United fan, would have settled for a point yesterday (although a bit more ambition would have been nice) and it has been a good start to the season. Really looking forward to the Spurs game…
Dylan (All opinions expressed in this email can be instantly disregarded because as well as my Jesper infatuation, my favourite RotR character/story was Rick Stewart in ‘Goalkeeper’. Not a popular choice I believe)

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