Suarez branded Rodgers and Liverpool ‘liars’ in Gerrard texts

Date published: Wednesday 10th February 2021 11:01 - Joe Williams

Steven Gerrard Luis Suarez Liverpool

Luis Suarez called Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers ‘liars’ in text messages to Steven Gerrard as the former Reds captain tried to convince him to stay, according to reports.

Arsenal submitted an audacious bid of £40,000,001 for Suarez back in 2013 in an attempt to activate a clause in his Liverpool contract.

The Reds rejected the offer outright, although Suarez then expressed a wish to leave Anfield.

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Suarez stayed at Liverpool for one more season, signing a new contract which removed any clause which could involve a move to a Premier League side.

He would move to Barcelona after the 2014 World Cup but The Athletic has revealed how former Liverpool captain Gerrard managed to get him to reject Arsenal.

Gerrard was worried that Liverpool were unlikely to achieve anything without a player who had scored 51 goals in 96 appearances for the Reds up until that point.

The Athletic details Gerrard’s attempts to make peace at Anfield after a breakdown in trust between Suarez and the club:

‘Gerrard decided it was time to do something. He sent Suarez a text, telling him they needed to “straighten” things out. Suarez responded straight away, telling him the manager and the club were liars. Gerrard asked him if he’d talk at training the following morning. Suarez agreed even though he was not supposed to arrive until the afternoon, once the rest of the players had gone home.

‘Gerrard had informed Rodgers about what he was about to do. He proceeded to tell Suarez that he thought he was making a big mistake. If he stayed for another year and performed to his potential, he’d earn the move he really wanted. Suarez was concerned that he might drift away from Barcelona and Real Madrid’s consciousness if Liverpool’s season did not go well. Gerrard reassured him that once a player was on the radar of either of those clubs, they remain there — providing he keeps doing the business.

‘Gerrard told him that he never wanted to play against him in a Premier League match, that going to Arsenal would give them a huge advantage over Liverpool and that if he did decide to go, it would break his relationship with Liverpool fans forever. If he stayed for just one more season there would be better teams than Arsenal after him.

‘Suarez did not protest. He nodded but he did not smile. He asked him if he could arrange a meeting with Rodgers and Suarez agreed. Gerrard then texted Rodgers and warned him that he’d have to tread carefully. Suarez insisted that Gerrard was there and when he told Rodgers about this, Rodgers admitted he wanted him present as well.

‘They sat in the leather couches of the manager’s office, overlooking Melwood. Gerrard felt awkward. They were all smiling but Suarez’s smile seemed threatening. It felt like the conversation could turn at any moment. Gerrard did not know the contents of their previous meetings, or whether any promises had been broken. By the end, Rodgers told Suarez he wanted him back in the team and Suarez promised that he’d train well. They shook hands. Though Gerrard was satisfied the matter had been settled, he would not know for sure until Suarez trained again. That moment would come a week later following an international break. Suarez, apparently, ran about like a man possessed. From across the pitch, Gerrard and Rodgers smiled at one another.’

Liverpool would get another 31 Premier League goals out of Suarez before Barcelona paid €82.3m to take him to the Camp Nou.


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